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Some time ago we compared the different slot developers and their performance with the help of the Slot Tracker. It’s time to have a look to see how thing’s have developed since.

Back in October we made our first comparison and noticed some very interesting things. For example, we could draw the conclusion that Yggdrasil had the worst return to players by far, that WMS was performing very well in general, that Play’n Go had extremely bad average bonus wins and that Big Time Gaming, probably not surprisingly focusing on such ultra high variance slots, was the hardest provider to trigger bonus on.

This is what it looked like back in October:

Provider Number of Spins RTP Avg Bonus Win Avg Bonus Freq
NetEnt 3,257,252 95.93% 27.62X 1 / 117.96 (0.85%)
Microgaming  2,019,482  94.30%  42.69X  1 / 147.18 (0.68%)
Yggdrasil  748,764  90.49%  48.22X  1 / 168.38 (0.59%)
 WMS  424,168  96.90%  40.27X 1 / 111.04 (0.90%)
 Play’N Go  1,391,255 94.69% 15.02X 1 / 39.10 (2.56%)
 Novomatic  1,188,714 95.07%  91.72X 1 / 200.46 (0.50%)
Thunderkick  470,663   95.59%  34.93X  1 / 75.71 (1.32%)
Big time Gaming 1,085,658 95.67% 79.32X 1 / 322.54 (0.31%)
Merkur 488,763 92.12% 99.67X 1 / 281.71 (0.35%)
Quickspin 319,668 94.08% 42.13X 1 / 184.89 (0.54%)

And these are the new numbers that just came in:

Provider Number of Spins RTP Avg Bonus Win Avg Bonus Freq
NetEnt 4,676,981 96.49% 29.02X 1 / 120.11 (0.83%)
Microgaming 2,776,607  93.81% 42.20X 1 / 150.08 (0.67%) 
Yggdrasil 943,111   91.24% 47.99X 1 / 138.82 (0.72%) 
 WMS 509,664  96.66% 40.45X 1 / 110.05 (0.91%
 Play’N Go  2,302,671 95.73% 15.54X 1 / 38.28 (2.61%)
 Novomatic 1,595,902 94.74% 92.11X 1 / 199.54 (0.50%)
Thunderkick 803,661   95.09%
 32.08X 1 / 70.86 (1.41%)
Big time Gaming 1,987,466 98.47% 57.76X 1 / 223.66 (0.45%)
Merkur 697,279
94.08% 103.34X 1 / 274.09 (0.36%)
Quickspin  451,706 94.81%  43.43X 1 / 190.11 (0.53%)

Numbers speak for themselves, but not everything is obvious for everyone so let’s try and point it out.

For example, we can see not many spins have been made on WMS nor Quickspin and we believe there may be specific reasons for this. WMS is not available in Norwegian and German online casinos, a very large part of the market. As for Quickspin, they cater to a very special part of the market and being so low volatile they are probably not so much of interest to the slot enthusiasts connected to the Slot Tracker.

Moving on NetEnt are obviously still King of the throne and have increased with well over 1 million spins in about two months. Play’n Go and Big Time Gaming are other providers that have increased by about 1 million spins since the last comparison.

Yggdrasil however are still a great disappointment and the overall RTP is disastrous unfortunately. The RTP may have increased a little bit along with the number of total spins, but not enough to convince us to believe they’re actually worth spending your money on. Please, step up your game Yggdrasil!

The most interesting provider here must be Big Time Gaming for sure. This is a provider that has really changed the igaming industry and we can see them becoming more and more popular by the day. With proven wins up to 19000x the bet it’s no wonder! And look at that RTP as well, what a beauty! But it must be mention for those of you who don’t know how ultra high volatile games work, simply put – someone must pay for other’s to win that big. RTP doesn’t necessarily mean a good thing for everyone. It only means, in this case, that over 98% of the deposits will go back to the players, but while a very limited few may see amazing results, the rest are going to get robbed blind. Another thing, this spike in RTP could potentially mean that someone had some very big wins just prior to the presentation of these numbers. Going from 95% to 98% is a very big jump up.

Microgaming is another provider that is a bit of a let down, much to our surprise to be honest. The RTP is on the low end, the average wins not so great and the average bonus frequency far from impressive.

Remember, when it comes to slots it’s all down to luck and there are no winning strategies as there are in table games. You can lose all your money even in the best performing slots and you can have brutal downswings no matter what you play.

We’ll be back in a couple of months with a new comparison and by then we would like to have seen Yggdrasil improve the performance of their slots! Protection Status ©, 2019. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited and may result in a Google DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown and/or legal action.

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What’s the breakdown per slot for Big Time Gaming? Would be interesting to see what impact White Rabbit (and presumably the feature buy) had on the overall stats.