best slots 2021

One iGaming award to rule them all

Hello friends of online gaming! We're incredibly excited to open up the voting booths once again and to let the community of players have their say! Deciding your favorite will be no easy task, as the year has been packed with loads of phenomenal online slots. This year we have decided to drop the casino operator awards and only focus on the games and those who create them. As most of you know already, Bigwinboard is an independently run website and no casino or game studio has any say or influence over our reviews, scores or voting. It is of significant importance that the voting is decided for by the players and so to prevent the risk of manipulation, we have implemented a strict set of rules and will be monitoring the voting closely. Every vote is recorded in order to prevent manipulation.

How does it work? This year we have three categories in which you may vote - game of the year, provider of the year, and soundtrack of the year. You maybe vote for more than one candidate - how many is stated in each category section.

What is the voting criteria? That is up to you! If you were to recommend any of the games or providers in the list of nominees, which would it be? Some enjoy games for their audiovisual production values, others look for solid math models, favourable RTP or high potential. We're all different!

For how long will the voting period run?
Voting opens on November 18 and closes on December 14. After polls have been closed, we'll tally your votes, and announce the winners on our front page on December 20.

How are nominees decided? The Bigwinboard editorial team has gathered a list of the most popular and hyped games of the year. This is done through extensive research and is based on, not only Bigwinboard analytics, but also external sources. In cases when we have been in doubt, we have actually turned to the developers to ask whether they believe game A or B will stand a better chance. Click to see a full list of the nominees.

So with all of this out of the way - let's vote!

Vote: Best Online Slots 2021

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Vote: Best Game Provider 2021

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Vote: Best Soundtrack 2021

You may vote for a maximum of 2 games. Click to mark each provider and then hit the submit button at the bottom.