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Benji Killed in Vegas: Slot Overview

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and according to developer Nolimit City, someone or something appears to have had a tough time there. Such is the apparent premise of the online slot Benji Killed in Vegas. Perhaps Benji, in this context, refers to money, and the trip to Vegas has smashed a bankroll? Could mean a lot of things, really, as Benji Killed in Vegas is a game heavily steeped in a variety of subjects such as ex-presidents, hip-hop, gold, battling, and gangster iconography. This panoply of themes is matched by an extensive panoply of features which we won't list here. Not just to build suspense but also because of time constraints.

One of Nolimit City's strengths, amongst numerous others, is taking parts of previous slots and jamming them together with newer elements to create something fresh. Right off the bat, two games came to mind when Benji Killed in Vegas boogied its way on screen – San Quentin xWays and East Coast vs West Coast. Two of the biggest standouts in Nolimit City's back catalogue, the first famous for being one of the biggest potential slots around, the second, one of the most dope. Sorry, it's exceptionally hard not to break out slang when talking about these sorts of games. Benji Killed in Vegas is another one due to its pumping hip-hop tune and collection of headbands, knuckle dusters, puffy jackets, ghetto blasters, and pistol references. Nolimit City just has a way of diving deeper than most, if not all, of its competitors into the topic at hand once it latches onto a theme.

Benji Killed in Vegas slot
Benji Killed in Vegas slot - base game

No stranger to alternative online slot gambling methods, Benji Killed in Vegas has numerous ways of being played. The most vanilla option is to pick a bet of 20 p/c to $/€100 per spin and bash the play button. Or:

  • When activating the xBet Blue, the stake increases by 50%, guaranteeing a scatter symbol per spin, making it three times more likely to enter Vegas$ Spins and increasing the chance of entering B.I.G. Vegas$ Spins by x2.
  • Alternatively, activating the xBet Red which increases the bet by 9x, making every spin have 2 Overlay Multipliers of x2 and x3, plus Enhancers are active. It is also possible to land extra scatters, and the chance of entering Vegas$ Spins is 15x more likely, or entering B.I.G. Vegas$ Spins is 50 times more likely.

How you play the game affects the RTP value too, where when regular betting, the return is 96.04%, the xBet Blue is 96.02%, while xBet Red is 96.1%. Be aware that lower return models are available as well, but everything is fully detailed in the paytable, including bonus buy returns. In all cases, volatility is high.

Played on a 5-reel, 3-reel game panel, one key rule is that winning combinations are formed when matching symbols land on adjacent reels from the leftmost side. Hitting a five-symbol win pays 0.7 to 1.5 times the bet for the low-pay knuckle dusters, pistols, casino chips, gloves, and gold teeth, whereas 5x to 30x the bet is paid for five G og, Ab, or Ben G symbols. These last three are full reel symbols, which trigger the Dead Presidents Nudge when at least one lands on the first three reels. When it does so, any partially in-view symbols of the same type nudge fully into view. Each nudge increases the multiplier on top of the symbol by +1. Multipliers are added together before multiplying the symbol win.

Benji Killed in Vegas: Slot Features

Benji Killed in Vegas slot
Benji Killed in Vegas slot - free spins with roaming multipliers

Benji Killed in Vegas comes with a stack of extra features, too, such as the xNudge Wild, 2-Dice REpsin, Vegas$ Spins, B.I.G. Vegas$ Spins, Enhancers, Overlay Multipliers, and the Nolimit Bonus. Let's get started.

xNudge Wild

The xNudge Wild is a 3-row tall wild symbol, which always nudges to become fully visible on its reel. Each nudge increases the win multiplier by +1. Before a payout occurs, a wild multiplier multiplies all other multipliers participating in winning. Wild symbols land on reels 2-4 and substitute for any pay symbol.

2-Dice Respin

Lading precisely 2 scatter symbols triggers a respin where the scatters are transformed into x2 and x3 Overlay Multipliers, plus, Enhancers are active.

