Youtubers Dig Deeper Into The Dealings Of Roobet Casino

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Come join us as we trip deeper into the shadier side of online crypto gambling in part 2 of Roobet’s House of Cards series on YouTube. Where the first video started off as a high-level look at links between Roobet, internet influencers, and their dodgy deals, Part 2 takes a more pragmatic approach. In this clip, host Mutahar continues to explore the connection between key players while presenting evidence these people aren’t gambling with their own money and what some of the implications of that are.

The video starts off by claiming the glue holding the house of cards together appears to be a shadowy gentleman named Allen, aka Alfonzo. Allegedly, an anonymous spokesperson from confirmed via DM with Mutahar that Allen is indeed the connection between and Roobet, as he works for both on ‘influencer relationships’. Allen coincidentally courted controversy in the past via a sketchy CS:GO gambling circuit before he shut his YouTube channel down. Now, Allen is more of a background man, apparently raking in millions, while frontline influencers like SteveWillDoIt and the Nelk Boys pull viewers into Roobet.

Roobet is an online crypto casino owned by a company called Raw Entertainment B.V. – since April 2021. It is covered by Curacao license and officially ‘cannot service most of the people that it is advertising to.’ It clearly states on Roobet’s site countries such as the USA are restricted. However, as we’ve mentioned before, there is a veritable online cottage industry advising people how to circumvent these restrictions by using VPNs, for example.

Mutahar shows just how easy it is to register at Roobet, make deposits with cryptocurrency, play slots, and make withdrawals without once having to prove his identity. In fact, he sets up his account using a fake name and street address. He does admit that the small amounts he transferred were probably not enough to warrant a KYC check, but also adds, how many underage gamblers can throw in a few bucks here, a few bucks there?

What if the withdrawal amount does trigger the verification process? Here Mutahar presents evidence of players unable to get their bitcoin from Roobet without verifying who they are, yet not enthusiastic to do so. Mutahar states:

– “the point is, you’re using a cryptocurrency that is used to hide your identity and all of a sudden, you have to give all your information away; it seems like the whole fucking point of using bitcoin is null and void.”

Maybe some of these customers are unwilling to verify who they are because they are underage, or live in one of the restricted countries? Who knows? Whatever the case, their accounts are apparently locked until they do verify who they are, blocking access to funds. Roobet’s terms & conditions state that using a VPN to use their service is prohibited. So, what happens to your funds after admitting you are from a restricted country using a VPN to gamble? To paraphrase Mutahar; ‘people lie about where they are from, put money in, then when KYC hits, they’re screwed.’

One of Mutahar’s main beefs with the influencers pushing Roobet is they don’t seem to be gambling with their own money. One of the key figures in the clip is AdinRoss. Ross is infamous for leaking how much these guys are making in a chat with Duelbits. In the exchange, Ross turns down Duelbits offer of $1.4 million per month because they got a better deal from Roobet, his precise words being;

– ‘U offered 1.4 and didn’t wanna cover expenses. Roobet covering expenses. Plus we get referral code $$$&. We r getting more. Sorry bro. Maybe we can work again someday. (Sad face).’

Mutahar moves on to proving whether these guys are actually gambling with their own money. Because if not, he says;

– ‘If you’re given this much of a leg up and gambling, and you’re still down, imagine what the viewers are going through.’

The first thing to get to grips with is the way deposits at Roobet work. Basically, there are three wallets involved. Funds move from a player’s wallet to an intermediary wallet owned by Roobet. This is like a hot wallet which can be used for day-to-day gambling, let’s say. Funds from the hot wallet may then be later moved to Roobet’s primary wallet if need’s be.

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While trawling through gambling videos from the likes of the Nelk Boys, Adin Ross at one point flashed his personal BTC wallet details up on the screen. Using public available sites, Mutahar showed zero BTC had actually moved between Ross’s wallet and the Roobet intermediary wallet. Yet Ross’ account at Roobet showed a sizeable balance. In Mutahar’s words, ‘Dude, Adin Ross didn’t put a fucking dime of his money into that bitcoin wallet address!‘ Going back, it shows there is $300,000 in his gambling account; begging the question, how did the money get there?

Another influence called Kyle from Nelk Boys leaked his wallet address in a video, and when Mutahar checked it on Blockchain Explorer, guess what? It also showed there were zero transactions, yet there was thousands showing in his Roobet account on the video. And the name of the clip? ‘High Stakes Gambling: Day 10‘, leading Mutahar to ask, ‘Is it really gambling if you haven’t fucking put in money?Referral code pushing from influencers is one of Mutahar’s concerns too, since affiliates are making money from their fans’ losses, with no risk to their own. We saw how easy it is to use false information to deposit, gamble, and withdraw – ‘Kids can figure this stuff out.’

So where is the bitcoin coming from then? One clue is a video showing a streamer going bust, then telling his buddy to call ‘Howie‘, who is like Roobet’s mascot. A few seconds later, poof, the account is topped up $15k, as if by magic.

Many people have accused these guys of not gambling with their own money. Here, you can see there are zero transactions occurring at personal crypto wallets, in plain sight, yet these guys are gambling thousands. It’s no wonder some influencers are apparently deleting a ton of videos from their channels – they’re giving the game away.

To wrap up, there is nothing going on here that many people haven’t brought up in the past. What’s interesting is how Mutahar is able to dredge up more concrete evidence using sites like Etherscan and Bitquery to follow where the crypto at Roobet is going. Remember, if your head is spinning, this is just part two of the series, with four more episodes to come.

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