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Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom: Slot Overview

Lucksome is back with a sequel to their 2022 release Bon Bomb Luxpots Megaways. Introducing Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom, they have taken a different approach this time, moving away from the Megaways mechanic and embracing the popular scatter pays system. With a name reminiscent of Willy Wonka's most extravagant confectionery creations, players are once again taken on a journey filled with sugary treats and a collection of features which includes cascades, instant scatter prizes, multipliers, and free spins. Let's unwrap the candy-coated world of Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom.

Visually, Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom invites players into a realm where the allure of candy reigns supreme. Adorned with a captivating backdrop, filled with delectable donuts and an enticing assortment of sweets, it paints a vivid picture of confectionery wonder. During the transition to the free spins mode, a transformation takes place, casting a spell of deep, velvety hues of pink that envelop the senses. Though fairly typical for the category, this visual journey embodies the quintessential essence of a candy-themed realm, evoking a sense of nostalgia and delight.

Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom slot
Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom slot - base game

Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom unfolds across 6 reels and 5 rows. Diverging from traditional paylines, wins are instead achieved by landing 8 or more identical symbols anywhere on the reels. With a min bet of c/p 0.20 and a max bet of €/$ 50, players have a range of wagering options to suit their preferences. The RTP clocks in at 96.2% for the default version, though there is a 94.4% version available as well. Mathematically, the game is in the medium-high range, providing a balance between frequent smaller wins and the potential for larger payouts.

Your goal is to land 8 or more symbols of the same kind anywhere on the grid. Once a win is bagged, the winning symbols are collected by the multiplier whilst also making way for new symbols to fill the grid and which opens up opportunities for consecutive wins. Among the symbols, you will encounter six delectable pieces of candy, acting as lower-paying symbols and offering rewards ranging from 2x to 12x the bet when you collect 12 or more of them. The higher-paying symbols, including a gummy bear, chocolate donut, and cake, hold the potential to grant rewards of 15x to 50x the bet when you gather 12 of the same kind. While there is no wild symbol, keep an eye out for the Candy Bomb, which triggers the Hyperboom multiplier, and the scatter symbol, capable of triggering free spins.

Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom: Slot Features

Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom slot
Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom slot - free spins

Within this confectionery paradise, players will discover a range of captivating features, including Cascading Wins, Hyperboom Multiplier, Side Bet, Free Spins, and Bonus Buy. Let's uncover what awaits in this whimsical world of sugar-coated delights.

Hyperboom Multiplier

Located in the upper left corner of the screen, the Hyperboom Multiplier takes center stage in Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom. Starting at 2x during the base game and 5x during free spins, this multiplier holds the potential to enhance your winnings. Each winning symbol contributes to the multiplier, with the collection of 50 symbols resulting in a 1x increase to the multiplier value.

Now, when a Candy Bomb lands, it multiplies the current win by the existing multiplier. Should multiple Candy Bombs appear simultaneously, each one contributes to multiplying the win. The multiplier resets to 2x after a non-winning spin in the base game. It's important to note that the Hyperboom Multiplier is tied to the chosen bet level. If you decide to adjust your bet, the multiplier will correspondingly change to reflect the new wager.

Free Spins

When 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols appear on the reels, 10 free spins are activated. During this round, the Hyperboom Multiplier begins at 5x. The multiplier progression operates slightly differently compared to the base game, as it upgrades with every collection of 25 winning symbols rather than the usual 50. This accelerated progression provides an enhanced multiplier experience, amplifying the potential for even greater rewards.

The Hyperboom Multiplier remains persistent throughout the entire round, ensuring that its value never resets. This means that the multiplier can continue to grow and multiply your wins without limitations - in theory, at least.

Side Bet

For those seeking an extra thrill, Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom offers the option of a Side Bet. This feature comes at a cost of 25% of your initial bet but doubles your chances of triggering free spins. Also worth noting is that the Side Bet slightly increases the game's overall RTP.

Bonus Buy

By paying 150 times the initial bet, players can instantly access 10 free spins. The rules are a bit different, however. During the bonus buy feature, if your total winnings amount to less than 30 times the bet, an additional 10 spins will be awarded to extend your gameplay. Just like in the regular free spins mode, the Hyperboom Multiplier operates under the same rules, maintaining its progress and never resetting throughout the feature.

Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom slot
Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom slot - free spins

Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom: Slot Verdict

In the realm of candy-themed slots, Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom enters the scene, presenting players with a fantasy world we've become quite used to by now. Mechanically, the game introduces the Hyperboom Multiplier, which steadily grows as winning symbols are collected. There's potential for quite some exciting moments whilst waiting for a Candy Bomb lands, hopefully multiplying your winnings by the current Hyperboom value. The free spins feature enhances the experience further, as the multiplier starts at 5X and maintains its progress without resetting, advancing twice as fast as in the base game.

From a thematical standpoint, Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom showcases visuals that are in line with the established conventions of candy-themed slots. The graphics, while well-executed, may not necessarily stand out as unique or groundbreaking. They capture the expected and familiar aesthetics commonly found in numerous slots of a similar theme. While visually appealing, the game does not offer a distinct visual identity that sets it apart from other titles in the genre.

In conclusion, Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom provides an adequate gaming experience within the candy-themed genre. While the game delivers engaging features such as the persistent multiplier triggered by Candy Bomb explosions, its lack of exceptional elements place it in the category of "okay" rather than standing out as something truly remarkable. It serves its purpose and offers solid action for players seeking a candy-coated adventure.


While enjoyable, Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom doesn’t quite reach the level of excellence found in other candy-themed slots.

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