Player Breaks the Iron Bank With Epic 18,595x Win


If ever there was a game that felt destined to end up on a highlight reel; it was Iron Bank from Relax Gaming. Not only because it’s packing massive potential of 49,989x the bet and three top bonus games to plough through – what pushes it into the realms of inevitability was Relax Gaming’s collaboration with CasinoGrounds during the design phase. Having an enthusiastic casino streaming community behind Iron Bank virtually ensures an army of players smashing spin buttons in the hopes of gaining glory.

Interestingly, it wasn’t a high energy streamer who tapped the vault and pulled off one of Iron Bank’s first massive wins, but an anonymous player. For many, the absence of commentary will be a good thing too – having the game tell them they are ‘Printing’ during count ups is more than enough. Anyway, Iron Bank takes players to sunny Cuba, where they team up with a criminal mastermind called Jaguar who plans heists in between sucking on cigars and downing rum.

The clip starts when three vault door scatter symbols land to trigger the bonus game off the back of a €1.50 spin. Next comes the hard part – picking which one of the three bonuses to launch. Each offers a different set of rules and number of spins. Options include Mystery Symbols, Expanding Wilds, or Multiplier Collect with 8, 10, or 12 free spins respectively. Volatility between the three games varies too, so the choice is a tough one.

The player clicks Mystery Symbols, and away we go. In this bonus, one symbol is randomly selected, and whenever it lands on reels 2 to 6, its position is replaced by a sticky mystery symbol. For once, lower symbols are best since you expect them to land more often- the 10 is selected, which is as good as it gets. Now, the magic starts to happen, a little slowly at first, but quickly escalating when nearly all five eligible reels are stacked in mystery symbols.

Around halfway through the round, with €352 in the pot, the top premium symbol makes its appearance. Despite landing just one, the raging bull is an absolute game-changer, since it is worth five times more than the next symbol down on the paytable. Even better, the mystery symbols just happen to flip and reveal wilds, piling on €27,021 from the one spin. Another, lesser, win rounds of the bonus before a view of the sun setting over Cuba backgrounds the winning tally, reaching the grand total of €27,892.50. Quite a successful bank heist.

While maybe not as impressive as other wins we’ve reported on recently, the clip certainly helps stamp Iron Bank on the map. It might not rank alongside the sort of wizardry witnessed in Money Train 2 – the mystery symbols here don’t have the same unstoppable force of nature feel persistent symbols do. Nevertheless, results like this continue to solidify Relax Gaming’s reputation for designing some truly outstanding slots with proven potential. To use a cringy Iron Bank idiom, games that can indeed ‘Print’.

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