El Paso Gunfight xNudge – First Look Teaser


el paso gunfight xnudge slot

As dust clouds parted and tumbleweeds blew through town, midway through 2020, a brash, new upstart named Deadwood rolled in to shake up the Wild West slot genre. It didn’t quite roll in out of nowhere though; Nolimit City had already flexed their cowboy chops the previous year with Tombstone. Tombstone was good, but Deadwood took it next level in a flash of features, atmosphere, and a rousingly memorable soundtrack. For keyboard gunslingers looking to test their mettle, Deadwood proved irresistible.

That Good the Bad and the Ugly tune whistling out on the prairie ain’t just wind screeching through trees. There’s a new contender on the boil over at Nolimit City as the team head back out West for a new project titled ‘El Paso Gunfight xNudge‘. In an era rife with bad hombres, Nolimit City has chosen one of the most notorious gunslingers of all to theme their new game.

Seen in the big win count-up video here, legendary cowboy Dallas Stoudenmire can be seen pissing on the grave of what we assume to be his nemesis. Here’s a little history lesson to prepare you for the release and set the stage.

Born in Bullock County, Alabama, in 1845, his name was Dallas Stoudenmire. After serving in the army, and the Texas Rangers, Stoudenmire worked various odd jobs before signing up as town marshal of El Paso, Texas. Within three days of starting his new post, Stoudenmire became embroiled in one of the most famous gunfights in the Ol’ West. Known as the Four Dead in Five Seconds Gunfight, or the El Paso Gunfight, its story reached as far as New York City and San Francisco.

In a complicated tale involving booze, cattle rustling, and a whole lot of bullets, Stoudenmire became a legend. He also became a marked man who didn’t live to see his 37th birthday. Instead, he bled out from gunshot wounds caused by men connected to those who died in the El Paso Gunfight.

At this point, we know more about the life of Dallas Stoudenmire than we do about the slot built around his legend, but some things are clear. One, players can expect a dense atmosphere, a cracking soundtrack, and plenty of irreverent humour. Like the time it’s set in, El Paso Gunfight xNudge is also a volatile affair, although it does allow players to switch between plain ‘high’ and ‘extreme’ volatility. The grid is unusual too, with reels laid out in a disjointed fashion similar to those used in Tombstone and Deadwood. Another factor is the inclusion of several characters hardened by life on the frontier, who are more than happy to end a dispute in a cloud of gun smoke, all while sporting impressive ‘taches.

After back-to-back hits, El Paso Gunfight xNudge has a lot to live up to and is shaping up to be another entertaining Western romp from the Nolimit team. If the studio’s recent releases are anything to go by, there is sure to be solid potential on tap, and who knows, maybe a bit of controversy? The game is set for release on May 4, 2021. We’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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