Golden Gallina

(iSoftBet) Slot Review

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Golden Gallina: Slot Overview

One of the great things about slots as a form of entertainment is how free developers are to use whatever theme they see fit. For players, this means you can be travelling the solar system one minute, then mucking out the livestock on a farm the next. Such is the case from developer iSoftBet, who has cloned their cosmically themed slot Euphoria and given it a far more down-to-earth look. Interestingly the resulting slot, Golden Gallina, is not part of the studio's extreme pays series like Euphoria was. As you might have guessed then, potential has taken a hit, though the rest of the game plays pretty close to the original otherwise.

The meaning of the word 'gallina' will instantly be obvious the moment the game loads. Then, a wholesome chicken farm appears on screen, full of beat-up tractors, old-fashioned windmills, a red barn, and the likes. iSoftBet has brought life to the scene by adding gusts of wind blowing dust clouds through, and, at later stages, the sky opens up, and rain comes pouring down. For many townies, a downpour makes planning a day out difficult. Out in the countryside, well, rain is all good for the grass. The rural scene is capped by a relaxing banjo led jingle that makes it easy to lean back, chew a wheat stem, and get on with the job.

Golden Gallina slot

Play takes place on a 5-reel, 3-row game grid, and provides 243 ways to win. Wins hit when identical symbols land in adjacent reels from the left-hand side of the game panel. As well as the same layout, RTP is more or less the same as Euphoria. Slightly higher actually, the default return value is now 96%, rising to 96.97% when activating the Golden Bet to buy the free spins feature. Regular bets vary from 30 p/c to £/€30 per spin, and Golden Gallina is playable on any device.

Gone are the BTG inspired symbols of the original, replaced by a mixture of farm animals and classic slot iconography. In ascending order, the pay symbols consist of bars, double bars, haystacks, corn, sevens, bags of coins, a chick, a wolf, and a chicken. Values remain unchanged, ranging from 1x the bet for five bars up to 13.3x for five chickens. A rooster has been imprinted on the wild symbol, which substitutes for any of the regular pays. Combinations of wilds pay the same as the chicken symbol.

Golden Gallina: Slot Features

Golden Gallina slot

Players get two main features in Golden Gallina built around golden egg multipliers. The lesser of the two is a Gallina Spin, which can trigger randomly on any base game spin. When activated, up to 3 golden egg symbols land on the grid. Golden eggs are wild, and each one possesses a multiplier of either x2 or x3 - the value is held above the respective reels. Multipliers multiply each other, up to x27 at the most.

The game's logo is the scatter symbol, landing on reels 1, 3, and 5. Landing 3 in view awards 8 free spins. In free spins, landing a wild golden egg symbol activates an x2 win multiplier, the value of which is stored above the reels. If another golden egg lands on a reel with an x2 multiplier, it increases to x3. Like Gallina Spins, multipliers in free spins multiply each other, up to a maximum of x243. Activating multipliers on all five reels awards +5 free spins, and multipliers do not reset at any time during the feature.

Players may also benefit from a third feature, titled the Golden Bet. This is a feature buy button, allowing you to skip straight to free spins for the cost of 50x the normal bet.

Golden Gallina: Slot Verdict

At first, it might seem Golden Gallina is just a farming version of Euphoria, and the two games have many similarities. However, their differences may well make them appeal to diverse sets of gamblers. Euphoria is a game that requires players to lay a bit more on the line than Golden Gallina, but it has far greater rewards as a consequence. The flipside is Golden Gallina isn't quite as demanding, yet when you get lucky, the payouts pale by comparison.

Let's get down to business and take a look at how much moolah we are talking about here. Where Euphoria tipped the scales at a cosmic 20,000x, Golden Gallina winds things down to a less impressive, more earthbound 4,000x+ the stake. Despite such a drop, it is interesting both games have multipliers that can technically reach a combined value of x243. To be fair, buying the bonus is now 50% cheaper in Golden Gallina to reflect the lower max win.

Following on, the gameplay is basically the same as Euphoria though it seems volatility has been lightened to match the lower potential. As to the theme overhaul, something has been lost during the transition from the galaxy's outer rim to the farmyard. Not meaning to take anything away from the agricultural industry, yet it's not as mind-expanding as soaring through nebulas, and so it is with Golden Gallina. The game doesn't have the dreamy sense Euphoria had, the feeling that, with the right multipliers in the right place in free spins, anything could happen. Technically, Golden Gallina does the same thing, but the vastly reduced potential means the brakes are going to come screeching on sooner or later.

In many ways, the two different themes mirror the two game's temperaments. Euphoria leans towards the dream makers, those looking to catch a solar wind and see where it takes them. Golden Gallina, on the other hand, feels better suited to players who prefer to keep their feet more firmly on the ground – and options are always a good thing, just mind where you're stepping in the virtual farmyard.


Golden Gallina clones most of Euphoria while turning several key components down to recreate the experience for a more casual audience.

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