Bali Vacation Infinity Reels

(PG Soft) Slot Review

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Bali Vacation Infinity Reels: Slot Overview

When you think of the Indonesian island of Bali, gambling might not be the first thing that springs to mind. The island is famous for surfing, sunning, and sure, there’s bound to be plenty of partying going on there too. It’s also renowned as a deeply spiritual location, known as the Land of the Gods, due to its outstanding natural beauty, multi-cultural population, and strong Hindu influence. It is to this colourful batik of a destination the mobile slot guys, PG Soft, turn to for their third Infinity Reels title, Bali Vacation Infinity Reels.

bali vacation infinity reels slot

Well, it’s certainly a colourful game, utilising a travel/airport theme as much as a Bali one. A game grid, which starts each spin in a 3-reel, 4-row configuration, hangs between a couple of poles above an announcement board and a baggage carousel. Bags are also used as dead symbols to block positions on the reels as well - one of those big metal cases designed to withstand the most vigorous airport baggage handler. There are a few Bali inspired symbols on the reels, but other than them, PG Soft hasn’t gone nuts with the theme. There is a big blurry background image of a beach if you’re playing on a desktop, yet it could be anywhere. Aurally, the game’s soundtrack doesn’t intimately tie to the Indonesian island either; again, we could be anywhere. To its credit, the track is an infectiously good groove and one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game.

While PG Soft focuses on the mobile segment of the market, Bali Vacation Infinity Reels can be played on any device. Whether you’d want to play a slot that squeezes its active area into the size of a mobile phone on your screen is a pertinent question. If so, then bets from 20 p/c to £/€200 can be set. Statistically, Bali Vacation Infinity Reels comes out pretty rosy, in large part due to a decent RTP value of 96.71%. As to volatility, PG Soft uses three ratings – Entertaining, Engaging, and Exciting, with Bali Vacation Infinity Reels scoring the latter. In layman’s terms, Exciting equates to ‘highly volatile’, so factor in that setting if deciding to give Bali Vacation Infinity Reels a go.

As to symbols, there are 10 regular pays in the base game, whittling down to 5 in the bonus. Low pays are 10-A ‘poker symbols’, as the game calls them, and 5 island images. These are coconut drinks, sunhats, something by the sea (it is quite small to make out), a surfer girl, and a lady in traditional garb. Winning combinations are worth the number of symbols multiplied by their individual value. As an example, 5 of a kind premium wins pay out 1.5 to 2.5 times the stake. Lastly, a presumably Balinese mask wild assists in this endeavour by replacing any pay symbol.

Bali Vacation Infinity Reels: Slot Features

bali vacation infinity reels slot

As far as Infinity Reels go, Bali Vacation Infinity Reels does not come with a long list of extra features beyond the standard reel expansion/multiplier deal. The base game gets the occasional No Poker feature, while free spins take the concept one step further.

Central to the action is the Infinity Reels mechanic. Any combination of 5 or more matching symbols from the leftmost reel results in a winner. When a win hits, which includes the third reel, an extra reel is added to the right, and this process continues to occur as long as the new reel improves the win – hence the Infinity Reels name. At the same time, a win multiplier is used. The multiplier starts each main game spin on x1 and increases by 1 for every reel added.

Triggered randomly on any spin during the base game, the No Poker feature removes all poker symbols (10-A) from the reels before they stop spinning, thus increasing the chance of landing a big win combo.

Your ticket to the free spins is a scatter symbol that literally displays tickets and a passport. Landing 3 scatters in a spin cycle awards 8 free spins, and each additional scatter provides +2 more. The bonus round is essentially an extended No Poker feature, as low pay symbols are removed from the reels for the full round. There is one additional benefit; the win multiplier does not reset between free spins.

Bali Vacation Infinity Reels: Slot Verdict

So, is it all a virtual vacation on the reels for those who can’t make a long haul flight to the real Bali? Well, not really, but it’s not a bad wee getaway for players up for some Infinity Reels fun on their mobile device. Desktop users will have to get used to squinting at a reduced game area which is off-putting. Despite larger device users not being PG Soft’s target audience, it does feel like they continue to shoot themselves in the foot by not catering to them. The blurry background beach image just doesn’t cut it, making playing Bali Vacation Infinity Reels on anything larger than a 6-inch screen a bit of a waste of time; it’s definitely a waste of space.

Hey, that’s PG Soft’s business model and all power to them. Moving on from that point, Bali Vacation Infinity Reels turns out to be an okay slot, not hugely better or worse than any other powered by ReelPlay’s mechanic, just different. As in, a little different to be sure, mainly due to the No Poker feature/ royal removal system.

The massive advertised potential of 100,000x the bet is an eye-catcher, but, be aware, this is no San Quentin xWays. Tellingly, the best result PG Soft achieved in one billion simulated spins was 3,560x the bet. Obviously, this is a much more down to earth figure and sure to influence whether Bali Vacation Infinity Reels is the right choice for your gambling bucks.

The rest of the stats are well respectable, and removing low-value symbols from free spins is usually an approach that tends to work well. Yet, after adding everything up, Bali Vacation Infinity Reels doesn’t offer a lot that hasn’t been done elsewhere with this mechanic. However, it does so amidst a cheerful party atmosphere, providing the chance for a bit of escapism.


While there are some bright moments in Bali Vacation Infinity Reels, there are clearly more memorable offerings of this kind already available.

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