Youtuber Calls Out Roobet On Alleged Money Laundering Scheme

If you’ve been following our coverage, you’ll know that we’ve been digging into the sketchy goings-on at Twitch surrounding streamers using fake money and questionable deals to promote shady crypto casinos such as Stake and Gamdom. Unfortunately, nefarious activity isn’t just restricted to Stake, but questions have been raised over a number of other casinos, one of them being Roobet.

Roobet has caught the attention of a YouTuber named Philion. Philion is on a quest to uncover the seedier side of internet influencers and their connection to scams and scam casinos, in what he calls The Rabbit Hole of Roobet.

If you haven’t come across Roobet, it is a crypto casino with a dodgy reputation, owned by Belize based company TekHou5 Ltd. Philion singles out the alleged owners, one of them being an ex-YouTuber who was known for ‘scamming and gambling in Counter Strike’ before his channel was closed. Additional connections are made between Roobet’s owners and a bunch of internet influencers on Twitch and YouTube, including those engaged in gambling-related streaming. Philion is another person raising the issue of streamers gambling with fake money in front of a young audience, getting paid by Roobet to ‘promote gambling to kids’.

This is a real grey area which gets more confusing the more you dive into it. There are websites dedicated to helping wannabe gamblers find and use sites like Roobet – regardless of how old they are or where they live in the world. There is also a lot of ‘information’ on the topic of KYC (Know Your Customer). Specifically, which online casinos have the laxest KYC rules or those that don’t even bother to check their customers at all.

In regard to Roobet, there are a lot of posts from users stating the casino does not do KYC, or they only check if withdrawals are over a certain amount, while offering advice on ways of making withdrawals that do not trigger the KYC process. In other words, Roobet’s measures, if they can be called that, are a confusing mess and checking customers and implementing AML measures do not seem to be a high priority. What matters is keeping the money rolling in.

roobet scam
Youtuber Philion calls out Roobet in one of his latest clips

Wizza is, at least on the outside, a sweepstakes site where users buy tickets in the hopes of winning big prizes. The money supposedly goes to charities, while winners can collect anything from supercars to expensive watches to experiences with internet influencers. However, Philion digs up a few interesting tidbits about Wizza during his investigation. For one, many of the influencers pushing Wizza are the same ones bragging about their connection with Roobet.

Philion goes on to raise questions over whether regular people can actually win anything from Wizza sweepstakes. For example, the small print reveals that buying tickets does not increase your chances of actually winning. Also, contestants are offered the chance to enter the same sweepstakes for free. However, there are posts about people sending in free entries which could not be delivered since the address provided supposedly does not exist.

The Youtuber also goes on to point out some disturbing things in regard to female live dealers and Evolution Gaming, showing clips of seemingly overworked and exhausted women fainting on camera and beeing dragged away.

Philion wraps up by connecting the dots as he sees it as one big ‘money-laundering scheme.’ To paraphrase his conclusion, sites like Roobet are sponsoring influencers, including Twitch streamers and YouTubers, to gamble with fake money for their viewers. Money from real gamblers flows into Roobet, which is then ‘funnelling money to Wizza’ while it is questionable whether anyone real is actually winning these prizes. Philion makes his stance clear, signing off with: ‘This endless and vicious cycle will never fucking end, and I hate influencer culture.’ Any thoughts?

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts – the interesting parts starts from here in the clip. We also recommend reading our articles on fake money streaming to understand why you should avoid spending your money on shady casinos where your money way help sponsor organised crime and money laundering.

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