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Mega Masks Slot (Relax Gaming): Overview

Relax Gaming is expanding their line-up with a new jungle-themed slot which comes with several intriguing elements. The UKGC ban on feature buys appears to be motivating developers to tweak how they entertain the gambling community. Mega Masks incorporates one of these alternatives in the form of its Mega Bet feature. It doesn’t sidestep the base game and head straight to the bonus round as such, but it has significant effects on critical aspects of the game. Let’s machete up and hack through dense undergrowth to see how.

What greets you is a nice, lush looking slot with some sweet animations and visual effects going on. The game is set deep in the Guatemalan jungle which is unusual in itself as we rarely visit that part of the world in a slot. The result has a moody, claustrophobic feel with the 5x5 grid positioned within a stone structure called the Mega Mask Temple. The temple is held in place by a pair of enormous stone hands which shake the screen at times to help deliver features. A relaxing percussion-driven soundtrack tops off the environment, its beat punctuated by panpipes, and chants from winning symbols.

The symbols themselves are a colourful mix. At the lower end of the table are three lumps of rock – blue, green and red. While at the higher end are bright wooden masks – also blue, green and red. The red mask is best at 6 times the stake for a line of five of a kind, though the swirling purple wild is worth more at 10 times the stake for a combination of five. The wild can also substitute for any symbol except the bonus symbol. The base game is all about forming combinations of three or more matching symbols on one of the 41 paylines for a win.

Low-rollers might feel slightly left out of the expedition as bets start at a minimum of 1 credit per spin. Higher rollers, on the other hand, can select standard bets up to £/€100, or engage the Mega Bet to boost that to £/€150 max. RTP with the default mode is good on 96.21% and only gets better when with the Mega Bet is activated. Interestingly, so does volatility which players have some control over. Again, using standard bets the game has a 3/5 volatility rating, which increases to 4/5, or 5/5 via the Mega Bet’s two options.

Mega Masks Slot (Relax Gaming): Features

mega masks slot
Free spins feature triggered

Mega Masks isn’t a slot with a ton of features going on, and what it does have can be a test of patience at times. The juiciest extra is the Mega Bet which enhances the game like so:

  • Mega Bet Level 1 costs an additional 20% and increases the frequency of the Mega Symbol Feature - 5 artifacts are removed at the start of the free spins round and RTP at this level increases to 96.41%.
  • Mega Bet Level 2 increases the base bet by 50% and improves the frequency of Mega Symbols further - 9 artifacts are removed at the start of free spins, and RTP at this level is best at 96.61%.

During gameplay, look out for the Mega Symbol feature which is triggered randomly on any spin. When activated, 2 or more reels are fused together to create mega-sized symbols.

Last up is the Free Spins Bonus round. The golden Bonus symbol is the key to this feature which can land on reels 1, 3, and 5. When 3 are in view, they award 10 free spins. During free spins, 4 vines sit between the 5 reels, and each vine starts with 5 artifacts on them. If the Mega Bet is active, the applicable number of artifacts are removed as mentioned above. In between spins, fireflies waft towards the reels. If they land on an artifact, it gets cleared off the vine. When 5 artifacts are removed from a vine, 2 more free spins are awarded, and the 2 reels merge into one which allows super-size symbols to land.

Mega Masks Slot (Relax Gaming): Verdict

Mega Masks might sound a bit confusing in writing, but it's really a simple slot that has a few good things going for it, not least the dank atmosphere that Relax Gaming has created. It also has selling points such as the Mega Bet feature which boost its appeal. When it came to Mega Bet’s effects, however, they were a mixed bag. The Mega Symbol feature didn’t seem to drop a lot more frequently, but unlocking the nine blockers in the free spins round did help. Speaking of free spins, those bugs that come with them can be painful. If they land to unblock vines, it’s all good. When they flutter aimlessly around, burning up time and doing nothing, they are infuriating.

The Mega Bet is the most intriguing concept and has potential, but don’t expect it to shake things up as much as an outright feature buy option. It may remove artifacts, which helps, but it doesn’t short cut players to the round in the first place. As far as alternatives go, it’s not as exciting as the big bets found in Buffalo Rising All Action, as a comparison.

Where it does shine is giving players the chance to alter the game’s key mechanics - volatility and RTP. In that regard, it’s a handy tool with possible future uses. What’s not so great is the accompanying potential which Relax Gaming has set at 250,000 coins at the most, or, 2,451.9 times the base bet to be precise. Treks through dangerous terrain deserve caverns of treasure at the end, but don’t expect monster rewards here.

All up, Mega Masks is an atmospheric jaunt with a few interesting things going on. What Mega Bet offers has potential, but the so-so features and modest rewards overshadow what it does. Mega Masks is a respectable outing, but one that is outgunned by bigger slots in the category like Temple Stacks or even Kane’s shenanigans in ELK’s Gold series.


Mega Masks’ betting feature shakes up the game but would have worked more effectively if combined with better features and potential.

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