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Fishtastic: Slot Overview

How does the saying about visiting nature go, 'Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures'? Something along those lines, and if you subscribe to this idea, you may be intrigued by the game Red Tiger has added to the bulging fish slot collection. The slot is Fishtastic, and instead of catching fish to grab their monetary values a diver takes their pictures instead. The result is the same - land both symbol types at the same time to collect cash, while a progress mechanism drip feeds fish symbols onto the reels as players look to move from base game to free spins to bonus.

The collection method might have changed, yet not much else has visually. Play takes place beneath the water's surface in a coral reef-enriched environment, with bubbles, blue water, and fishy inhabitants. Fishtastic takes a noticeable graphical tangent from the Red Tiger release Sea Boat Adventure, though it shares one or two elements of Bass Boss, such as the chipper cartoon atmosphere. However, players won't be doing any reeling in of aquatic creatures during this game.

Fishtastic slot
Fishtastic slot - base game

A 5-reel, 4-row main grid is where Fishtastic's regular symbols hit, and it is joined by a single position reel to the left where diver symbols may or may not land. There are 25 paylines located on the main grid where winning combinations pay from left to right, from the leftmost reel, across adjacent reels. Powered by a medium-high math model, players get a default RTP of 95.65% and can pick stakes of 0.10 c to $/€10 per game round.

Scaly 10 to A card ranks start the paytable inspection off, paying 2 to 3 times the bet when 5 matching royal symbols create a win. Then, 5 amiable-looking fish characters are Fishtastic's high pay symbols, awarding 4 to 40 times the bet for a 5 OAK result. Fish symbols are also linked to Fishtastic Prizes as well, as we will see.

Fishtastic: Slot Features

Fishtastic slot
Fishtastic slot - free spins

Darting in and out of the reef are features such as fish symbol prizes, the Diver, the Golden Diver, wilds, free spins, and a bonus round.

Fish Symbols

Fishtastic starts with 1 fish unlocked on each available stake. A new fish is added to the reels with each free spins round until all fish symbols have been unlocked. The order that fish are unlocked is green, blue, orange, pink, and gold. As well as creating winning lines, fish symbols also possess stake multiplier values, which are awarded if the Diver or Golden Diver lands at the same time. Green fish values are 0.3x to 2x, blue fish values are 0.5x to 5x, orange fish values are 0.7x to 10x, pink fish values are 1x to 20x, and gold fish values are 2x to 30x. Newly added fish symbols are only available at the stake in which they have been unlocked.

Diver & Golden Diver

The Diver is a fully stacked symbol which may only land on the special reel on the left. It collects and awards prizes from all fish symbols and wilds when they land on the same spin. The Golden Diver is also a fully stacked symbol which may land only on the special reel on the left. The Golden Diver triples the total prize collected from fish symbols and wilds.


The wild symbol is unlocked after all fish symbols have been unlocked, in the same way as them. Wilds substitute for all pay symbols, and a winning line of wilds has the same worth as the highest-paying symbol. Also, wilds have prize values of 5x to 50x, which may be collected by the Diver or Golden Diver.

Free Spins

Hitting 3 scatters anywhere on the reels awards 5 free spins. When entering the free spins round, the next fish in line is added to the reels. It is possible to land the newly added fish in the current free spins round and in all future spins. During free spins, the Diver or Golden Diver lands on every spin.


When all fish symbols and the wild have been unlocked, the next free spins round unlocks the bonus. The progress bar above the reels is replaced by 4 stake multipliers, awarded when 4 or more scatters land on a spin. The possible prizes are 50x, 250x, 1,000x, or 5,000x the bet awarded when 4, 5, 6, or 7 scatters land, respectively. In the free spins round that unlocked the bonus, only a retrigger is possible to award one of the bonus prizes.

Fishtastic slot
Fishtastic slot - free spins

Fishtastic: Slot Verdict

Not that there was a particular need for one, but Red Tiger has given gamblers another way of utilising fish symbols in the sea to collect the prize values they're holding onto. Broadly speaking, the interaction between humans and fish in a slot is about as established as they get and is going as strong as ever, maybe stronger. Every other week, it seems a casino game maker is dropping a 'new' fish slot on us. In the case of Fishtastic it is actually kind of new-ish, both in terms of form as well as function.

On the form side, we've got a wet-suited diver taking pictures of fish instead of a grizzled fisherman with a beard and beanie or a fresh-faced fisherman with a bucket hat hauling them in. It makes a nice change, though the core process remains the same - hit fish symbols (or wilds) at the same time as a diver, zing; here's some prizes. However, Red Tiger has altered the flow of Fishtastic with the use of a progression system, so not all fish or the wild will be present on the reels from the beginning. This is a classic Red Tiger move, making players patiently spin along while the game progresses, unfolds and releases certain features. We say patience, but on an eyeball level (that is, without the help of cold, unemotional statistics), Fishtastic did seem to trigger free spins quite often, thereby zipping through the fish unlocking process relatively speedily. One stat on hand is winning potential, and at 6,125.3x the bet, Fishtastic can haul in a tidy catch of the day when all is going swimmingly.

One wonders how critical an assist the 5,000x or 1,000x prizes are for striking close to the max win since, outside these two rewards, it's hard to see Fishtastic really blasting off, but you never know. Whether it does or it doesn't, Fishtastic provides enough innovative bits to stand apart from the bulk of its fishing slot brothers and sisters (although the progressive element won't float everyone's boat). Maybe not wide apart from them, maybe a step or two to the side, perhaps, but enough to give fish fanatics pause for thought.


Fishtastic does well to stick out in the crowded fishing genre but still doesn’t manage to make much of a splash.

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