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Ancient Tumble: Slot Overview

When you review or play slots, every week can feel like it presents another adventure, a virtual adventure that is, and one studio that has shown a willingness in the past to pull players off the beaten path is software provider Relax Gaming. The studio has led willing participants into all sorts of varied locales, and they've put a good one on for the slot in today's review, Ancient Tumble. Perhaps there's a deep-rooted psychological connection between gambling and exploring, some sort of dopamine link between discovering new places and winning coins? Anyway, past editions of Relax Gaming's Tumble range, such as Cluster Tumble, have proven to be rather playable indeed, so how about we get our trek on and discover what Ancient Tumble is all about.

These Tumble slots often turn up in an intriguing location, and Ancient Tumble is no exception to the rule. This time, an Asian setting appears to be the place, somewhere like Cambodia or Thailand or somewhere else with a strong Buddhist leaning, where rain falls in an out-of-the-way natural spot heavy in plant life and intricately carved stonework. It must have been quite a task for our adventurer to reach this spot as his shirt is all covered in mud, and when triggering bonus rounds, he helpfully leads players by torchlight inside rooms which absolutely drip gold.

Ancient Tumble slot
Ancient Tumble slot - base game

The grid used in Ancient Tumble is a 6x6 gaming board featuring active symbols and destroyable stone blocks. At the start of each spin, up to 24 stone blocks are present. With up to 46,656 ways to win available, wins occur when matching symbols land from left to right, beginning on the leftmost reel, regardless of row height. Highly volatile, the RTP may vary depending on how players choose to approach the game, feature buys and whatnot, where the regular default value is 96.1%. Several bonus buy/ante bet options are available, while the base bet selection ranges from 20 c to $/€100.

Ancient Tumble has 9 regular non-stone symbols. They are J-A card ranks, blue, green, and red gems, as well as 2 mask symbols. Getting a 6 OAK royal win pays 0.2x the bet, 0.3x-0.5x for the gems, or 0.6x to 1x for the masks. Wilds exist on all but the leftmost reel and substitute for all regular pay symbols. Stone blocks are destroyed when winning symbols are adjacent to them (left, right, up, or down), as are the winning symbols themselves. Any gaps this causes are filled by the cascade mechanic, dropping symbols downwards into the gaps.

Ancient Tumble: Slot Features

Ancient Tumble slot
Ancient Tumble slot - Colossal Free Spins

Deep breath folks, Ancient Tumble's list of features includes Unbreakable Wilds, coin symbols, coin multiplier symbols, Colossal symbols, 4 different free spins modes, Golden Spins, Super Free Spins, Hot Mode, feature spins, and bonus buys. Yip, a lot.

Unbreakable Wild

This feature is available in normal spins, Enhanced Spins, Classic Free Spins, and Super Free Spins, where any normal stone block on reels 2-6 may reveal an Unbreakable Wild. These wilds destroy any regular symbol directly below it after every winning cascade. They cannot destroy stone blocks, coin symbols or other Unbreakable Wilds. When they reach the bottom row, they stay there until they are part of a win or the round ends.

Coin Symbols

Available in Coin Spins, Coin Free Spins, and Super Free Spins. Coins are hidden in some stone blocks and may also land during cascades. A destroyed stone block holding a coin is replaced by a coin symbol. At the end of a round, all coin symbols reveal a win of 1 to 25 times the bet.

Ancient Tumble slot
Ancient Tumble slot - Multiplier Ladder Free Spins

Coin Multiplier Symbols

Available in Coin Spins and Coin Free Spins. A destroyed coin multiplier stone block activates the corresponding coin multiplier, which multiplies the win from any coins at the end of the round. They may land on any spin or come in during cascades.

Colossal Symbols

Colossal versions of regular symbols of 2x2 to 5x5 in size appear on every spin in Colossal Spins, Colossal Free Spins, and may appear in Super Free Spins. Colossal are equivalent to the number of normal symbols the space contains.

