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Cyber Vault: Slot Overview

As bad guy Tyrell Wellick said in the TV show 'Mr Robot',' If you give a man a gun he can rob a bank; if you give a man a bank he can rob the world.' In Four Leaf Gaming's heist slot Cyber Vault (originally to be named Cyber Heist), the main character, Raven, isn't robbing institutions with guns but something dangerous in a different way – level 9000 hacking skills. Players are thrust into this world of tomorrow 'where hacking is an art form, and daring exploits the only currency that matters.' Instead of keyboard finesse or social engineering, players use a set of reels to attempt to hack the vault, which, if cracked, houses an impressive pile of winning potential.

Cyber Vault starts with a neat wee intro that sees Raven descend far below ground; somehow, those details are skipped, to bring players to a gaming grid situated right next to the vault door. This is a world of the not-too-distant future, and whilst sheer luck is needed to crack open the vault rather than crazy hacking skill that can pwn any system, Cyber Vault tees up a fun, detailed game world to play make-believe in.

Cyber Vault slot
Cyber Vault slot - base game

The game grid (presented as if it's a cracking device) is a 5x5 panel in combination with 3,125 ways to win. An Uplink Trail surrounds the reels. Wins are awarded for left-to-right adjacent symbol combinations beginning on the rightmost reel. The math model is medium volatile, which is a little surprising given the theme and winning potential, generating an RTP figure of 96.13%. Stake levels go from 10 c to $/€20, and players have access to Nitro Spins and a bonus buy option detailed below.

Mechanistic card suits – clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts are Cyber Vault's low pay symbols, while its high pays are 5 further mechanistic objects, their functions though are tough to decipher. Power ups, health packs, take your pick. Anyway, hitting 5 matching card suits pays 1-1.2 times the stake, whereas a way made up of 5 matching high pays awards 2 to 5 times the bet. Cyber Vault's wild symbol, a circular 'W', substitutes for any of the regular paying symbols.

Cyber Vault: Slot Features

Cyber Vault slot
Cyber Vault slot - free spins info screen

One thing you can count on in a Four Leaf Gaming slot is a lot of features. Cyber Vault is no exception, packed as it is with Battery symbols, a Powerup Reel, the Uplink Trail, Super Spinner, free spins, Nitro Spins, and bonus buy.

Battery Symbol & Powerup Reel

Battery symbols are collected under the Powerup Reel when they land on the reels. When 3 Batteries have been collected, the Power Reel activates and the Battery collection resets. Now, when the Powerup Reel spins, one of 2 things occurs:

  • Move – players move along the Uplink Trail in the specified direction.
  • Collect – players collect the current prize indicated on the Uplink Trail's position the player is on.

Uplink Trail

Players always start at the enter position on the Uplink Trail and move or collect as per the Powerup Reel results. Prizes on the Uplink Trail are cash prizes up to 5,000x, free spins, or the Super Spinner bonus. After collecting, the Uplink Trail resets to the enter position. Progress on the Uplink Trail carries over between spins but is linked to the stake.

Super Spinner

When triggered from the Uplink Trail, the Super Spinner awards a cash prize of 40x to 250x, or 5 to 25 free spins.

Free Spins

Awarded from the Uplink Trail, players win 4 hacks when the free spins round is awarded. During free spins, only cash values may be present on the grid where they lock into position, or Batteries may land - they do not lock. Collecting 3 Batteries activates the Powerup Reel and resets the number of hacks back to 4. Free spins continue until there have been 4 consecutive hacks without activating the Powerup Reel. In free spins, the Uplink Trail contains these:

  • Prize – adds the specified prize of 10x to 5,000x to the game grid.
  • Upgrader – all prizes increase by 1x.
  • Power Upgrader – all prizes are increased by the value shown on every spin. The multiplier increments with each subsequent collect.
  • Multiplier – a random prize is multiplied by 2.
  • Power Multiplier – a random prize is multiplied by the value shown on every spin. The multiplier increments with each subsequent collect.
  • Replicator – pick a random prize and clone it to an empty cell.
  • Top Replicator – pick the top prize and clone it to an empty cell.
  • Battery Overcharge – 3 extra spins are granted with the Powerup Reel spinning on each spin. Any Batteries collected during these spins are saved till after the Overcharge feature.
  • Extra Hack – increases the number of possible hacks to 5. Once collected, it converts to a 25x prize square.
  • Power Battery – adds a persistent Battery to the Powerup Reel. Once collected, it converts to a 25x prize square.

When the number of hacks runs out, players win the total value of the prizes on the grid, and the round ends.

Nitro Spins & Bonus Buy

Nitro Spins may be optionally activated, increasing the stake by 50% or by using 4 coins per spin to do so. When Nitro Spins are on, Battery scatters appear more often, coins are collected more frequently, and the Super Spinner triggers more often. Activating Nitro Spins with coins means the RTP is 96.17%-96.18%. Alternatively, for 84x the bet or 700 coins, players can buy the free spins feature, where the RTP is 96.13%. Coins are collected when they randomly appear over symbols on the grid.

Cyber Vault slot
Cyber Vault slot - free spins

Cyber Vault: Slot Verdict

Bob Dylan had another good couple of lines on the subject, taken from the song 'Sweetheart Like You' where he wrote, 'Steal a little and they throw you in jail. Steal a lot and they make you king.' Apologies for the quote dump, but all this hacking and vault-breaking evoked a contemplative mood of sorts. Other contemplations were about what a full slot Four Leaf has come up with here. The team has really put their heads together to create an immersive experience for players who like to lose themselves in a game world when trying their luck. You know, Cyber Vault isn't a VR video game or anything like that, yet as far as an online slot goes, the brief cinematic intro sets a mood, continued by the gaming grid as a cracking device, and once hacked, the bonus round has a load of details to get to grips with.

Presumably, cracking vaults is a frustrating task which requires patience, and so can playing Cyber Vault be. For one thing, moving around the Uplink Trail is easy. Batteries are plentiful, and so is triggering the Powerup Reel by extension. However, the vast majority of the time was spent moving clockwise, going back anticlockwise, hovering over various trail rewards, but rarely actually winning one. Given the somewhat slow pace of the game, this can quickly become frustrating. Hey, that's slots; sometimes they go your way, sometimes they don't. Besides, the Uplink Trail prizes do trigger every so often, and some of the rewards are pretty decent if you're lucky. They include free spins triggers, and Cyber Vault's bonus round is one to check out for hold 'n win enthusiasts as it is rather unique. Like the base game, however, it may require substantial helpings of luck to trigger the better effects from the Uplink Trail to really crank the action up.

Heist/vault slots are fairly common in the online slots industry, but Four Leaf Gaming has nevertheless managed to blow a breath of fresh air into the genre with its unique contribution. Factor in 20,000x the bet max win possibilities, and like a tricky Sudoku puzzle you can't put down till it's done, there's a heist slot here that certain players may find an irresistible challenge.


If you can look past the slow pace, Cyber Vault is a board game type slot that may be worth a crack.

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