Youtube Casino Streaming Banned

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Youtube Casino Streaming has possibly been shut down for good

Updated on June 8, 2018 – Youtube has clarified that there hasn’t been a change in policy and that it was a mistake on their end. All channels have been reinstated and casino streams can continue as before.

In January this year, we published an article about Youtube shutting down some of the biggest casino streamers on Youtube. Now it has happened again and it looks as if Youtube casino streaming may be a thing of the past. Youtube has a policy of not communicating in detail the reasons for handing out bans as it would allow users to find ways around it. The rules are however perfectly clear – read the terms and conditions, make sure you understand them and stay on the right side of the line.

In the previous article, we speculated that the reason for Youtube (being an American company) shutting down casino streamers could possibly have to do with American laws and its impact on online gambling. No one seems to know for sure at this point however although casino streamer Chipmonkz published a video today claiming the reason for the strikes having to do with casino streaming driving traffic away from Youtube.

Casino streamers are currently not allowed to live stream to Youtube and those that try are getting shut down mid-stream. Some streamers have even had their channels removed completely before being restored a few days later. So moving forward we are very unlikely to see Youtube casino streaming again which means streamers will be restricted to Twitch. The question that comes to mind now is – for how long will Twitch tolerate casino streaming.

If you want to learn more about casino streaming or learn how to stream yourself we recommend you to read our article about casino streaming.

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