Life Changing Potential vs Realistic Achievable Wins?


Is the ever-increasing lottery-type potential advertised in online slots these days an achievable dream or merely a farce?

There’s a war raging between, not only casinos but game developers as well. Those who wish to remain relevant have to be alert and have a perceptive and intuitive understanding of what’s hot and what’s not. In recent years, we’ve seen a slow but steady decline in popularity of leading software developing companies that once seemed almost untouchable. NetEnt, for example, was for many years at the forefront of innovation and a casino not hosting NetEnt slots was unthinkable.

The once so mighty Swedes still have a strong game going on – they have massive resources, experience and knowledge that is hard for other providers to compete with, and games such as Vikings show great promise for the future. Nonetheless, no one can deny that the bright aura of the glory days has faded, something even Therese Hillman, CEO of NetEnt, has admitted to. In an interview recently she said:

Our ambition has always been to outgrow the market, which we’re not doing right now, so we’re not happy with the current revenue growth. I looked at where we are, our position in the market, what the customers say about us, and I’ve been reaching out as much as I have been able to. I had a view of where we were, but some of my assumptions were wrong. It has been very useful to hear the truth.”

Microgaming, also a giant of the past, has made an even more disastrous journey, spiralling down into total oblivion. The company appears to have been more into philanthropy and projects such as PlayItForward, a community-driven project with focus on health, charity, sport and education, rather than creating great games. Another component that has been central to their direction in recent times is the partnering with various small, independent studios. According to Microgaming, it will “enable them to bring even greater choice and innovation to the market, delivering the very best gaming experiences to the players“. In reality, however, it’s been a massive disappointment. What we’ve received instead has been a line of low quality, low potential games that no one in their right mind wants to play. Kudos to Microgaming though for taking interesting in more important matters even if the games are horrible.

So why have these casino kings been pushed off their thrones? Simply speaking, they haven’t been producing slots relevant to the demands of the current market, something that has enabled other up-and-comers to take the lead. What do these new kids on the block have that the old champs are lacking?

Player’s today are more experienced, enlightened and knowledgeable than they used to be and social media, as well as websites such as ours, play a significant role in this part. Communities are growing; players are sharing their experiences, screenshots and big win videos. On, we work hard to provide readers with unbiased and honest information about online slots. Casino sites getting paid to write sales pitch reviews have since long lost all credibility.

The demand for high volatility and potential on par with jackpot slots is at an all-time high, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down, or? As developers keep advertising ever increasing win-ways and max wins, many players across social media platforms are starting to express frustration, concern and becoming ever so disillusioned with the phenomenon. Could it be that the game developers have pushed it too far?

What players are starting to realise is that more win-ways and mind-blowing potential is not necessarily helping them at all. There’s no question about the fact that there is much more excitement involved in playing a slot that offers explosive potential as compared to more traditional old school slots. But then again, out of the slots advertising 50,000 times the stake win potential, how many screenshots, stories or videos have we’ve seen of such wins or even one-third of that potential, yet we have thousands of players hammering away at these slots. We’re not saying it doesn’t happen, but the odds stacked against you are so astronomical that you might as well just play, well, jackpot slots. The point we’re trying get across is to make our readers aware of what they’re up against.

The not so volatile slots, in comparison, may not be as thrilling, but they do offer much more realistic and honest win potential, and when you think about it, maybe they’re not so bad after all. With all this said – there are never any guarantees, no matter what slot you play. It’s a game of chance after all and at the end of the day the games are running on the same RTP they have always done even if the variance and win distribution might have changed a bit. What you can do is to remain in control and always be sure to gamble responsibly. When the fun stops – stop.

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