Chip Spin Sets Possible Record For Shortest Max Win Time

chip spin slot

Ever played a game and thought, ‘if x symbol landed there, or y there, I could crack this thing’? No doubt, many people have let their minds wander into the realms of make-believe and imagine a dream hit. However, they say fact is stranger than fiction and rarely does the maxim hold truer than in this clip from Relax Gaming‘s slot Chip Spin. The resulting bonus round is so effortlessly executed, who would have had the audacity to fantasise such a flawless couple of spins?

Chip Spin is a Las Vegas-themed slot that melds modern-day ‘Sin City’ with an old school Fremont Street attitude. Icons of Las Vegas Boulevard colour the background, while equally colourful characters land across the game grid. What you want is three or more scatter symbols to hit and activate free spins, or land 5 or more casino chips to trigger the Chip Spin Bonus Game.

Alternatively, you can do what the lucky player from the Netherlands did in this clip and hit the feature buy button where you can buy either bonus game. In this instance, The Chip Spin Bonus Game is chosen at a cost of 70 times the stake, which lands the 5 requisite chip symbols on the following spin.

Chip Spin’s bonus game comes with 3 different types of chip symbols, and players start with 1 life. When chip symbols land, they are locked to the reels, and some may land with hearts on them, adding an extra life, helping prolong the feature. If a spin occurs and no chips land, a life is lost. The bonus round ends when there are no lives left.

The above rule doesn’t apply in this video, though, because the bonus round also comes to an end if the win cap is reached, or in this case, utterly annihilated. This bonus starts by landing a green chip and 4 purple chips to trigger the feature. Green chips display bet multiplier values, while purple chips are called Snipers. Snipers double the value of 1-3 green chips and may appear with tiny mini chips on them as well. These mini chips indicate how many times their doubling abilities may be used.

Since there is just one green money chip on the reels, the 4 sniper chips gang up and double the daylights out of it. The round starts positively, and the first spin ends with the playing sitting on an optimistic 384x. The second spin lands 2 more snipers, which team up to repeatedly double the solitary money chip to an obscene x196,608x.

What’s astonishing is how the game hit 196,608x in just 2 spins – the Tesla Model S in Ludicrous mode of bonus rounds if you will. If you thought that was fast, you’re not the only one. Even Relax Gaming was stunned, the mathematician who worked on the game said:

“As snipers don’t carry their own coin value and cannot shoot at each other, we are surprised to see such an extremely unlikely win! Must be one of the quickest max wins ever on our slots.”

Like watching those runaway Money Train 2 bonus rounds, it’s hard to help but wonder where this Chip Spin feature might have ended up had the kill switch not been activated – on just the second spin.

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