Player Close To Cracking The Max Win On San Quentin xWays


Developer Nolimit City‘s beast San Quentin xWays is back in the spotlight after producing another colossal win. Once again it was achieved after activating the most expensive of its three bonus buy options. Instead of sending people running for cover, the controversial 2,000x bonus buy has proven irresistible to a group of daring players.

A common thread running through these big win videos so far, is they’ve mostly been triggered off the minimum 0.20 base bet. Still, that equates to a hefty 400 credit total for the opportunity of seeing what a 5 scatter round of Lockdown Spins can do. We’ve seen some big wins off the back of them already, but none quite like this.

The win in this clip is so big in fact it comes within a whisker of tapping the game’s max potential and triggering the mythical Psycho Manhunt. The three buy options provide 3, 4, or 5 triggering scatters respectively, so here we get 5 to begin the round. The action moves inside the compound, where 12 spins (which debunks the claims some have made you need 15+ spins to win big) are chalked up and one convict premium has an x5 multiplier attached. In this case, it turns out to be Beefy Dick, the top premium. There isn’t an enormous difference in value between premiums, but every bit adds up.

The first spin alludes to the value of jumping wilds when two of them get an x2 added from a razor split symbol. By the end, two jumping wilds carry values of x8, while the third has x16. Multiplying jumping wilds can quickly make the difference between an average round and a remarkable one. Their position on the board is a contributor as well. A couple of dead Lockdown Spins pass by while all three loiter on the last three reels. When they leap closer to the left is when the pace really picks up.

Half the round fades by in an unspectacular fashion, without a hint of the mayhem to come. Then, on the seventh spin, San Quentin sparks to life when a win worth 4,304 times the base bet hits. The ninth produces another superb result, but the game saves the best until last. Spin number 12 is a riot of jumping wilds, premium Beefy Dicks, and 90,000 ways of insanity. On the count up, a grand total of 149,631x the base bet is the final total – so close to smashing San Quentin’s 150,000x win cap.

A game this big was bound to get people talking, and San Quentin xWays has fired the argument over how to evaluate bonus buy wins. A majority seems to say they should be calculated against the base bet; some say it’s the total cost and argue you could easily spend the same amount just chasing the bonus organically. Like the chicken and egg origin, it’s a debate without an answer that will please everybody. Whatever way you cut it, it’s unlikely this player is arguing the semantics of such a tremendous result. Seeing someone get so close to the win cap will no doubt fuel desire and fortitude to have a crack at San Quentin xWays’ intimidating top bonus buy.

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