3 Clown Monty (Play’n GO) Slot Review

(Play'n GO) Slot Review

3 Clown Monty by Play’n GO has not been reviewed yet

3 Clown Monty is an upcoming online slot from game developer Play’n GO that will be playable on desktop computers and mobile devices. The release date for 3 Clown Monty has not been revealed yet, but the game is predicated to be released some time this year. Currently, there are no further details available – reel format, features, game mechanics and visual production are still unknown. We will publish an update on the 3 Clown Monty slot as soon as more info comes in.

3 Clown Monty – word from the developer

This travelling Clown Show goes from town to town, never staying in one place. Is it because they are talented? Nope, they’re usually driven out of town after one act, never to return. These three angry clowns have not made a child laugh in years, even when bringing in brains – BITE-E the clown GORRILA into he show. All looked good on paper, even with the Gorilla idea, but their unkempt, unprofessional and downright evil behavior has made children in the city cry and shake, but to the adults, this isn’t just rewarding to watch, but the potential wins from the party goer’s misery are worth the show. So, pull up a chair and enjoy the next act from the unhappy people at 3 Clown Monty.

3 clown monty slot

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