Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom

(Play'n GO) Slot Review

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Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom slot

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom: Slot Overview

If you haven’t caught the show Who Do You Think You Are, it’s a series that brings on a different celebrity for each episode to trace their family history. As the name says, it can be quite interesting to see who the celeb in question is related to. Regular folks’ family trees are no less intriguing since everybody shares blood with all sorts of colourful characters of the past. The same concept of ancestry can sometimes apply in the slot world with interesting results. The game in question here started with Play’n GO‘s iconic Moon Princess, branched off at Sisters of the Sun, and has wound back around at Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom.

In practice, Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom mixes the Sailor Moon theme of Moon Princess with the mechanics, features, and stats of Sisters of the Sun. This makes Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom a 5×5, cluster paying grid slot, with a serious list of features augmenting payouts and thrills. Visually, all three slots are similar, yet this one obviously has stronger Christmas leanings. To get into the seasonal mood, Play’n GO has draped the game in snow, castles, pine trees, and of course, three ladies floating next to the game area, hiffing modifiers onto the board at certain moments. There are more Christmassy slots out there, but you get the point, and Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom serves up a uniquely flavoured Xmas experience.

Statistically, nothing separates Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom from Sisters of the Sun. Both games have variable RTP values with a default figure of 96.2% and a highly volatile math model that has been rated 8 out of 10. Potential, on paper at least, is much more impressive than the original Moon Princess possessed, while winning it has a probability of around 1 in 100 million of occurring. To get a taste of an anime-inspired holiday, any device may be used, where stakes range from 20 p/c to £/€100.

Wins are achieved when three or more matching symbols land in a row, horizontally or vertically, starting from anywhere on the board. Winning symbols are then removed, and the remaining symbols in view drop down to potentially create new wins. When a winning three symbol combination is removed, a wild symbol is placed in the empty middle position. Wilds replace any of the pay symbols, of which there are seven. From bottom to top, we find four Christmas decorations and three princesses. Princesses are worth 10x the bet for a five symbol combination or 5x the bet for a five mixed princess combination.

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom: Slot Features

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom slot

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom comes with a lot of features, in fact, it uses the same extras that appeared in Sisters of the Sun, plus a new one called ‘What, the Fox’.

Win Multiplier

On each spin, 5 random grid positions are marked with a mistletoe. If a win occurs over a mistletoe, the win multiplier increases by +1. In the base game, the win multiplier resets between spins, but it does not reset in free spins.

Girl Power

At random, on any non-winning spin, a Girl Power feature may trigger. There are three of them, and the triggered modifier depends on which princess is hovering on screen at the time. These are:

  • Love – converts a set of symbols into another symbol type.
  • Star – adds 1 or 2 wild symbols to the grid.
  • Storm – removes 2 sets of symbols from the game panel.

Trinity Feature

This feature is triggered when a single fox scatter symbol hits, awarding 1 free game round. Scatters appear either on an initial spin or via the What, the Fox mechanic, where a scatter is randomly added anywhere once the spin ends.

When Trinity is activated, the win multiplier resets, and if a symbol drop does not produce a win, a Girl Power modifier is triggered until all three have had a turn. More importantly, clearing the grid of symbols during the Trinity Feature triggers free spins. Additionally, if players clear the grid on a normal spin, the reward for doing so is 50x the bet.

Free Spins

When activated, players can choose one of three free spins options – Love, Star or Storm Free Spins award 4, 5, or 8 initial spins, respectively. During free spins, the number of mistletoe locations increases from 5 to 10, and the selected Girl Power modifier triggers on every non-winning spin. Keep in mind, Trinity cannot be triggering from here, but free spins can be retriggered. When a single scatter symbol hits, then 4, 3, or 2 free spins are awarded for the Love, Star, or Storm bonus round, respectively. The total number of free spins is capped at 150.

moon princess christmas slot
Free spins options offering variable volatility

Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom: Slot Verdict

Play’n GO has led players an unusual progression to reach this point. What started with Moon Princess morphed into Sisters of the Sun, which was then cloned and returned the Moon Princess aesthetics to produce this Christmas edition. As far as Christmas themed slots go, Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom is not the most traditional out there, yet it’s not without a healthy measure of charisma, largely provided by its leading ladies, and it doesn’t hurt that the features are pretty darn tootin as well.

Even players who missed out on the original Moon Princess are probably aware of just how playable it is. It bulged with personality and features like a stocking rammed with trinkets, and the winnings weren’t bad either. Sisters of the Sun took the original, enhanced the potential, and tweaked the features to increase the risk to reward quotient. It largely did this through only being able to trigger free spins from the Sisterhood feature, or as it’s called here – Trinity. This alteration meant if a scatter did not land on the initial spin, you knew you weren’t going to make it to the bonus round. Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom rectifies this by providing a hint of possibility with the ‘What, the Fox’ mechanic. Naturally, ‘What, the Fox’ isn’t going to hit often, but its inclusion helps promote a more positive attitude. Aside from this bit and the looks, literally, everything else has stayed the same as Sisters of the Sun, including max win, which tops out at 15,000x the bet.

Like a lot of these Christmas clones, a huge amount of effort probably wasn’t required for Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom’s construction. However, the new parts are welcome additions; and the game is as playable as any other Moon Princess or Moon Princess inspired slot, making it hard to think of many reasons why players wouldn’t fire this up if they are after some Christmas based grid slot action.


Play’n GO squares the circle, cloning Sisters of the Sun for an equally playable Moon Princess Christmas special.

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