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✅ Dystopia Rebel Road Demo & Casinos

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€1000 / $1000 / 10 000kr
- free spins

18+ | Terms Apply | Play Responsibly


100% up to 1 BTC
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18+ | Terms Apply | Play Responsibly


150% up to $3000
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€2000 / $3000 / 20 000kr
200 free spins

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Dystopia Rebel Road: Slot Overview

Do you think the slot makers over at Octoplay are or were into those one-on-one PvP battler games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, or Tekken? Further evidence to support this supposition has arrived in the form of Dystopia Rebel Road. Following in the footsteps of Eternal Clash, the showpiece feature in this online slot is Showdown Spins, powered by the battle mechanics of Combat Royale, where a bunch of allies fight enemies one-on-one in a brutal conquest to collect cash prizes.

Or be crushed, since the baddies doing the battling are of the Mad Max wild rider, part cybernetic, augmented human variety. Fortunately, so are some of the allies. They inhabit an exceedingly dry world of the future as if H2O has seriously evaporated, leading to a worldwide dust dump. At the load screen, a frightening sandstorm is on the verge of blasting a road, pushing the tone of the game right away into an ominous setting. How this game world fell into dystopia isn't made clear, but if we keep using the planet as our own global buffet and temperatures keep rising, perhaps one day we'll find out for real. Hopefully not.

Dystopia Rebel Road slot
Dystopia Rebel Road slot - base game

Perhaps the two warring groups in Dystopia Rebel Road aren't as savage as those of Eternal Clash because the math model this time is low/medium volatile, and the shift was noticeable, though not negatively so. The RTP, when betting 10 c to $/€200 per spin, is 95.76%, and the gaming is held on a 6x4, 25-payline matrix.

Bullet-ridden 10-A card ranks make up Dystopia Rebel Road's low-pay symbols, and 4 character symbols are its highs. When 6 matching royals hit, players collect 1.6 to 4 times their bet, or 4.8 to 12 times their bet for hitting 6 matching high pays. The wild symbol substitutes for all paying symbols, and as it appears on all reels, a line of 6 wilds is worth 25x the bet.

Dystopia Rebel Road: Slot Features

Dystopia Rebel Road slot
Dystopia Rebel Road slot - free spins

Showdown Spins are far and away where it's at in Dystopia Rebel Road, but the base game has been fluffed up with a Cash Wilds feature to provide a measure of titillation.

Cash Wilds

As well as substituting for regular pay symbols, wilds appear in 3 sizes, where wild sizes 2 and 3 award a cash prize when part of a win line: Wilds escalate in size and prize multipliers: Wild 1 is 1x1, Wild 2 is 2x1 with multipliers from 1x to 5x, and Wild 3 is 3x1 with multipliers from 7x to 20x.

Showdown Spins

Landing 3 or more scatters triggers Showdown Spins, starting with 500 player health points. If triggered by 4 scatters, ally 3 is guaranteed to appear on the first spin. A 5 scatter trigger guarantees ally 4 to appear on the first spin or ally 5 on the first spin when triggered by 6 scatters.

For Showdown Spins, the gaming matrix changes to a 6x2 grid, landing empty spaces, ally characters, enemy characters, or Boosters. When characters hit, they lock to the reel. When allied characters and enemies are both locked in view, they battle against each other, each losing Health Points equal to their opponent's Attack Power. When their Health Points reach 0, they are destroyed. Enemy characters have Cash Prizes, which are awarded when they are destroyed. If all allied characters are destroyed and enemy characters attack, they attack the Player Health bar instead. When the Player Health bar reaches 0, or the max win is reached, Showdown Spins end.


The allied and enemy characters which can land during Showdown Spins are Allied and Enemy characters. Allies have increasing stats: 10/10, 20/20, 30/30, 100/100, 200/200 in attack power and health points respectively. Enemies, meanwhile, have increasing stats: 5/5, 20/20, 50/50, 200/200, 300/300 in attack power and health points, with cash prizes ranging from 2x-100x to 250x-5,000x respectively.


Boosters on slots enhance character stats before showdown: Gun (+10 Attack), Med-kit (+20 Health), Grenade (-20 Health), Motorbike (+10 Attack for 2 spins), Car (+10 Attack, +10 Health for 3 spins), Truck (+20 Attack, +20 Health for 4 spins), Cash Crate, and Double Crate. Cash Crates have multipliers of 2x to 50x the stake. If a Cash Crate lands beneath an ally, the cash prize is collected. If a Cash Crate lands beneath an enemy, the cash prize is added to the enemy's cash prize. If a Double Crate lands beneath an ally, all winnings from the round-up till that point are doubled. If it lands beneath an enemy, the enemy's cash prize is doubled.

Bonus Buy

Naturally, the fighting is the most exciting part of Dystopia Rebel Road, so those who would like to buy direct access to Showdown Spins can do so for 100x the bet. The bonus buy RTP is 95.8%.

Dystopia Rebel Road slot
Dystopia Rebel Road slot - free spins

Dystopia Rebel Road: Slot Verdict

While Showdown Spins are the main feature in both games, Dystopia Rebel Road, on the whole, played out quite differently than Eternal Clash. Mathematics is one way the two slots differ. Dystopia Rebel Road is the less volatile, and this was no bad thing. Free spins seemed to trigger more frequently, which was a welcome occurrence, though keep in mind this assessment was made on an eyeball level since the free spins hit frequency was not at hand for the review. Buying Showdown Spins is a lot cheaper, too, at 100x vs Eternal Clash's 250x, so it is technically possible to buy the feature more often while sticking to the same budget.

Allies seemed to land with greater frequency as well, from memory, making Dystopia Rebel Road appear the more user-friendly option than its sword-swinging predecessor. This time, players get Boosters and Cash Crates, too. Not all Boosters are beneficial; some hurt allies, and others boost enemies, but their inclusion pushes Showdown Spins even closer to video game status while also deepening the experience. As you might have suspected, the dialling back of volatility and the less ferocious nature of the game has brought down the max win, but at 5,000x the bet, Dystopia Rebel Road is no cleared-out empty weapons cache.

It would be interesting to get more of Dystopia Rebel Road's stats to be able to make a cold, concrete, mathematical comparison with Eternal Clash. On an anecdotal level, Dystopia Rebel Road did come across as the 'softer' game, let's say, but this was no bad thing at all. Quite the opposite, actually, where relatively 'frequent' trips to the Showdown Spins bonus round to experience duke-it-out fights, which felt more balanced while also padded out by Boosters, produced a satisfying Combat Royale slot that seems as though it would suit a wider range of gamblers than the potentially brutal hacking and slashing of Eternal Clash.


Compared to its predecessor, Dystopia Rebel Road elevates the slot experience with reduced volatility and a more accessible approach, delivering a well-balanced and captivating Combat Royale.

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