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Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways: Slot Overview

For players who appreciate slots with a dose of video gaming or roleplaying mixed in, then 2020s' Heroes Hunt Megaways from Swedish studio Fantasma Games might well have fit the bill. Using a system of unlocking characters, their modifiers, then higher bonus games, it had an engaging D&D element that was not without faults which players and streamers weren't afraid to voice. Much of the criticism revolved around lengthy animations and the difficulty of triggering bonus games. In response, Fantasma went back to the drawing board and has released Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways, a game using the core concepts found in the first, with new missions to complete.

After the three heroes slew the dragon of the first Heroes Hunt game, their services have been called on once again. This time a new terror has been awakened, centring on an old castle – two villains actually. The heroes have dual monsters to take down, in the form of werewolves and vampires. So, after a bit of scene-setting, players find themselves in a pillared room of the castle, before a 6-reel Megaways powered game panel, semi-covered in blocker tiles. It's not as inspiring as a room full of treasure guarded by a dragon, but still full of fantasy if that's your thing. Heroes Hunt 2's soundtrack grew on us, where the metal/horror elements combined to create an enjoyable Eurovision, vampires-and-werewolves vibe.

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways slot

The stats are interesting. Across the board, each category offers a healthy number, yet they didn't always reflect the way gaming sessions panned out. Starting things off on a positive footing is RTP with a default value of 96.49%, rising to 96.82% or 96.97% when buying Werewolf or Vampire Free Spins, respectively. As before, the adventure is highly volatile, with big potential on offer, though the cap has been lowered a tad this time. Picking stakes is possible from 20 p/c to $/€50 per spin, all available on any device.

Hit spin, and up to six symbols land on each reel, producing between 64 - 46,656 ways to win. Players get a win when three or more matching symbols land left to right in any row from the leftmost reel. Four low-value rocks start the pay symbols off, then come coins, crowns, Archers, Wizards, Warriors, and Vampires as the higher values. Should a six-symbol winning combination of premiums land, players collect a win worth 2 to 10 times their stake.

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways: Slot Features

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways slot
Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways - free spins

A new round of Heroes Hunt 2 begins with players picking 1 of the 3 heroes, while the other 2 must be unlocked. When all 3 heroes are activated, key symbols appear on the reels, leading to Vampire Free Spins and Super Spins.

Each hero has their own modifier, triggered when the hero is active and their corresponding symbol lands on reels 2-5 in the base game or Vampire Free Spins:

  • The Wizard has an Explosion feature, and when the Explosion symbol hits, it explodes, removing itself, non-winning pay symbols and blocker tiles in one or two 2x2 areas, or one 3x3 area. After the explosion, 1 random pay symbol type fills all the empty spaces created by the bomb.
  • The Warrior comes with an Expanding Wild feature. When the sword symbol lands, the reel it is on is turned completely wild, removing the symbols above or below it. This full reel wild gets a multiplier of x2 to x6, applied to any wins it is part of. Another 1x1 sized wild is also added to another reel in a random position.
  • The Archer brings a Respin feature. When an arrow symbol lands, it and 4-9 other random non-winning symbols or blockers are removed. The number of tiles removed creates a multiplier of the same value. New symbols then cascade down to fill the gaps, and any wins are subjected to the multiplier.

While trying to unlock the heroes, chest symbols may land on reel 6. When they do, they either add +1 EXP to one of the locked heroes or trigger Werewolf Free Spins. It takes 3 EXP to unlock a hero.

If Werewolf Free Spins trigger, players get 10 free spins which cannot be retriggered. During this feature, Werewolf Wild symbols may appear on reels 2-5, turning adjacent Warrior, Wizard, or Archer symbols wild as well.

When all 3 heroes are activated, chest symbols stop landing on reel 6, and a new key symbol enters the game, appearing in any position. When 3 keys are in view, on non-blocker tiles, 10 Vampire Free Spins are awarded. During this feature, if the Explosion, Expanding Wild, or Respin feature removes 12 or more Vampire symbols, the Vampire is killed, and Super Free Spins are awarded. Each time a Vampire Symbol is removed, or for each winning Vampire Symbol, +1 Vampire Spins is added. When Vampire Free Spins conclude, players return to the base game and pick one hero to unlock again, starting the process anew.

Super Free Spins are like those offered in Serpent Shrine. When awarded, players get 2 free spins on a fully opened 6x6 game board where every win is multiplied by x100. Only wilds or regular symbols appear during Super Free Spins.

Jurisdiction dependent, players may be able to buy Werewolf Free Spins for 30x the bet or Vampire Free Spins for 100x the bet. Buying free spins does not advance or reset heroes' EXP.

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways: Slot Verdict

Overall, Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways does feel like a more tightened game than the original, but it can still be tough going. To help redress the issue of bonus round frequency, Werewolf Free Spins did trigger quite often during the unlocking heroes phase, yet rarely produced noteworthy results. However, occasionally a couple of Werewolf wilds would land, spread, and chalk up a decent win. Don't count on it, though; there is a reason why these spins only cost 30x the bet to buy.

Once the three heroes are unlocked, you might have to sit back for what can be a substantial wait since chest symbols no longer appear. Removing the cascade feature as you're battling along is missed, too, taking some of the magic out. Vampire Spins trigger once in 485 spins on average, so it can take perseverance to move from unlocking all heroes to get to the next round. Killing the Vampire is no cakewalk either, though possibly worth it if you can get to the x100 multiplier of Super Spins. Hard to say since it never managed to occur while we were testing the game. Presumably, it can be impressive as Fantasma has bolted on a 20,000x the bet win cap, limiting potential damage.

The issue around the length of time needed to trigger free spins remains, in a lesser or at least different form than in part one. It doesn't take long to unlock all heroes to move onto the key scatter part of the adventure, though doing so knocks out Werewolf Spins in the process. Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways walks a fine line because a productive round of unlocking heroes and triggering Vampire Spins gets you amped for the next one. On the other hand, the process can be so lengthy that if you get through it all and come out the other side with little to nothing to show for it, a repeat performance can be exceptionally daunting. If the balance has been knocked about, it's easy to give up and let the realm fend for itself against its undead, lupine horrors.


Overall, Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways does feel like a more tightened game than the original, but it can still be tough going.

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