Diamond Blitz 2

(Red Tiger) Slot Review

Diamond Blitz 2 slot
Diamond Blitz 2 slot – base game

Diamond Blitz 2: Slot Overview

Red Tiger is a studio that’s been in the biz for a while now, with over 300 games under its belt at the time of writing. You make that much of anything, and there is bound to be a huge variety within the collection. Variety is what you’ll find when browsing Red Tiger’s back catalogue, boasting themes from Primates to Pirates and beyond. You’ll also find the odd sequel in the lineup, too, Gonzo’s Quest Megaways being a particularly memorable example, as well as today’s slot, Diamond Blitz 2. This one is a follow-up to the 2020 release Diamond Blitz, where some things have been altered, some haven’t so much, and some probably should have been tinkered with further.

As before (though there has been a slight visual shift from the original), Diamond Blitz 2 is a classic-looking slot, its gaming matrix possessing oodles of classic symbols to go with it. Funky is one way of describing the vibe, where lights and patterns pop up in the background, such as diamond shapes a bit like the outline of the R7 logo. Prattling on about the audiovisuals won’t really accomplish much other than reinforce the impression Diamond Blitz 2 is a classic slot that looks like loads and loads and loads of others.

One division between the original release and DB2 is the move away from the first game’s 20 paylines to win system to a 1,024 ways to win mechanism. A welcome move in some ways, since Diamond Blitz 2 is a game that relies heavily on semi-sticky/sticky-ish wild symbols as some of its main features, which get a positive shove when working with so many ways to win. The action unfolds on a 5-reel game matrix with 4 rows on each of the reels in a medium-high volatile way, producing a default RTP of 95.75%. The stake range works out at 10 c to $/€100 per paid spin.

Diamond Blitz 2’s pay table lists as its regular symbols cherries, lemons, plums, grapes, watermelons, BARs, horseshoes, bells, purple 7s, and gold 7s. Hitting lines of 5 OAK pays 0.3 to 0.4 times the bet for the fruit or 1 to 10 times the bet for the others.

Diamond Blitz 2: Slot Features

Diamond Blitz 2 slot
Diamond Blitz 2 slot – Blitz mode triggered

Be on the lookout for wilds, particularly on the upper 3 rows, and Blitz scatters, which can lead to respins, Blitz Mode, and Blitz Spins.


Wilds substitute for all pay symbols and land on reels 2, 3, and 4. When a wild lands on any of the upper 3 rows, respins are triggered after any initial win is paid. For respins, wilds stay on the grid, but they move downwards 1 position on each respin. Wilds that reach the bottom row spin off the reels on the next respin, if there is one. New wilds may land on respins. Respins continue as long as there are wild symbols on any of the upper 3 rows.

Blitz Mode

The Blitz scatter symbol may land on the middle reel only. When a Blitz scatter lands, it triggers Blitz Mode for the current spin and the next 4 spins. The Blitz scatter symbol cannot land on respins or during Blitz Spins. Landing a wild in Blitz Mode activates Blitz Spins. Landing the Blitz scatter in Blitz Mode resets the Blitz Mode spin counter back to four.

Blitz Spins

Landing a wild in Blitz mode or landing a wild symbol with a Blitz scatter starts 4 Blitz Spins. For Blitz Spins, wild symbols remain on the grid and move down 1 position on each spin, but they do not disappear. Rather, they remain locked on the lowest position of the reel which is not taken up by another wild symbol.

When a wild symbol lands on or reaches the last free position on a reel, it awards +1 additional Blitz Spin. Landing a new wild during Blitz Spins resets the spin count back to 4. At the end of a Blitz Spins sequence, all wilds are unlocked. If there are wilds on any of the upper 3 rows, normal respins are triggered until the last wild reaches the bottommost position on the reels.

Diamond Blitz 2 slot
Diamond Blitz 2 slot – Blitz spins

Diamond Blitz 2: Slot Verdict

Okay, that was pretty blitzy in parts, a bit diamondy in others, but Diamond Blitz 2 was a tad underwhelming when all was said and done. The features have been reworked; there’s a change from just randomly getting Blitz Mode, which was essentially the original slot’s version of Blitz Spins, to now having to trigger Blitz Mode by landing a Blitz scatter, then landing a wild to enter into the Blitz Spins phase. Or hitting a scatter and a wild at the same time. Swings roundabouts, and more or less the same thing, though landing wilds in Diamond Blitz 2’s can trigger respins, or when landing in Blitz Spins, wilds reset the count, which is no bad thing.

Overall, Diamond Blitz 2 is a straightforward fruit slot with a classic, land-based casino feel. While it may satisfy fans of traditional slots, it is unlikely to achieve legendary status.


Diamond Blitz 2 might scratch a certain classic slot itch, but not in a way that produces particularly long-lasting levels of satisfaction.

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