Peggy Sweets

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Peggy Sweets slot
Peggy Sweets slot – base game

Peggy Sweets: Slot Overview

Casino game makers often garner reputations for various reasons; X studio is hardcore, Y are masters of massively volatile games, etcetera, etcetera. Red Tiger is known for a number of things, yet making scatter-paying grid slots might not be the first thing on the list. For Peggy Sweets, the design team has picked a rather unusual theme to go with the not hugely common (for Red Tiger) scatter-paying grid slot format. The result, well, the result, is one of a kind and might have to be played to get the full effect. Until then, let’s use the written word to convey our impressions.

The first conundrum is trying to pick which category of game Peggy Sweets might comfortably fall into, thematically speaking. It’s kind of a candy slot, but nothing like Sweet Bonanza or Sugar Rush. Maybe Donuts-ish, or even POP at a stretch? However, as well as packing in sweet foods, Peggy Sweets sort of rewinds the clock to a simpler era of chrome, curlers and gingham. Players roll up to a diner-like spot that serves only sweet, calorific food in various shapes and forms. It’s very… pastely, with lashings of pinks, purples, and yellows all over the place.

Peggy Sweets performs via a highly volatile math model on its way to producing a theoretical return to player value of 95.68%. Any device may be used to get the roll on, and players can choose stakes from bet levels starting at 10 p/c going up to £/€10 per paid game round. In the middle is a 5×5 grid, creating wins when at least 8 matching symbols land in view anywhere on the board. All symbols used in the scatter win are blasted from the board and are replaced by symbols dropping down from above. This chain reaction mechanic can create runs of consecutive wins on a single spin, ending only when no new win appears.

Symbolically, Peggy Sweets has seven regular pay symbols, which, from low to high, are four sugary objects as the low pays and three female characters called ‘girls’ in the game as the high pays. Hitting an 8-symbol winning scatter pays 0.1 to 1 times the bet, rising as high as 12.5 to 150x the bet for a 25+ winning scatter hit. As is often the case in a scatter pays slot, Peggy Sweets does not have wild symbols on its reels either in the base game or bonus round.

Peggy Sweets: Slot Features

Peggy Sweets slot
Peggy Sweets slot – free spins

Each of the three high-pay symbols correlates to one of three modifiers. One girl portrait is displayed next to the grid in the base game, indicating which modifier may randomly trigger on the current spin.

  • Pink girl – one random low-pay symbol type is swapped for one of the higher-paying symbols.
  • Blue girl – one symbol type in view on the grid is doubled in number. The actual tiles stay the same size but count as two.
  • Yellow girl – a multiplier of x2 to x5 is awarded and applied to any win in the respin and chain reactions that follow.

Free Spins

Free spin symbols can appear anywhere on the board and landing 3 of them awards 8 free spins. In free spins, the girls’ modifiers can trigger at any time, and more than one modifier can trigger on the same free spin. Moreover, multipliers awarded by the Star girl are persistent between free spins, though x30 is the highest it can go.

For the bonus round, free spins symbols are removed from the reels, so the feature cannot be retriggered that way. However, when wins are created by the girl symbols, each symbol adds 1 point to the progress bar on the reels. Double symbols add 2 points instead of one. If the bar is filled with 36 symbols, another +8 free spins are awarded, topping up the remaining free spin amount.

Bonus Buy

This isn’t something you see in a ton of Red Tiger slots, but Peggy Sweets may, for some people, ship with a Buy Feature button. Hit it, and you can buy access to the bonus round for the cost of 60x the base bet. Buying free spins has an RTP of 95.74%.

Peggy Sweets slot
Peggy Sweets slot – free spins

Peggy Sweets: Slot Verdict

Whether Peggy Sweets is cheeky or cheesy kind of comes down to player preference. The game roller skates between the two sides, balancing out the sugary sweets thing with a hint of sexual innuendo. Maybe just a bit more or the latter? But Red Tiger hasn’t gone overboard with the titillation, finding time to also pair the unusual theme with some okay gameplay while they were at it.

On the subject of gameplay is where Peggy Sweets invoked memories of the Play’n GO slot Moon Princess and its many spin-offs. There’s the rotation of active girls during the base game, triggering their specific modifiers, with split symbols, multipliers and symbol upgrades useful at times. Peggy Sweets is a much simpler game than Moon Princess, though. Here, the base game spins away until enough scatter symbols land to trigger the feature. Nothing wrong with this method; just saying that Peggy Sweets doesn’t have the same feeling of challenge and reward Moon Princess could create through its system of clearing the grid to move onto free spins. Here you get all three modifiers in the bonus round, and they did tend to fire quite often, as well. Nothing major, though Peggy Sweets does have a max win figure of 5,173x the bet, which feels fair when compared to the sort of slots it may be competing with.

If your idea of a banging grid slot is something like The Border or Propaganda, Peggy Sweets will probably feel a little hollow by comparison, or a lot. However, for the right player, there are a few positives in a game that feels geared to a certain audience. Let’s not hazard a guess as to who the audience might be, but there is a chance punters will know right away if they are interested in Peggy Sweets or not without even playing it first.


There may be a specific niche out there that Peggy Sweets slots into, though it’s hard to guess which niche it might be.

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