12 Trojan Mysteries

(4ThePlayer) Slot Review

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12 Trojan Mysteries: Slot Overview

These days, you're more likely to come across the term 'Trojan Horse' in reference to a type of malware that appears as legitimate software but which allows nefarious types to access your deepest darkest secrets, like bank accounts and sort codes. The original Trojan Horse was also a deceptive device used by the Greeks to overthrow their Trojan adversaries, thereby putting an end to a decade of warfare. It's this brutal era we turn to in 4ThePlayer's classically themed slot 12 Trojan Mysteries.

4ThePlayer has done a neat job of recreating the Trojan Horse in the background of the game, all towering lashed wood next to the impregnable walls of Troy. It does make you wonder why the Trojans were so trusting, though. Surely someone would have run a few spears through it, set it on fire, or at least tapped on the wood to check if it was hollow? Anyway, in front of the horse and the mighty walls is a 6-reel, 4-row game grid, providing 4,096 ways to win. We couldn't have a classically inspired epic, with some equally epic music which 4ThePlayer has thoughtfully added, to complete the journey to the past.

12 Trojan Mysteries slot

If you've read the Iliad, you'll know its heroes, gods, and warriors were famously volatile, meaning they could flip moods in a heartbeat. 12 Trojan Mysteries might not be quite as fickle, but it's a highly volatile game nonetheless, producing a return to player value of 96.50%. Wins hit on average around once every five spins, generating an official frequency of 20.8%. Most gamblers are catered for with bets ranging from 10 p/c to £/€50 per spin, and the game is playable on any device.

To form a win, combinations of two or three, depending on the symbol type, are required to land left to right from the leftmost reel. In total, 11 pay symbols make up the table; 6 are 9-A royals, the others are a pot, a bag of coins, and three characters. It doesn't say who they are, so let's speculate by naming them Achilles, Paris though he was famous as a lover, not a fighter, and Helen. Hit a line of six Helen symbols to collect a payout worth 7.5 times your bet. The last symbol in this section is a golden apple wild, which appears on any reel. It has no value of its own but replaces any pay symbol to complete a winning combination.

12 Trojan Mysteries: Slot Features

12 Trojan Mysteries slot
12 Trojan Mysteries - free spins

It was the wooden horse that led to the end of the Trojan War, and it's the same said horse which leads to some of 12 Trojan Mysteries' most thrilling moments. Here it is used as a mystery symbol, landing in any reel. If mystery symbols can form a win, they all transform into the same symbol type – chosen at random.

Mystery Free Spins are triggered when at least 3 scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels. In addition, if 4, 5, or 6 scatters hit, a side payout of 10x, 100x, or 10,000x the bet is added on top. During the bonus, each scatter to land awards +1 extra free spin, with no upper limit to the amount you can get.

Also, in free spins, a Mystery Meter appears above the grid, randomly selecting a symbol on each spin. This could be any pay symbol or the wild. If a Trojan Horse lands, it will only transform into the symbol selected on the Mystery Meter. What makes the Mystery Meter really interesting is that the lowest symbol is removed with each free spin. This means as the feature progresses, only increasingly valuable symbols may be selected for the mystery symbol reveal.

Finally, where available, players can buy their way straight to the bonus round at the cost of 50 times the bet. Doing so does not affect the RTP.

12 Trojan Mysteries: Slot Verdict

Fairly fresh off reviewing 4ThePlayer's previous slot 3 Secret Cities, 12 Trojan Mysteries was a teensy bit of a let-down. 12 Trojan Mysteries looks alright, at least the background imagery does; the grid and much of the menu look like something a brand new studio might have cobbled together. Again, it could because 3 Secret Cities was such a looker; it has raised our expectations of whatever 4ThePlayer does in the future. As such, there is something about 12 Trojan Mysteries that comes across as ever so slightly disappointing.

The feeling seeps in when considering the features. What's on offer isn't negative at all; they just seem a little unfulfilled. Many times, there is little to nothing differentiating free spins from regular base game spins - unless something really special occurs. To be fair, the added benefit of narrowing symbols down, so higher value ones are more likely to appear from mystery horse symbols, can be quite exciting. This is especially so if you've pushed through a disappointing bonus round only to be saved on the final couple of spins when the top premium or wild pull off a last-minute buzzer-beater. At best, lucky players can achieve wins as high as 20,000x the bet. Heck, manage to land six scatters, and you'll be laughing from a 10,000x payout. Still, because 12 Trojan Mysteries is a much simpler game than they usually are from 4ThePlayer, it doesn't completely shake the three quarters-finished impression it gives off.

They say Helen of Troy's face launched a thousand ships. One wonders how many boats will be setting out to sea over 12 Trojan Mysteries. Ultimately, it's a decent game that can produce tense moments and solid wins, not to mention possess stats as dependable as ever from this studio. The lingering niggle is 4ThePlayer has raised the bar as of late and has designed more complete experiences than what 12 Trojan Mysteries ends up delivering.


Ultimately, 12 Trojan Mysteries is a decent game that can produce tense moments and solid wins – the lingering niggle is 4ThePlayer has raised the bar as of late and has designed more complete experiences than what 12 Trojan Mysteries ends up delivering.

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