Free Spins

Destroying all stone blocks in the base game awards 6 free spins, then players choose between 4 different free spins modes. Destroying all stone blocks - normal and special, during free spins awards +3 spins. These are the free spins choices:

  • Coin Free Spins - between 3 and 14 coin stones appear on every spin. A coin multiplier may also appear.
  • Classic Free Spins - extra spins stone blocks are present and may award 1-3 extra free spins when destroyed. Multiplier special stone blocks are present and award x1 to x3 when destroyed, which is added to the overall multiplier. The multiplier starts at x1.
  • Colossal Free Spins - colossal versions of regular symbols size 2x2 to 5x appear on every spin.
  • Multiplier Ladder Free Spins - after every win and the start of each new spin, the multiplier moves one step up the ladder to a maximum of x100. Reaching x10, x20, or x50 awards one additional spin and reaching x100 (the maximum value) awards 2 extra spins.

Golden Spin

Available in normal spins, Enhanced Spins, Coin Spins, and Colossal Spins. Any spin may randomly become a golden spin. This brings an increased chance to win, and should all stone blocks be destroyed, then Super Free Spins trigger instead of Classic Free Spins.

Ancient Tumble slot
Ancient Tumble slot - Free Spins

Super Free Spins

Super Free Spins contain features from all the regular free spins options. Destroying a multiplier stone block increases the ladder by +1 step. The multiplier on the ladder multipliers all wins, including coin wins.

Hot Mode

Hot Mode may be triggered randomly at the start of any free spins mode. When in Hot Mode, there is an increased chance of winning big.

Feature Spins

Ancient Tumble's feature spins are these, and they have an RTP of 96.1%:

  • Enhanced Spin - stone blocks are more likely to reveal Unbreakable Wilds; therefore, free spins trigger more often. Enhanced Spins cost 50% extra.</li<
  • Coin Spin - between 3 and 14 coin stone blocks appear on each spin. A coin multiplier may also appear. A Coin Spin costs 5x the bet.
  • Colossal Spin - 7x the bet to land colossal symbols on every spin.

Feature Buy

Regular free spins may be bought for 200x the bet, or Super Free Spins may be bought for 400x the bet. The feature buy's RTP is 96.5%.

Ancient Tumble slot
Ancient Tumble slot - Coin Free Spins

Ancient Tumble: Slot Verdict

Well, if you do like discovering things, then there is a lot of stuff in Ancient Tumble to explore, with no less than 4 pickable free spins rounds, a Super Free Spins round, and a myriad of other things on the side. The buy button is there to hasten the exploration, but be warned that bonus buys weren't always very generous. One reason why appears to be the relatively low value of the winning symbol combinations, and even lengthy cascade runs with what seemed to be a decent number of winning symbols could be strangely low. However, the gaming grid can provide a lot of ways to win, not to mention release features like multipliers, and given Relax Gaming's reputation for designing slots that hit their win cap, no doubt Ancient Tumble can dish out mightily exciting results.

Ancient Tumble isn't one of Relax Gaming's massive max win games, however, topping out at 10,000x the bet, which still is a sizable figure to keep in your scope. Within this figure is plenty of room to be entertained as well. The game packs a lot of variety into its rich cultural setting. Some are things we've sort of seen before, such as big symbols à la ELK Studios, coin wins with their Push Gaming connotations, and the rising on every spin multiplier ladder effect comes straight out of Beast Mode and Bill & Coin. In addition to the large number of bonuses and modifiers to witness, Ancient Tumble gives gamblers a wide range of ways to play the game. Feature spins aren't something Relax Gaming does much; it's actually hard to think of another one of its games that has the options Ancient Tumble does. Some of them might get pricey, but for example, the larger Colossal symbols available in Colossal Spins can be very helpful in destroying stone blocks and getting into the free spins round. They are totally optional, and even without using feature spins, a bit of patience might end up giving the same or similar results.

All in all, Ancient Tumble is a classy production with a stamp of high-quality design all over it and a worthy addition to Relax Gaming's thrilling Tumble line of slots. It is rammed with betting options as well as features, giving gamblers not only a choice-laden adventure but loads of potentially exciting sights to see along the way.


Ancient Tumble is a fabulous piece of work and any slot player is certain to enjoy it on some level.

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