3 Cherry Frenzy

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3 Cherry Frenzy: Slot Overview

Gee, those Games Global studios do like their hold 'n win slots, don't they? And none more so than PearFiction Studios. Around here, the team refers to them as LockNWin, and till now, the feature appears to have popped up in 5 out of the 11 slots of the studio's games we've reviewed. Well, it's time to add one more to the list going by the name of 3 Cherry Frenzy, meaning a cool 50% of the studio's reviewed slots are of the LockNWin variety. This is a game containing 3 LockNWin rounds that are combinable in certain circumstances, and oop, would you look at that, it's also a clone of 3 Lucky Hippos.

A disco inferno is how PearFiction Studios describes 3 Cherry Frenzy, and it's hard to argue with that summation visually due to all the flashing lights and so on. However, the music is closer to a metal/rock track which didn't sound overly disco. We've got flames in there and cherries, but 3 Cherry Frenzy has less personality to it than the 3 Lucky Hippos slot did. PearFiction Studios often bubble over with individuality; see Blazing Piranhas or Granny vs Zombies, for example, yet 3 Cherry Frenzy is less character-driven by comparison. It's arguably out disco-d by Chicken Night Fever, too.

3 Cherry Frenzy slot
3 Cherry Frenzy slot - base game

3 Cherry Frenzy has these things called Split symbols, which are able to add extra positions and extra ways to win. By default, the gaming grid makes use of 5 reels and 243 ways to win. Also, by default is a 96% RTP value, while the volatility has been marked as very high, no matter the return configuration. The game's minimum bet level is 20 c, rising to $/€50, and there are 7 different bonus modes players can buy.

On the paytable, we find 10-A royals as 3 Cherry Frenzy's low pays and 5 pieces of fruit as the highs - orange slices, blueberries, watermelon slices, raspberries, and grapes. A line of 5 matching card ranks pays out 0.6 to 1 times the stake, whereas a line of 5 identical fruit is worth 2 to 5 times the bet. Wilds substitute for all regular paying symbols.

3 Cherry Frenzy: Slot Features

3 Cherry Frenzy slot
3 Cherry Frenzy slot - Jackpot

Nothing has changed here from 3 Lucky Hippos, really, aside from giving a name to the top row. Otherwise, the game is peppered with the same Split symbols, Cash collecting, three LockNWin features, and feature buys.

Top Graderz

Top Graderz is the name given to the row sitting above the main reels that spins horizontally. It is where Split symbols and bonus symbols appear.

  • Split Symbols - each one adds up to 3 rows to the reel they land on, as well as the number of ways to win up to a maximum of 7,776. Split symbols are carried over to the LockNWin features.
  • Bonus Symbols - collecting a bonus symbol on each reel triggers all 3 LockNWin features instantly. Bonus symbols can be collected over several spins.

Cash Symbol Collection

Cash symbols land with values of 0.2x to 100x the bet. Their values are collected for an instant win when a Collect symbol lands on the rightmost reel.


Red Pot symbols increase the multiplier up to x10. The multiplier is applied to any collected values, and it multiplies Cash values in the LockNWin. After the multiplier has been applied to the total value on the Collect symbol or at the end of the Multiply LockNWin round, the multiplier resets to x1.


Red, Yellow, or Pink Pot symbols can trigger a LockNWin feature when they land. When triggered, 3 respins are awarded. All symbols are removed from the reels except Cash symbols, which lock on the grid when they land. When a Cash symbol or Jackpot Coin lands, the respin count returns to 3. The round ends when the respin count runs out, or the grid is full.

  • Multiply LockNWin - can be triggered by collecting a Red Pot symbol. The Multiplier is carried over to the Multiply LockNWin feature. At the end of the feature, the Multiplier is applied to all Cash symbols.
  • Jackpot LockNWin - can be triggered by collecting the Yellow Pot symbol. When all spaces of a Jackpot are completed during the feature, the linked Jackpot is awarded at the end. The Mega (5,000x) takes 6 spaces, the Major (500x) takes 5 spaces, the Minor (100x) takes 4 spaces, the Mini (20x) takes 3 spaces, and the Micro (10x) takes 2 spaces to fill. Jackpots are not multiplied by the Multiplier nor collected by the Orange or Purple Cash symbols.
  • Supreme LockNWin - can be triggered by collecting the Pink Pot symbol. Orange Cash symbols collect all Red Cash symbols, and Purple Cash symbols collect all Red and Orange Cash symbols.

Feature Buy

At the feature buy, players may buy individual LockNWin features or combinations of them, with the prices of each option displayed on the screen from 35.1x to 81.7x the bet.

3 Cherry Frenzy slot
3 Cherry Frenzy slot - Supreme Lock N Win

3 Cherry Frenzy: Slot Verdict

There are cherries, for sure, but not so sure about the frenzy. You get that when rolling out loads of the same sort of game, a clone too, which doesn't always help. Have to say, 3 Cherry Frenzy is like a less personable version of the game it was built from, though the music gives it pep, as the mould slot had those cool hippos chilling out in a highly colourful outdoor water spot. 3 Cherry Frenzy rams in plenty of flashing lights and energetic tunes but is pretty nondescript.

To put a positive spin on things for a moment, 3 Cherry Frenzy does give off a good measure of energy, and the feature combo is just as entertaining as it was before. Not like super good, but for a mid-level, Power Combo style feature mix of a slot with a LockNWin angle, eh, fans of what Games Global studios relentlessly push out might be lining up for a crack. PearFiction Studios has flexed its creative impulse in the past, as seen in the previously mentioned slots, but 3 Cherry Frenzy is one of the studio's less interesting releases. Like many Games Global releases as of late, it seem more like a uninspired quota-filler than a standout title.


As a clone, 3 Cherry Frenzy serves more as a shelf filler than anything else.

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