A Combination of Two Heavy-Hitters: Money Train Meets Dream Drop Jackpots

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In this exclusive interview, we had the opportunity to connect with Relax Gaming’s Senior Game Product Owner, Callum Sultana. As one of the creative minds behind the beloved Money Train franchise, Sultana elaborates on how this latest installment serves as both a tribute to the series’ origins and a step forward in its evolution.

From the introduction of novel features such as the Banker and the Healer, to the incorporation of Relax Gaming‘s Dream Drop jackpot, Sultana takes us on a deep dive into the immersive world of Money Train Origins Dream Drop.

Bigwinboard: The Money Train series has amassed a dedicated fan base over the years. How does Money Train Origins Dream Drop cater to both longtime fans and newcomers to the series?

Callum Sultana: Money Train’s fan base has grown over the years, and it’s been fun for us to keep bringing fresh renditions and innovations to the franchise. Expanding on the story and mechanics has made each sequel a passion project, and flipping the narrative on its head for this latest installation is a twist in the tale we think players will enjoy.

Money Train Origins Dream Drop takes fans back to its roots and adds fresh features like the Banker and the Healer. The combination of new and old means the title has plenty to offer existing fans as well as newcomers.

Bigwinboard: In Money Train Origins Dream Drop, players will encounter Relax Gaming’s Dream Drop jackpot. Can you share some details about this unique jackpot system and how it adds to the thrill of the game?

Callum Sultana: The Dream Drop Jackpots product has been a great addition to our portfolio thanks to its high win frequency; pair this with Money Train’s iconic wins and it’s a match made in heaven!

With Mega pots dropping every 1.5 months on average, players are in for even more thrills than they’re used to from the series, with the added chase of epic wins in the Money Cart bonus round!

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Bigwinboard: The Money Train series is famous for its dynamic and diverse set of modifiers. Can you tell us about some of the modifiers players can expect to encounter in Money Train Origins Dream Drop?

Callum Sultana: This sequel takes us back to where the gang began, so both the visuals and mechanics needed to reflect that simplicity. Players can expect to see some of Money Train’s trademark features along with some innovations, as is always the case with Money Train sequels.

Two new features are added to the mix in this Dream Drop title; the Banker and the Healer. The Banker guarantees players receive good value for all symbols. If present on the reels, it pays its value to all symbols on screen as well as any new ones that land afterwards. The Healer, on the other hand, is there to revive the Collector or the Payer for a certain amount of re-spins, giving players a second shot at hitting big wins.

“In this rendition, we’ve elevated all the characters and the entire setting of the game while sticking to the original gang that everyone knows and loves.”

Bigwinboard: Nostalgia can be a powerful element in gaming. How did you incorporate nods and references to the first release of the Money Train series in Money Train Origins Dream Drop? Can you give us a glimpse of any specific visual elements or details that fans of the original game will appreciate?

Callum Sultana: The narrative development across all the Money Train games has been a progressive build-up, showing continuity and consistency throughout the series; and Money Train Origins Dream Drop is no different. In this rendition, we’ve elevated all the characters and the entire setting of the game while sticking to the original gang that everyone knows and loves. Nostalgia is a key element in this sequel, and we’re excited to see how fans will respond to this thematic throwback.

Bigwinboard: With the highly anticipated release of Money Train Origins Dream Drop, fans are already excited about the future of the series. Can you share any teasers or insights about what players can expect from Money Train 4, set to be released in September?

Callum Sultana: I won’t give too much away at this early stage, with Money Train Origins Dream Drop taking centre stage for the moment. What I will say is that our base game and max win have been given a huge upgrade, while players can also look forward to a few more exciting features. We take a lot of pride in our storytelling and mechanic building at Relax, and we wouldn’t be releasing a sequel unless we knew we could push the boundaries further. We really do believe this is the best game of the entire series, and players can expect to see the same level of quality improvements from us as they always have.

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