Poke The Guy

Slot Review (Microgaming)

Poke the Guy is quite simply one of the worst casino games ever released.

Poke The Guy screenshot

Is it a slot? Is it a mistake? What is it? It’s hard to wrap ones head around Microgaming’s game Poke The Guy. First of all, it looks like something designed in 1989, and the whole thing will make you question your sense of reality. Microgaming’s tagline goes “simple, stupid fun“, and yes, it might make you giggle a bit at first, but sooner than later it’s just plain stupid.

In all honesty, Microgaming has been going downhill lately and becoming a bit lazy ever since partnering up with Just For The Win and Triple Edge Studios. Allowing it’s name to be used on second class products is a shame and degrades the brand in our honest opinion.

How Does It Work?

This is certainly not a traditional slot, that’s for sure. The game centers around one single map, with no bonus game or any kind of features. In a sense, it has more in common with scratch cards more so than slots.

Players simply choose their bet size (ranging from €0,05 to €30), with each bet size having a different item assigned to it. All one has to do is to click the slingshot (spin button) and try to hit the weird character moving across the map. There is, of course, no level of skill involved, it all just happens randomly. If whatever item that is thrown at the guy hits him in the face, the player will be rewarded one of the multiplier values of either 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 18x, or the top prize of 500x.

The game really makes no sense at all and you will have to be extremely bored or easily entertained to keep going at it. The guy (looks like a freak wearing a Onepiece), stomps around on a map featuring the Eiffel Tower, ancient pyramids of Egypt, the Sphinx and Mount Rushmore.

Having tried it out, we got bored after about 30 seconds, and still 30 minutes later of constant sling-shooting we couldn’t hit anything better than 12x. It’s a fast game that rips your money in no time and which may trigger a psychosis, so beware. If for some reason you want to play this game, it is available on Casumo and pretty much all our casinos listed here.

Update June 2019: game was so bad it appears to have been pulled from all operators.

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