Player Lands 50,000x Max Win On Money Train 2


Occasionally in life, the clouds part, the sun shines down, and everything seems right in the world – it’s simply your time. For whatever reason, the muses, the fates, the Norns, whoever it is weaving the strands of our lives decide to shower us, mere mortals, in good fortune. So it was for an anonymous Swedish gambler, spinning Relax Gaming’s monster of a slot, Money Train 2.

Playing on one of the Kindred Group of casinos, the intrepid player decided to take the beast on by forking out 100x the stake when activating the Bonus Buy feature. Some might call that a bold move on a game as massively volatile as Money Train 2. Then again, if ever a game was made for a bonus buy option it’s got to be this one. The minimum bet was selected, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if there were a few ‘what if’ moments when the round was complete. As in, why didn’t I bet higher? Then again, there wouldn’t be too many complaints after hitting a game’s win cap, no matter the stake.

The Money Train 2 bonus starts with three spins and the triggering symbols locked in position. Each new symbol to land resets the spins back to three while adding a multiplier to the tally and possibly bringing a special modifier to the table. Right off the bat, the round in question here gets off to a stellar start with the inclusion of the Persistent Payer symbol.

If you are yet to play the game, this symbol adds its multiplier to every other symbol on each spin – an absolute game-changer, especially on extended rounds such as this one. Other great symbols in the clip include the Collector which adds all visible values to its own, the Payer which adds its value to all visible symbols, and the Persistent Sniper which doubles the value of 3-8 symbols on every single spin. Once you get a ball this big rolling, it’s almost impossible to stop.

The truly incredible thing is the feature was far from done when it smashed the 50,000x cap. There was plenty of gas left in the tank for the freight train to keep on rolling before the hand brake was pulled. It is tantalising to think just how far it might have run for – 100k, a million? Still, it’s unlikely the lucky punter was complaining about a 50,000 kr (€5,000) win, at the same time rejoicing that the bonus buy was available.

There are several positive takeaways from this clip. The first is the sheer entertainment value of watching Money Train 2 do its thing. At the latter stages of the game, several symbols are worth over 4,000x each which is absolutely mental and makes for great viewing.

The second is that we get early video evidence of Money Train 2 achieving its stated max win. Indeed this occurred within a couple of days of being released. How many slots claim huge potential, yet rarely, if ever come close to hitting it? Not naming any names here, but some developers seem guiltier than others of being overly optimistic in this regard. Not so Money Train 2 which is unequivocally capable of producing a 50,000x payout.

It’s easy to toss around words like ‘insane’ when describing a bonus game like the one Money Train 2 is packing. Of course, not everyone will be so lucky or come close to cracking the win cap. However, any doubts people might have been harbouring will have been erased, and when you see its feature go off like this, it is breath-taking to behold.

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