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Bronco Big Bounty: Slot Overview

Games Global partner studio Alchemy Gaming has gone done saddled up for the equine-themed online slot Bronco Big Bounty. This here's a game that romanticises the countryside while introducing players to the studio's Big Bounty Wins concept. In short, this involves building up Big Bounty Wins in the base game; then, in the free spins round, all of the accrued prizes must be awarded sooner or later. Literally, the round will keep kickin' and a buckin' along till all of the Big Bounty Wins have all been dished out. Worth cracking the stirrups out for?

We've used the word romanticise already, but it's hard to think of another term to describe Bronco Big Bounty's look. It's presented as one of those Manifest Destiny-style events where the sky blazes, the land is richly fecund and is waiting for the right person to make it productive while taming the wildlife, the local horse population in particular, in the process. It's a powerful dream, and you can imagine what a grip it must have had on people back in the day, including many Europeans who migrated away from the poverty, disease and hunger of the old country's overcrowded cities for the wide-open land of opportunity America represented. Too bad there were already people on the land already, but that technicality didn't exactly halt the westward expansion.

Bronco Big Bounty slot
Bronco Big Bounty slot - base game

Bronco Big Bounty is played on a 6-reel, 4-row gaming grid where 4,096 ways to win exist. A highly volatile math model cracks the whip behind the scenes, driving out an RTP of 96.24% by default and a hit rate of 27.64% on this return version. Players take part by picking a stake of 20 c to $/€50, and an Upsizer feature enhancer is available when free spins trigger for gamblers who'd like to stack the bonus feature with extra Big Bounty Wins.

Not sure about Bronco Big Bounty's low-pay card royals. They look like they might be better suited as a chrome finish on a retro automobile, but never mind, 9-A symbols are there paying 1 to 1.5 times the bet when 6 matching card ranks hit. Up from them are a house, a lady, a man, and a bronco, which sounds romantic, as Bronco Big Bounty's 4 high pays, awarding 2 to 5 times the bet for hitting 6 OAK. Wild symbols are present on all reels except the leftmost reel, and they substitute for everything except scatters or coins.

Bronco Big Bounty: Slot Features

Bronco Big Bounty slot
Bronco Big Bounty slot - free spins

The features roaming this range are the Bronco Rush, Big Bounty Wins, free spins, Upsizer, and the Big Bounty Wheel Bonus.

Bronco Rush

On any spin, the Bronco Rush feature may randomly trigger to land multiple bronco symbols on the reels.

Free Spins with Big Bounty Wins

In the base game, when 5 scatter symbols hit, the number of Big Bounty Wins increases by +1, and up to 10 of them can be stored. Big Bounty Wins are wins in free spins that are 10x or more than the triggering bet. When spelling out 'B', 'O', 'U', 'N', 'T', 'Y', with 6 scatter symbols in the base game, the free spin feature triggers. Free spins continue until all accumulated Big Bounty Wins have been awarded. Golden Bronco symbols may appear in free spins, too. They get collected when they hit, then reveal a high-pay bronco symbol. Collecting 5, 10, or 15 Golden Broncos, respectively, replaces the house, female, and male symbols with the high bronco symbol on the following spins.


When free spins trigger, players are given the option of paying extra to unlock more Big Bounty Wins in the feature. The cost for each option is displayed on the screen.

Big Bounty Wheel Bonus

Coin symbols landing on the rightmost reel may randomly trigger the Big Bounty Wheel bonus. When triggered, the Wheel spins to award the 15x Mini Prize, 50x Minor Prize, 250x Major Prize, or the 5,000x Mega Prize.

Bronco Big Bounty slot
Bronco Big Bounty slot - wheel bonus

Bronco Big Bounty: Slot Verdict

There's a suspicion that if someone isn't into horses in a big way, they might not be into Bronco Big Bounty in a big way, either. If not horses per se, then maybe Bronco Big Bounty might suit someone enchanted by the idea of returning to an earlier time to claim a piece of land (questionably obtained from the original inhabitants?), then taming it as they tame the local wild stallion population, bending nature and beast to their will, making a small corner of the earth their own while rising an enormous family on the wild frontier with all trials, tribulations, and triumphs that entails. Or… nope, let's cut the daydreaming off there before it gets too silly.

The point is that gaming-wise, Bronco Big Bounty leaned on the so-so side to the point where a bit of daydreaming crept in. One of the highlights was increasing the Big Bounty Win count in the base game, which is a dramatic event, then letting them cut loose in the free spins round. It would have been nice to know how high Big Bounty Wins might be worth because '10x or more' is a little vague. Up to 10 may be collected, but even then, they didn't come across as the slot equivalent of a multi-billion euro hosing of cash ECB stimulus scheme. Could be wrong, but Big Bounty Wins felt like a neat sideshow rather than the main event. Those honours fell by default to getting lucky spinning the Big Bounty Wheel as its concretely expressed 5,000x the bet top prize equals Big Bounty Wins' overall max win figure.

At the end of the trail, Bronco Big Bounty turned out to be an ok-looking ride with one or two unusual sights to point out along the way. Unless attempting to get lucky amongst horses becomes a major fad sometime in the future, however, it's hard to see Bronco Big Bounty really pulling in an enormous adoring crowd.


Big Bounty is light on major attractions for those who aren’t keen on saddling up.

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