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Red Tiger

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HarleCoin: Slot Overview

HarleCoin by Red Tiger sees the coming together of two popular slot tropes. One is coins, the glue holding any game together. The second is harlequins, those amusing yet slightly sinister characters that grace untold numbers of classically themed slots. Red Tiger hints at the darker side of these masked figures in HarleCoin, a game oozing opulence like a Venetian mask party, one hiding something deeper and a bit ominous.

Players don't get a chance to scratch much further than the surface in HarleCoin, but the game is richly presented. It has a recognisable Red Tiger shine to it, courtesy of a gold-lined 3-reel grid, shimmering metallic décor, and loads of sparkling gemstones. HarleCoin's enticing vibe is slightly spoiled by a panel of 6 symbols sitting above the game grid. The value panel inclusion might cheapen the affluent environment, yet it is useful in keeping track of symbols' worth – which constantly changes as HarleCoins accrue and wins hit.

HarleCoin slot

Simplifying things, HarleCoin uses just 1 payline to land three of a kind winners across. Combinations must sit exactly flush on the line to trigger payouts; otherwise, they don't count. Seven symbols are used in the game - six of them possess monetary values, while the seventh is a free spins bonus symbol. From low to high, we find cherries, clovers, stars, bells, and sevens. There is also a wild symbol that is both the most valuable one of the lot and can substitute the previously mentioned five symbols. Values vary, depending on how many HarleCoins have been collected, but the six paying symbols have starting values of 4x to 125x the bet. Once they have been used in a win, the reset symbol values from then on are 1x to 30x the bet.

HarleCoin's Merry Andrew antics are available on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices, supplying a range of stakes from 10 p/c to £/€80 per spin. The volatility is rated 4 out of 5, putting it in the medium-high range, while Red Tiger rate hit frequency as one 1/5. Keep in mind this is Red Tiger's proprietary meter, so you won't get a win 20% of the time, and the win rate proved to be very infrequent during test runs - no big surprise for this format. Potential is low as well, so don't get pumped for some massive one payline heroics.

HarleCoin: Slot Features

HarleCoin slot
HarleCoin - free spins

Collecting HarleCoins to boost symbol values and triggering free spins are the dual goals of HarleCoin the slot. HarleCoins appear as little overlay icons on random pay symbols or wilds. Whenever they land, regardless of whether they were part of a win, the coin boosts the value of the respective symbol. When wins occur, the combination takes its value from whatever is displayed on the symbol panel above the grid.

There are limits to symbol values, so the most you can boost cherries, clovers, stars, bells, sevens, or wilds to is 20x, 30x, 50x, 100x, 250x, or 500x the bet, respectively. When a win occurs in the base game, the symbols reset to the values mentioned above.

Land 3 bonus symbols on the line to win up to 25 boost spins – the number is arbitrarily selected for you. During the bonus round, every paying symbol that is not at its maximum level will always land with a HarleCoin. Also, symbol values do not reset after they have been used in a win. Once the feature concludes, the boosted symbols carry over to the base game until claimed in the next win.

HarleCoin: Slot Verdict

Playing HarleCoin, you end up walking the knife-edge between wanting more time to collect coins to boost symbol values and wanting free spins to trigger so you can unload them. However, after activating free spins for the first time, you realise HarleCoin is not quite the balancing act this type of mechanic can sometimes be. This is because you generally get a lot of free spins (there was only ever 20+ in testing), and HarleCoins land in abundance – far more so than in the base game. This provides time to seriously improve symbols on the paytable. Don't expect massive results, though; sevens were as good as it got in free spins, and wild wins were extraordinarily scarce.

Let's say you fully boost wild symbols and have a dream bonus round; how much cash can you expect to pocket? Well, having such a large max bet in a Red Tiger game is often a clue potential probably isn't going to be spectacular. So it is with HarleCoin, where the calculated max multiplier, as Red Tiger puts it, is 1,076 times the stake. Not an immense sum by any measure of imagination, but if players dig the rest of the game, they will probably be okay with that amount, too.

In a nutshell, HarleCoin offers basic gaming in an attractive environment, utilising a straight forward coin collection system to improve symbol values. It's uncomplicated, and you don't have to think too hard about what is going on, giving you the space to admire the view and let your mind wander. Here's a shower thought to ponder while collecting coins - are harlequins actually sinister characters, or do they simply hold up a mirror to reveal our scarred psyches? Whatever the answer, low potential means there are more exciting single payline games elsewhere, lowering HarleCoin's pulling power, unless you are completely enraptured by the theme.


As a simple fruit slot, there’s nothing inherently wrong with HarleCoin but it lacks a strong core to make it a truly tempting proposal.

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