2021 Bigwinboard Awards Officially Open – It’s Time to Vote!

best slots 2021

Hey players, does it feel like 2021 has flown by in a blink, and Christmas is just around the corner again? It did for us too, as we cast our minds back to survey the vast number of new games released throughout the year. As always, some were great, some were so-so, and some we hope will never darken our monitors again. Buried deep within the deluge of releases is, like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, the one. The one game that outshone all others to be crowned best online slot of 2021.

And hey, we’re not going to tell players which game deserves to be the king. This is your opportunity to rise up and make your voice heard. Sure, we highlight what we think are the better slots out there through impartial game reviews, and we approach each slot with an open mind, free from outside influence, to give readers honest, unbiased opinions. We have a blast putting games through their paces and tearing them down to their basic elements to find something we think will blow players’ hair back. Simple as that, and now it’s your turn to tell the industry what you think.

It’s not just the best game either. In the Bigwinboard Awards, players get a chance to vote who they think the best provider of 2021 was as well. This category is arguably harder to win. Whereas developers can get lucky (to an extent) and drop a great one-off game, it’s tougher to be consistently good throughout an entire year. Sure, not every release might be a hit, but this award is a chance to acknowledge those studios that put in an extra effort to entertain a gambling audience notoriously hard to please and quick to voice their opinions in no uncertain terms. By the way, reader comments are something else we hugely appreciate and enjoy at Bigwinboard no matter if they’re positive or not quite so glowing.

There are sure to be a few games or providers on the list that players expect to see, alongside some which may be a surprise, too. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the 2021 Bigwinboard Awards is the addition of a new voting category. Music might not be the easiest part of a game to convey, in part because it can’t be heard from a screenshot. However, an excellent soundtrack can make a colossal contribution to a game’s overall enjoyment, and a bunch of studios have seriously stepped up their audio game this year. Which was the best soundtrack of them all? Let us know!

Now, it’s time for players to help us find the three winners. And we mean it – the results are entirely in your hands. Like our reviews, there is no bias, favouritism or back-room handshakes going on to preselect winners. The 2021 Bigwinboard Awards opens now, so make sure to head over and flex some democratic muscle by casting your vote before December 14.

Have your say and cast your vote now!

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