Arto & The 7 Deadly Spins Megaways

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Arto & The 7 Deadly Spins Megaways: Slot Overview

Aside from John Rambo, there aren't too many people who can rock a bandana. There's something staggeringly masculine about wrapping a piece of cloth around one's head and pulling it tight at the back while giving the biceps a bit of a squeeze in the process. We have to say, the guy fronting Arto & The 7 Deadly Spins Megaways from UK developer Storm Gaming kind of suits one. It helps that he's a buff Sinbad type sporting a classically Arabian outfit and a curved sword to go with it. After a playthrough and thorough inspection of the game's stats, however, the dashing Arto is about the best thing this slot has got going for it.

Thematically, there's a bit of confusion, as Arto & The 7 Deadly Spins seems to want to be Aladdin yet refrains from all out saying so. Hints include the Persian garb, setting, characters, and genie lamp references but with a chap called Arto playing the lead role. The game's not without a certain charm. It's bright and smiley, cartoonish while possessing the slightly retro quality that often shines through in Storm Gaming's Megaways slots. They have a fairly unique look, though if you haven't fallen for the studio's style before, you probably won't now either.

Arto & The 7 Deadly Spins Megaways slot

As the game sheet makes clear, Arto & The 7 Deadly Spins is available on all devices, accepting stakes of 10 p/c to £/€10 per spin. Think carefully about your stake selection if taking on Arto and the gang. The reason why is that low bets generate a return value of 94.81%, dropping even further to 94.52% on higher bet sizes. There is no detail given as to what constitutes a 'low' or 'high' bet, but does it really matter? Both are poor return values. Volatility has been rated as 3.5/5, so quite a moody game, while players benefit from a hit frequency of 35.71%.

Played on a 6-reel + 1 bonus reel Megaways game matrix, each spin can have up to 117,649 ways to win. The key to scoring coins is landing combinations of matching symbols starting from the left-hand side in adjacent reels. The paytable consists of ten regular pay symbols, where the lower value ones are J-A card icons worth 0.4 to 0.8x the bet for six of a kind. High pays include monkeys, containers of coins, ladies, Arto, and the game's logo, where six of a kind is worth 1.2 to 20 times your stake. One more symbol before moving on is the wild, which substitutes for all regular pay symbols.

Arto & The 7 Deadly Spins Megaways: Slot Features

Arto & The 7 Deadly Spins Megaways slot

Reactions, mystery symbols, pick me's and free spins make up the features, where the latter comes with a progressive win multiplier with a peculiar prize wheel type thing kicking off the bonus round.


Each winning combination is removed from the grid by the reaction feature and replaced by symbols falling down from above. Reactions continue until no new wins appear.

Mystery Symbols

These can land on any spin in the form of two crossed swords. All mystery symbols in view transform into the same regular pay symbol type for a win evaluation.

Pick Me

Landing 3 or more genie lamps in view triggers this feature. Players pick a lamp to win an xbet cash prize. The more genie lamps in view, the higher the multiplier.

Free Spins

Lading 3 scatters wins you 7 free spins, plus an additional 3 spins for any extra scatter in view. Before free spins start, a wheel spins to award 1 of 7 free spin types - Ways to Spin, Reel of Persia, Reels of Silk, Reels of Gold, Pots of Gold, Genies in Lamps, or Royal Revolt. Oddly, they all appear to do the same thing; all the game info has to say is that each type 'gives different average wins.'

Free spins use a progressive win multiplier starting at x1 and rising by +1 following a win. The multiplier does not reset between spins, and the round is extended by +6 or +12 additional free spins if 3 or 4 scatters land on the top horizontal reel. Lastly, it is also possible to win what is called Arto Spins. These are just regular free spins, awarded at random without the need to land scatter symbols to win them.

Arto & The 7 Deadly Spins Megaways: Slot Verdict

After receiving a virtual slap in the face from the subpar RTP, there was little compulsion left over to play Arto & The 7 Deadly Spins. The concept is ok, the execution, well we've seen worse, and the features are passable. But why aim so low? There is an argument that 94.81% isn't far off what ELK slots are weighing in at these days as a comparison, and there is merit to that, perhaps. Yet, there's a psychological gap between 94.XX and anything 95 or above, plus ELK provides far more uniquely innovative experiences than this. Arto & The 7 Deadly Spins felt like a Tinder date that lied about their age – fair dues though, Storm Gaming is totally upfront about the value. The question is, why compromise when there are stacks of Aladdin style slots out there, not to mention a vast array of Megaways games players could choose over this insult. Anyway, rant over, for now.

The rest really wasn't much better. Storm Gaming Megaways slots are an acquired taste with a graphical style you fall for, or you don't. In Payday Megaways, it seemed the studio had picked a retro-ish VGA style, which was followed up in Megaways Mob, and continued to a degree in Arto & The 7 Deadly Spins. By now, it's clear this is Storm Gaming's thing, and it's great they're forging a somewhat individual style, but it doesn't delight in the way slots from, say, Peter & Sons do.

As to the seven free spins bonus rounds, it wasn't clear what was different about each one, and we weren't overly thrilled about the prospect of triggering all of them to compare results. Suffice it to say, Arto's got a standard unlimited win multiplier, capable of thrusting players towards wins of up to 10,650 times their stake, for those still enticed by the project.

In summation, spotting the lame return to player at the start of the review tainted everything else Arto & The 7 Deadly Spins had to offer. To be fair, even with a stellar value, the game is average at best. Of course, players who go for Storm Gaming's semi-90s thing and copy/paste Megaways gaming might be swayed, yet the rest are liable to get a little nauseous on this voyage.


Arto & The 7 Deadly Spins Megaways is a sorry, half-baked, dumbed-down, perplexingly incompetent game.

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