Odin’s Riches

(Just For The Win) Slot Review

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Odin's Riches: Slot Overview

Once again, the one-eyed divinity Odin leaves Asgard for a trip to the iGaming realm in Just For The Win's first-ever grid slot Odin's Riches. The All-Father has gone on this journey so many times by now; most players probably know all about his exploits. Such as how he gave up an eye in return for seeing everything that happens. Or how he hung himself, stabbed himself, and didn't eat or drink for nine days in order to discover the runes. What to say? Odin liked learning new things. What's not quite so new is the game’s core mechanic, where a winning symbol collection system leads to the release of modifier extras, and, potentially, free spins.

Powered by Microgaming, it all starts when 49 symbols drop onto a 7x7 sized grid with the goal of forming clusters of 5 or more matching symbols. Visually, Odin's Riches isn't the extravaganza you usually associate with Just For The Win, having a slightly generic feel about it where runes and basic symbols make up the grid. To the left, we find a collection meter, while the right side displays a Viking ship and a pile of gold. The rest of the view is a plain burgundy wall displaying a stylish Celtic design in the upper right quadrant. It's rather plain-looking, yet some might argue it's been tastefully done. The winning factor is a brilliant soundtrack that marches in step with the intensity level of the action taking place on the grid.

odins riches slot

If Just For The Win received criticism from some quarters about their games being a little mathematically tame, they've come back swinging in recent times. Odin's Riches is not only highly volatile but 'very highly' volatile, meaning the game needs a good push to really get going. Once it is, then mounting wins lead to copious mini-features and even free spins. Winning Odin's favour is possible on any device where bets from 20 p/c to £/€50 may be set. Potential isn't enormous, though respectable enough at 5,000x, as is the RTP value of 96.07%.

There are 8 pay symbols on hand to make clusters out of. The first 4 are lower-paying runes Tiwaz, Othalan, Dagaz, and Mannaz, worth 5 to 12.5 times the bet for a cluster of 15+. Animals make up the remaining 4 high pays, where we find ravens, serpents, wolves, and dragons. These are worth a payout of 25 to 300x the bet for clusters of 15 or more. Symbol values are relatively low compared to some grid slots, and you notice this too when you land a decent-sized cluster only to end up with a disappointing return. Good thing then there are several features available to augment win values.

Odin's Riches: Slot Features

odins riches slot
Odin's Riches - free spins

Like many grid slots, the goal of Odin's Riches is to hit as many consecutive clusters as possible to fill a collection meter to win various set-point modifiers. Collect enough wins, and you'll be rewarded with a round of free spins, which make use of a progressive win multiplier.

How it works is that each winning cluster is removed via the cascading Rolling Reels feature allowing new symbols to fall into the gaps. In addition, every reaction creates a wild symbol which substitutes for all pay symbols. Rolling Reels continue to function until no new clusters form.

Winning symbols are collected and tracked on a meter. For every 25 collected, a mini-feature is queued, and when no more wins appear, queued features are released onto the grid. These are:

  • Dragon Riches – 5 or more of the same symbol form a win regardless of their position on the grid.
  • Wolf's Hunger – all low pay symbols are removed, triggering the Rolling Reels feature.
  • Serpent's Wisdom – 1 low symbol is randomly upgraded.
  • Raven's Flight – diagonal rows of symbols from each corner of the grid are removed and replaced with 3-5 wilds, also triggering Rolling Reels.

It takes 125 symbols to fill the meter, and when full, 7 free spins are awarded. In free spins, one random mini-feature is always put at the front of the queue. Also, a win multiplier starting at x1 is added to the round, rising by +1 whenever a mini-feature triggers. Should 125 symbols be collected on a single spin, +3 more spins are added to the remaining total, extending the round.

Odin's Riches: Slot Verdict

Odin's Riches follows a common Play'n GO-inspired grid slot pattern of hitting consecutive wins, filling a meter, winning modifiers, and climaxing with free spins. This sort of system has been put to good use in a number of great games and is successful in Odin's Riches as well. The game comes off a bit basic initially, but its positive aspects steadily build until you're comfortably engrossed in the flow.

Music plays a key role in player immersion, which gets increasingly dramatic as consecutive clusters build on top of each other. When wins are popping and the meter is filling, the soundtrack wouldn't be out of place in a high fantasy series chase scene or when a crucial stage in a storyline has been reached. Sound is certainly a strong counterpoint to the relatively basic graphics.

Odin's Riches is further evidence of the ongoing evolution taking place at Just For The Win. Not long ago, their games were usually graphically rich while being relatively light on the mathematical side. Odin's Riches is the complete opposite. The team has eased up on the visual feast to fine-tune its math model instead. There's no doubt Odin's Riches is 'very highly' volatile as the creator states, so patience is required to push through the base game.

Despite an abundance of features and a high hit rate of 49.44%, your balance can take significant hits before the game gets a chance to go crazy. When it does, it's quite a sight as queued modifiers line up to do their thing. Spins that trigger bonus games tend to be quite lengthy too, piling on a decent win in their own right before free drops even begin. Mid-level potential of 5,000 times the stake prevents Odin's Riches from reaching heavyweight grid slot status, but it's not a disgraceful amount by any means.

At the end of the day, Odin's Riches does enough to produce solid grid slot gaming. It doesn't do anything revolutionary, but it doesn't put a foot wrong either. Grid slot players get to enjoy some challenging, volatile gameplay, while those interested in Norse mythology can delve into a dramatic saga.


Odin’s Riches is unlikely to do anything you haven’t seen in a grid slot before, though what it does, it does ok.

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