Idol of Fortune

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Idol of Fortune: Slot Overview

While Asian slots are big business, it's surprising how few, relatively speaking, are inspired by the Indian subcontinent. They pop up from time to time; developer ELK based an excellent slot on one of India's neighbours called Katmandu Gold, so that part of the world can definitely work. Given the size of India and the rise of online gambling there, it's surprising there aren't more of them flying off the shelves. Well, adding to the options is Idol of Fortune from Swedish game wizards Play'n GO, which delivers a Wild Prize feature and free spins with mystery symbols while clothed in the colourful outer garb of Indian culture.

Well, not all of the culture, naturally. India is a huge country of over a billion people, and according to some scriptures, 330 million gods. That is a lot to squeeze into an online slot, though it would be interesting to see someone try. Instead, Play'n GO has focused on one god, Ganesha, the god often portrayed with an elephant's head. There are different interpretations, so Play'n GO has chosen to use Ganesha to symbolise 'wisdom, understanding, and the intellect that someone must possess to attain perfection in life.' Pretty lofty aims, gotta say, and in Idol of Fortune, Ganesha spends much of the time chilling behind the game grid or popping in front of it to celebrate a decent win. The rest of the visuals are fully in keeping with the Indian cultural theme, or at least, the iGaming representation of it.

Idol of Fortune slot

Played on a 5-reel, 3-row, 243 ways game panel, Idol of Fortune is a highly volatile slot; this part rated 7 out of 10. As per usual, multiple RTP configurations exist, so if you only want to play the most generous version, the 96.2% version is the one to go for. When ready to sample the Indian inspired delights, stakes of 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin can be selected, available for play on a tablet, mobile, or desktop device.

Users score a win as long as at least three matching symbols are showing in adjacent reels, left to right, starting from the leftmost reel. The symbols are pretty cool, even the 10-A low pays, which have been designed with Indian lettering in mind. They payout 0.4 to 0.8 times the stake for a five of a kind hit, while the premium mouse (?), snake, peacock, lion, and elephant symbols are worth 2-10x the bet for five of a kind. Helping players link winning ways is a wild symbol which looks like some sort of elaborate door. Wilds land in all reels, substitute any pay symbol, and are also worth up to 10 the bet for five of a kind.

Idol of Fortune: Slot Features

Idol of Fortune slot

Play'n GO might have picked a fairly uncommon theme, yet they've paired it with features that are slightly more so. In this section, we'll go over free spins with mystery symbols and a Wild Prize extra.

Free Spins

When 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols land in view, players collect 5x, 10x, or 50x their bet, plus free spins are unlocked. There are six variations of bonus round to choose from; these are – 20, 15, 12, 10, or 8 free spins, with 8, 18, 28, 38, or 48 mystery symbols on the reels, respectively. Or you can select a lucky dip option which randomly mixes and matches free spins with mystery spins.

Mystery symbols only appear in free spins and can do so on any reel. When they hit, they stick to the reels and spread one position up or down between spins. Eventually, they can fill the reel before vanishing. Mystery symbols always reveal the same matching pay symbol before wins are evaluated. Free spins cannot be retriggered, by the way.

Wild Prize

This feature can trigger on any paid spin. When it does so, 1 to 5 reels become a Gold Reel. If a wild lands on a Gold Reel, players select coins until three of the same coin type are revealed to win a Wild Prize worth 10, 25, 500, or 5,000 times their stake.

Idol of Fortune slot

Idol of Fortune: Slot Verdict

Idol of Fortune is another great example of the solid yet sort of safe gaming Play'n GO are experts at. Everything from the looks, sounds, execution, and stats are on point without quite being exceptional. About the theme, it's hard to say whether the subject matter really inspired the studio or they just happened to cast their net in Ganesha's way while brainstorming ideas. Even when taking the relatively low volume of Indian theme slots out there (compared to Chinese or Japanese), Idol of Fortune comes across as entirely competent, yet might have been better, stuff.

That assessment might have sounded harsher than we intended it to be. As mentioned, every part of Idol of Fortune has been finished to a high standard. It just feels like the studio is capable of so much more. Imagine being a teacher with an A+ student in your class who is frustratingly happy coasting on C's, who you want to shake the self-imposed lethargy out of. Yet, they consider moving up a grade to take more effort than it's worth; besides, C's get degrees and so on. Not saying Idol of Fortune barely scrapes by with a pass mark. It's a highly playable game, after all. There's just something about the features which, effective though they are, feel reused. We certainly aren't casting aspersions on their technical capability to turn out eye-popping rewards - from the 2,500x of the instant Wild Prize to the 10,000x overall max win figure.

Whilst a well-constructed game, Idol of Fortune fails to really command your attention, nor is it quirky enough to be massively memorable. Still, its default numbers aren't an issue, and the rest is fine, so Idol of Fortune wouldn't be a bad choice at all for players after a taste of Indian culture.


Idol of Fortune is well executed and the theme stands out, but there’s a nagging suspicion it could’ve been better.

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