Vegas$ Spins

Hitting 3 scatter symbols triggers 9 free spins. Enhancers are active, and the triggering scatter symbols transform into x2, x3, and x4 Overlay Multiplier symbols. Multiplier values reset after each free spin. Landing extra scatters upgrades the mode to B.I.G. Vegas$ Spins while awarding + 2 extra spins for each scatter symbol. Extra scatters transform into x5 and x6 Overlay Multipliers for the remainder of the feature.

B.I.G. Vegas$ Spins

Landing 4 or 5 scatters awards 11 or 13 free spins, respectively. Enhancers are active, and scatters are transformed into x2, x3, x4, x5, and x6 Overlay Multipliers. Multiplier values do not reset in this one.


When Enhancers are enabled, each position on the top strip may land xMultipliers or xSplit symbols:

  • xMultipliers – have a value of 2 to 9. When they land on top of a reel, they add their value to any Overlay Multipliers on the reel.
  • xSplit – these split low pays in half or add an x2 multiplier to the other pay symbols. If these latter symbols nudge, they get a max multiplier of x6. xSplits double an Overlay Multiplier value.

Overlay Multipliers

These symbols move around the board, landing on top of symbol positions, displaying a numerical value. This value multiplies the symbol count of winning symbol combinations. When more than one is used, values are added.

Nolimit Bonus

Where possible, Benji Killed in Vegas comes with three bonus buy options. These are Vegas$ Spins for 50x the bet, B.I.G. Vegas$ Spins for 300x the bet, or a 80/20 lucky dip one for 100x the bet.

Benji Killed in Vegas slot
Benji Killed in Vegas slot - free spins

Benji Killed in Vegas: Slot Verdict

Benji Killed in Vegas might have echoes of previous Nolimit City slots, but it delivers a form of entertainment not completely found elsewhere. Bits, maybe, but not the whole package. One talking point is the xBet Red and Blue options. The xBet Blue is one thing; boosting a stake by 50% is pretty standard, but the xBet Red, damn son, 9x-ing the bet is no laughing matter. To be clear, with the xBet Red activated, free spins did trigger with noticeable frequency. After taking a break at one stage, from memory, Vegas$ Spins triggered on like the first paid spin back, as an extreme example. Interestingly, while the xBet Red is pricey, Benji Killed in Vegas' full-blown feature buys are surprisingly reasonable for Nolimit City. For instance, buying Vegas$ Spins costs about the same as 5 spins with the Red xBet activated. Swings roundabouts, options, and choices. Life's about choices, as they say, though making some of them in Benji Killed in Vegas might be tough.

Moving past the bet selection conundrum, we find one of Nolimit City's better recent releases. The game has a tightness to it, despite the thematic looseness, where each component plays a particular part in the greater whole. Multiplier Overlays were not as amazing as they were first suspected to be because it was hard not to view them as wilds as well, which they definitely are not. Nor are they straight win multipliers, yet they have the technical ability to work hand in hand with the other features to some damage, and their non-resetting property in B.I.G. Vegas Spins has allure. Potential, too, though Benji Killed in Vegas isn't one of Nolimit City's record-breakers, far from it, actually. At 10,000x the bet, you'd have to hit the max win 30 times to match Tombstone RIP, as a comparison. However, with the restrained (for Nolimit City) top prize, you'd imagine there's a stronger democratic use of the RTP than can be found in other 'bigger' games. Max win frequency, for instance, is 1 in 3,800,000.

All in all, Benji Killed in Vegas is a tight production that showcases what Nolimit City excels at. Suffice it to say, if you're a fan of what the studio has done in the past, the way it pushes that little bit (or a lot) deeper into a topic than most studios are willing or able to do so, then Benji Killed in Vegas should get your horn tooting as well.


For Benji Killed in Vegas, Nolimit City has funnelled its considerable experience and expertise into one tight, bouncy production.

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