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Mental by Nolimit City has not been reviewed yet

Mental is an upcoming online slot from game developer Nolimit City that will be playable on desktop computers and mobile devices. The release date for Mental has not been revealed yet, but the game is predicted to be released some time this year. Currently, there are no further details available – reel format, features, game mechanics and visual production are still unknown. We will publish an update on the Mental slot as soon as more info comes in.

Mental slot – word from the producer

It is mental, truly mental. Located in a mental institute, in a part of the country where no-one except nurses and doctors really dare to visit. xWays, xNudge, Dead Patients – the madness never really ends with this sepia toned master piece. Join Patient-1 to 5 in this sinister asylum in search of an epiphany and a clear mind. Nolimit City is taking it a bit further with the sinister themes and bulking it up with a big load of features – like Enhancer reels and potent fire frames.

Game Features

Fire Frames

1-13 random positions on the reels that will split a symbol into two parts.

Dead Patient

Whenever you land two Dead Patient symbols you’ve got the chance to win a massive random multiplier – ranging from x5 to x9999 on a patient symbol.

Enhancer Cells

Boost the chance of wins whenever 4 or 6 fire frames appears. xWays, xNudge, xSplit along with other boosters.

Mental Transform

Symbol transform feature whenever the Spider symbol lands on the reels.

Autopsy Freespins

Activated by 3 Scorpion symbols and will trigger a bonus mode with sticky Fire Frames. May be upgraded to Lobotomy or Mental Freespins.

Lobotomy Freespins

Activated by 3 Scorpions plus a Spider symbol. An upgraded version of Autopsy, where the Spider symbol is sticky and award Mental Transform for each spin. Included Dead Multiplier that is transferred to a Patient symbol to trigger some immense wins. May be upgraded to Mental Freespins.

Mental Freespins

This is where things go really mental. Triggered by 3 Scorpion symbols and 2 spider symbols. Spider symbols are sticky and Dead Multiplier never decrease.

!!!This is mental!!!

Max payout of the game is se to 66.666x times the base bet. Trigger this, and the game round will end.

Nolimit Bonus – Feature Buy Functionality

Buy your way straight into one of the different bonus features, ranging from 80x to 1000x the base bet.

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