Clash Of The Beasts

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Clash of the Beasts: Overview

There may not be a shortage of Asian themed slots in the Red Tiger portfolio, but it’s been a while since they dropped the last one. Perhaps to celebrate, the studio has populated Clash of the Beasts with two of the most powerful animals in traditional Chinese culture – tigers and dragons. Both reward players in their own unique way, yet work best when brought together in one of the features. They don’t exactly battle it out though, despite what the title says. They also don’t reward all that much either in a slot that lacks big win capability or much excitement in general.

Red Tiger presents the game nicely, as they typically do. A dragon sits on the right-hand side of the slot while an exotic white tiger lies to the left. The rest of the backdrop is taken up by pillars and Asian architecture while the obligatory Eastern infused soundtrack plays along in accompaniment. It’s a fairly pleasing view, yet not equally pleasing is the 6-reel, 5-row slot format, dishing up no more than 40 paylines to land winners on. What's the point of that?

Getting the beasts to clash can be achieved on any device offering bets from 10 p/c to £/€60 per spin. Hardcore gamers might want to go grab a coffee while we go through the stats, though certain casual gamblers may appreciate the light-touch math model. The most disappointing part is undoubtedly the potential which maxes out at 1,286 the stake. Combining the medium volatile math model with meagre potential means Clash of the Beasts is the total opposite of massive thrills gaming.

The symbols used are all classic Asian icons with coin values using the number 8 a lot - an auspicious figure in Chinese culture. From low to high are brush-stroked 10-A royals, followed by four miscellaneous cultural items making up the premiums. This latter lot is worth 3.2 to 9.7 times the stake for six of a kind.

Wilds are worth more at 22.2x, but they only appear during the hardest to trigger bonus game, so you won’t be getting much out of them too often. As well as paying out the most, wilds also substitute for any regular pay symbol.

Clash of the Beasts: Features

clash of the beasts
Clash of the Beast - Dragon Spins in action

Don’t expect many extras to pop up during the base game, because there aren’t actually any. The features are all variations of free spins that must be triggered - Tiger Spins, Dragon Spins, and Clash Spins with random wilds.

There are two scatters which activate the features. Tiger symbols land only on reels 1, 2, and 3, while Dragon symbols appear on reels 4, 5, and 6. When 2 or 3 tiger symbols are in view, they award 10 or 15 Tiger Spins respectively. During Tiger Spin, the beast randomly slashes a number of symbols, transforming them into the same identical symbol for a guaranteed win.

On the other side of the board, when 2 or 3 dragon symbols are in view, they award 10 or 15 Dragon Spins. During this feature, the dragon may become active, nudging reels and rows to produce bigger wins.

If you are really lucky, tiger and dragon symbols may land simultaneously to trigger Clash Spins - 2 symbols award 10 Clash Spins, with each extra scatter adding 5 more free spins up to a maximum of 30. During this round, the dragon and tiger features mentioned above may appear, as well as random wilds. For the first time, wilds enter the game when tiger and dragon symbols appear together on a Clash Spin. A random number of wilds are added to the reels for a guaranteed win when this happens.

Clash of the Beasts: Verdict

Clash of the Beasts is another in a worryingly growing line of nice-to-look-at, dull-to-play Red Tiger products. Aimed straight at fans of this style of slot, players will need to be well into the Asian theme to get any benefit from spinning Clash of the Beasts. It is a little different from the clichéd Asian themed slots – there are no Caishens, or jackpots, frogs, or lashings of gold. The problem is there isn’t much of anything else either. Once you’ve oohed and aahed over the pretty graphics, the game fails to make any further impression.

Clash of Beasts is all about the triggered free spins since nothing else occurs in the base game. Fortunately in that regard, Clash of the Beasts isn’t a Red Tiger slot you have to wait forever for free spins to trigger. During testing at least, they popped up around once every 100 -150 spins or so, sometimes less. Well, the Tiger Spins did at least, which were the most regular feature by a long shot.

Dragon Spins were markedly less frequent, though usually more profitable. Clash Spins were a rare occurrence indeed, which makes sense given that the biggest returns are more likely to occur there than anywhere else. Biggest is a relative term though.

Clash of the Beasts is a low potential slot with little to recommend. The features are alright, when they trigger, but don’t do near enough to warrant playing the game.


The bland, no-frills gameplay of Clash of the Beasts results in a completely unmemorable gaming experience.

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