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Bounty Raid 2: Slot Overview

If you're aiming for badass status, nothing says you've achieved it quite like having a bounty out for your capture. Of course, we're romanticising things here. People that have real bounties on their heads tend not to be the nicest people you're likely to meet on a cold, dark, windy night. The good news is all this talk of bounty hunting is in connection with Bounty Raid 2, an online slot from games maker Red Tiger, and a follow-up to the 2020 release Bounty Raid. At the time, Bounty Raid didn't blow too much hair back, but Bounty Raid 2 looks to be a slightly bigger, meaner slot than the original, so if you're in the mood for loading up the trusty old six-shooter and chasing bad guys, why not come take a gander?

First things first, Bounty Raid 2 is a handsome slot. Its main character is the very definition of badass, with a shock of red hair, a shotgun slung over one shoulder, and a take-no-crap expression. This lady means business, and by the looks of things, business is good. Bounty Raid 2 takes place in a wood-heavy town, with gold coins literally lying about the place, a skull, a lamp, and a rope hanging from the walls, adding charm. Trigger the bonus round, and play shifts from town to a train chase of all things, chugging along beneath a moody sky slashed with locomotive smoke. In short, Bounty Raid 2 is the sort of nice-looking and sounding Western game that sets a sweet scene for keyboard bounty hunters to explore.

Bounty Raid 2 slot
Bounty Raid 2 slot - base game

Bounty Raid 2 is split between a regular line win style base game (with extras) and a hold 'n win bonus round. In the base game, the action is held on a 5-reel, 4-row gaming board with 20 paylines for landing wins along. Whereas the original was medium volatile, Bounty Raid 2 is slightly more volatile but still in the medium range. The game is available in different RTP models, maxing out at 95.68%, while bets range from 10 p/c to $/€40 per spin.

Regular pay symbols trigger awards when 3 to 5 matching symbols hit, and there are 9 types of them. The low are the 4 playing card suits, clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades, while the high pay symbols are boots, a hip flask, a gun, a skull, and some gold bars. Hit a 5 OAK low pay win to be awarded 1 to 2.5 times the bet, or 3 to 8 times the bet for landing 5 premiums. Bounty Raid 2 might not have wilds, but it's got a selection of other special symbols to look out for.

Bounty Raid 2: Slot Features

Bounty Raid 2 slot
Bounty Raid 2 slot - Bounty Hunter respins

One of these special symbol types is Bandit scatters which land displaying monetary prizes and pay when a Sheriff symbol lands at the same time or at the end of the bonus round. Bandits may lock for up to 5 spins, and when locked, their values increase on each following spin. When Bandits land next to each other, the Bandit with the highest bounty transfers it to all other adjacent Bandits – if a Sheriff or a Bounty Hunter are present. Bounties are also transferred to adjacent Bandits if any of the Bandits get an increase and will remain locked on the reels for at least 1 more spin. Depending on the type, Bandits can have initial values of 1 to 25 times the stake and no more than 500x.


The Sheriff is a non-paying symbol that can land on any reel except the middle one. The Sheriff captures all Bandits in view, awarding their bounties. Only 1 Sheriff may land at a time, and Sheriffs and Bounty Hunters cannot land at the same time.

Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter is a 1x4-sized symbol that appears fully stacked on the middle reel. When it hits, it locks all Bandits for a Hold & Respins bonus round, starting with 3 respins. If new Bandits hit, they reset the spin count to 3. On a spin where no Bandits land, the Bounty Hunter may randomly reset the spin count to 3. When respins end, the combined total of all Bandits is awarded.

Bounty Raid 2 slot
Bounty Raid 2 slot - Bounty Hunter respins

Bounty Raid 2: Slot Verdict

Apart from the chesty main character, there wasn't much about the original Bounty Raid slot, which was overly memorable. Certainly, nothing that would warrant a sequel, but you just never know how life's gonna pan out, and here we are wading our way through Bounty Raid 2. For the most part, we'd have to say Bounty Raid 2 is an improvement over the original release, which is always good news for a sequel. It's a bigger, more rounded game on the whole, though in saying that, there really wasn't much to the first Bounty Raid. Put it this way, if Bounty Raid 2 had been a smaller game than the original, it'd be about the size of a mouse's paw and would easily fit in a pocket.

Or a holster; let's not forget we are moseying through a Western-themed slot, after all. Bounty Raid 2 never lets you forget either, as it is a rather attractive Western game with a heavy frontier atmosphere, shot through with an exciting bounty-hunting element. Players have the chance to get their own bounty hunting of their own on, too, should they choose to fire up Bounty Raid 2. Its bonus round is basically the same as it was before, as in, the goal is to land as many symbols as possible to build a winning total. This time though, a couple of things have changed. One, the symbols can have values far in excess than they could in the previous game, feeding into greater overall winning potential. Not massive bounty; this ain't Boushh handing over Han Solo, encased in carbonite, to Jabba the Hutt for galactic-level rewards. No, Bounty Raid 2 makes do with a more down to Earth total of 2,372.3 times the bet.

That figure is more than double the amount up for grabs in the original Bounty Raid slot, though. Perhaps this means the series will keep jacking up the max win until, like Bounty Raid 10, we're up to 500,000x the bet. Just kidding around, but we're more than happy for Red Tiger to rise to the challenge if it so chooses. For recreational players who like slightly more volatility and bigger potential, Red Tiger has made definite improvements to the 2020 release, yet Bounty Raid 2 is still a minnow when it comes to some other Wild West slots lurking on the market. An eye-catching one, though.


Bounty Raid 2 might be bigger and meaner than the original, but it’s still a rather small fry in the grand scheme of things.

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