Magic Powers Megaways

(Red Tiger) Slot Review

Magic Powers Megaways slot
Magic Powers Megaways slot – base game

Magic Powers Megaways: Slot Overview

Wands at the ready, players, we’re about to conjure it up in Magic Powers Megaways from software provider Red Tiger. Red Tiger is one studio which routinely dabbles in the more esoteric side of life, and Magic Powers Megaways is one that dives deep into the mystical, thematically at the least. If it all sounds a bit flaky, don’t worry; while Magic Powers Megaways might look like the sort of game Ron or Hermione might fire up (at an appropriate age), this is a surprisingly high-powered gambling machine with big features and big numbers.

Deep in an enchanted forest is where we find ourselves for Magic Powers Megaways’ base game. Free spins, too, but when they are triggered, Magic Powers Megaways dials up its magical lightning. Till then, feel free to take in the gnarled trees and copious mushrooms of the enchanting grove, where twisted branches loop around a 6-reel game grid. If you want an injection of magic in your life, Magic Powers Megaways gets things off on a steady footing.

Slots don’t run on magic, though. They run on the cold steel of mathematics. Buried within Magic Powers Megaways’ more physical components, we come across a highly volatile math model generating the highest RTP value of 95.7%, but be aware lower models are available. With a hit rate of 25%, Magic Powers Megaways may be played on any device, and bets of 10 p/c to £/€4 may be wagered on each spin.

On each of Magic Powers Megaways’ 6 reels, between 2 and 7 symbols may land; the number varies on each spin, as do ways to win, topping out at 117,649. Winning combinations of 3 to 6 of a kind are possible, left to right, starting from reel number 1. On the lower value side, 10 to A card ranks appear, triggering wins of 0.4 to 1 times the bet for 6 OAK, rising to 1.2 to 2.5 times the bet for six green gems, blue potions, purple books, or red/orange braziers. Winning combinations are blasted off the grid by the reaction mechanic, dropping symbols down to fill any empty positions. Reaction sequences keep running until no new win is formed.

Magic Powers Megaways: Slot Features

Magic Powers Megaways slot
Magic Powers Megaways slot – free spins

As well as the reaction mechanic, the other features to discover while wandering Magic Powers Megaways’ mystical paths are Enchanted Reels, Wilds, Super Wilds, and Magic Spins.

Enchanted Reels

Each of Magic Powers Megaways’ middle 4 reels can become enchanted by one of the four elements – Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. This enchantment effect may last for up to 3 spins. If a premium symbol of the same element as the enchanted reel on which it lands, that particular symbol transforms into a wild. Wilds substitute for any regular pay symbol, thereby helping form winning ways. In the base game, up to 3 reels may turn enchanted on a spin, and it is possible for all enchanted reels to be enchanted by the same element.

Super Wild

On any spin, Super Wild symbols may appear on any of the 4 middle reels. Super Wilds are full reel wilds displaying a value of x2 to x7. This value represents how many instances the wild symbol is counted as for any win evaluations. If a Super Wild hits on an enchanted reel, its ways multiplier is increased to between x8 and x20.

Magic Spins

Magic Spins symbols are present on all reels, and landing 3, 4, 5, or 6 of them triggers 9, 12, 15, or 18 free Magic Spins. Any locked enchantments on reels from the base game are carried over to the free spins round on the same reels. New reel enchantments taking pace in free spins may also become locked. If, on the last free spins, there are locked enchantments on the reels, they carry over to the base game from the bonus round.

In Magic Spins, up to 4 of the middle reels may get enchanted, and the enchantment of reels happens on each spin. As in the base game, it’s possible all enchanted reels have the same element. One more thing, Magic Spins also benefit from a win multiplier. The win multiplier starts at x1 and increases with every winning cascade in the bonus round up to x20 – it resets when returning to the base game.

Magic Powers Megaways slot
Magic Powers Megaways slot – free spins

Magic Powers Megaways: Slot Verdict

Players conversant with Megaways slots constructed by Red Tiger will probably be familiar with some of the features to be found in Magic Powers Megaways. Things like the full reel multiplier wilds have popped up several times before in games like Athens Megaways and Buffalo Mania Megaways, for example. Worth repeating that it’s not a so-called pure multiplier, so to speak, but rather a count of how many wild symbols the respective reel holds. They’re still helpful in cranking up wins, no matter the game they’re in, theoretically, and look pretty impressive while doing it, too.

Looks are actually one of Magic Powers Megaways’ strong points, so players in the mood for something a bit more mystical, something with elven-like characters, elements, eerie lighting, butterflies, and a boatload of mushies get all of that in Magic Powers Megaways. What might not feel so magical is the limit of x20 Red Tiger has straight-jacketed the Magic Spins’ win multiplier with. In this day and age of DoubleMax and other monstrous multiplier values, x20 feels a little quaint. There’s nothing quaint about Magic Powers Megaways’ winning potential, though, where despite what initially may feel like a pretty meh win multiplier, it is still capable of contributing to wins as surprisingly impressive as 25,440.3 times the bet.

Trying to predict which Red Tiger slots are going to be high or not so high potential can be a real guessing game. Anyway, hitting 25k+ times the bet would be, well, pretty magical. Even if Magic Powers Megaways’ doesn’t step up to those sorts of levels, it’s still an enchanting game, which stirs in some go-to Red Tiger features, pretty artwork, and with a little bit of imagination or luck, some magical moments, too.


Magic Powers Megaways packs some tricks often found in a Red Tiger Megaways slot, but the enchanting presentation and big potential help boost desirability.

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