Interview With Casino Streamer Chipmonkz


“It takes time, there are no quick wins in streaming so be prepared to grind”

Live stream in action

The booming industry of broadcasting yourself live playing online slots is mostly an unregulated one. Casino streamers have been weed-whacking their way through the embryonic years of the industry, hoping for a breakthrough and sustainable living doing what they love. Starting up a casino streaming career is like starting up a cable network, a reliable, continuous source of entertainment, but on the Twitch platform, casino streamers are labouring with a staff of one.

Professional streamers we have spoken to have recounted grinding through marathon streams long into the early hours, on top of their regular jobs, to pull attention to their channels. Some have even claimed to have been plagued by stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation, all stemming from the harrowing fear that viewers would consign their channel to oblivion as soon as it went offline.

It’s an absurd notion that there’s a work problem for casino streamers, in particular for ones getting started. After all, playing slots all day sounds quite pleasant. But if you want to get somewhere, hard work is required and streaming a little here and there whenever you feel like it, just doesn’t cut it. In fact, the pressure on creators is massive and the road ahead is not an easy one.

One casino streamer that took the leap into becoming a full-time career streamer is Alvin from the UK, better known as Chipmonkz by his fans. With a real passion for streaming, his channel finally reached a point where Alvin felt confident enough to leave is ordinary life behind. Dead-set on following his dream and happy to embark on a new journey, Alvin uploaded a rather emotional video on his Youtube channel announcing the news. Since then, his channel has kept growing in popularity and there has been no looking back.

Within the streaming community, Chipmonkz is known as a down to earth guy just being himself. He also has a reputation as a genuine, trustworthy streamer in an industry where, sadly, fake money streaming and viewer bots is otherwise the norm. Chipmonkz is also not afraid to stick his chin out and has openly criticised both casinos and follow streamers for their misleading charades and wrongdoings. Intrigued by his success, we sat down with Alvin to ask him a few questions.

Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Chipmonkz the person?
I am 45 and a father of 3 children. I used to stream Fifa and always had a passion for gaming.

Do you remember when you started gambling?
I was 18 and played the one-armed bandit in pubs and fruit machines with a max win of like 100x.

What got you started on streaming?
I used to watch other streamers like Nickslots and CasinoDaddy and thought I could do that.

Where did your streamer name Chipmonkz come about?
My real name is Alvin (an apparent reference to the animated film Alvin and the Chipmunks).

What is the best and worst about streaming?
The best is the audience interaction, I love my supporters. The worst is losing, I still hate it even now haha.

What do you have to tell those who want to make a leap into becoming a streamer?
Make a time slot your own and talk to your fans. It takes time, there are no quick wins in streaming so be prepared to grind.

Your stream is very popular and your follower count is growing rapidly. What do you think has made you so successful as a streamer?
I think my bond with my viewers is key as I lay it on the line all day every day. Some people play a character, I never will. I always refer to what I do as tough, but I am living the dream every day.

Do you feel there’s a stigma surrounding gambling on stream?
A massive one exists, but no one talks about it. As long as you are responsible, there should not be a massive issue. When people are doing huge bets, however, it does send the wrong message to people in my opinion.

We hear a lot about fake money streams and viewer bots, is this a real problem?
It’s a massive issue and it should be stamped out that if you use fake money, you’re scum.

Any particular streams that stand out from the rest that you wish to share with us?
My recent one where as a forfeit we had to dress up as Batman and Robin, it was so funny.

Where do you see casino streaming in 3 years?
I see it being more regulated than now, which can only be a good thing.

Name your top 3 favourite slots and why you like them
Book of Dead (Play’n GO) as it’s easy to bonus most times. Captain Venture (Novomatic) it’s just great. Primal Megaways (Blueprint Gaming) as it’s just an insane slot that’s so volatile.

Tell us about your biggest wins and how it happened
Biggest ever win was on Primal Megaways. You can watch the video here.

Where can we find you on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter? What time do you stream?
I stream every day at 9 am on Twitch and upload highlights every evening on Youtube.

Finally, speak your mind about any topic you’d like or bring attention to a cause you are fighting for.
I support a charity that gives comic making kits to children in hospitals. This is a great cause and always makes me smile to see the impact it has.

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