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đź”” Who are Print Studios?

Print Studios is a Malta-based studio that creates slots for casino enthusiasts looking for original experiences and 'deeper gameplay'. Everything is crafted in-house by a team of veterans boasting years of industry experience. Clearly not content with following certain trends nor possessing plans to mass-produce games, Print Studio's approach is to take as long as necessary to craft mind-blowing experiences that players will still be enjoying years down the track.

Established in 2020, Print Studios comprises an international team of professionals as ambitious as they are experienced. The company was built around core values such as freedom, fellowship, and aspiration, as it aims to create a work culture that fosters creativity. The team's pedigree was never in question, made up of members who had gained experience working at highly respected studios in the past. As such, anticipation rode high over how Print Studios would perform.

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More About Print Studios

The company debuted with what some might call a somewhat easy option since it followed a blueprint laid down by Book of Ra many years ago. However, the slot in question, Book of Destiny, was no straightforward copy but incorporated several interesting side features, augmenting play. Next up came Crystal Golem, a slot that showcased a more creative side of the company as it took players to a unique world populated by strange golem characters. On the reels, innovative win line multipliers called SuperSpinners worked with cascades to help build tension on every spin. SuperSpinners returned for Print Studio's third slot, Royal Potato, which opened up the creative floodgates even further, allowing the team to really express themselves. The game's homage to the humble potato, gorgeous down-to-earth graphics, and excellent Fat Rabbit-style bonus round are capable of exceptionally good gameplay, hinting at the top-quality entertainment players can expect to see in the future.

Firing up a Print Studio release means diving into a new world filled with all manner of quirky characters. The studio tends to produce math models that lean toward the highly volatile end of the spectrum, while return-to-player figures have been consistently favourable, hovering around 96% or better. After a trio of successful debut slots and distribution provided by Relax Gaming's Silver Bullet platform, eyes are on how Print Studio will follow up. So far, the team's track record for making hugely playable online slots that deliver innovative, layered gaming means the future looks promising.