Youtube Stars Cr1TiKaL and MrBeast Clash in $100k Poker Match

mrbeast poker

Internet personalities Cr1TiKaL, aka Charles White Jr and MrBeast, otherwise known as Jimmy Donaldson, recently went mano e mano, fronting $50,000 each in a friendly poker clash. Live-streamed on Twitch, the abridged version was also posted on Cr1TiKaL’s YouTube channel under the alias penguinz0.

Instead of hosting the game in some swanking club or casino, the two met in what looks like someone’s living room. The casual setting seems to rub off on the two contestants, toning down their onscreen personas as a result. Cr1TiKaL keeps composed throughout, which won’t be a major surprise if you’ve seen his deadpan videos, often cutting down the sort of topics that arguably needed to be taken down a notch or two. MrBeast eases back a few gears for the match. He’s still as chipper as ever, but viewers used to the 100 miles an hour pace he keeps up on his MrBeast channel get to see a more laid-back side.

Donaldson blew up in 2017 after a video of him counting to 100,000 went viral and has been popular ever since. For the record, it took 40 hours to count so high, though the YouTube clip had to be shortened to ‘just’ 24 hours due to technical reasons. MrBeast is now famous for giving away stacks of cash, often for completing certain challenges, like picklephobes lying in a bath full of pickles. In short, these are two guys that found their digital niche and have pulled in a ton of viewers happy to subscribe and watch.

Back to the match, and the original poker stream between the two YouTube stars clocks in at around 2 hours. It features plenty of lite back and forth between the two contestants, occasionally betting blind while keeping it amiable the whole way through. A split-screen display means spectators get a full view of the table, the dealt cards, and each players’ hand. What follows is a bit of playful banter, some gentlemanly betting, winding up with Cr1TiKaL winning the match and collecting a big box of cash.

In a plot twist, this card game took place a day after MrBeast defeated online personality Ludwig Ahgren in another poker game worth $50,000. In that one, the two players went all-in on the last hand, Donaldson winning it with a single Queen high card. So as MrBeast puts it, half the money he lost to Cr1TiKal came from Ludwig anyway. In a tweet, Ludwig jokingly stated he’s ‘the first person to hangout with Mrbeast and lost money.’ Both Ahgren and Donaldson put a positive spin on their losses; many will assume the hits were a drop in the bucket compared to the millions they rake in from their various revenue streams, such as their massive online platforms.

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