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Talking to Finnish casino streamer Miikapekka

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As online casinos have been forced to ease down on advertising in traditional media – in some jurisdictions almost coming to a complete halt – casino streaming has become an important part of the marketing strategy for many casinos.

Casino streaming has never been uncontroversial, however. Even during its early days there were discussions about fake money streaming, and the idea of streaming casino games on platforms whose demographics are made up of predominantly young adults has always been a sensitive subject.

But not everyone agrees on the criticism. Fans of streaming argue that there are positive aspects to it that outweighs the negatives. Although under constant threat from regulators, casino streaming still remains a sort of haven for slots fans, a place where they are allowed to socialise and interact with fellow enthusiasts whilst experiencing some of the thrills of gambling without having to actually gamble themselves.

Miikapekka may not be the biggest casino streamer around, but he is considered one of the originals that has been around since casino streaming took its first few baby steps. Those who follow him like his laid-back attitude and, unlike many other streamers, he never seems to feel the need to over-exaggerate or amplify his personality. He’s the realest of the real and a true gambler at heart, in other words.

Bigwinboard.com got the opportunity to talk to Miikapekka and ask him a few questions. Here we go:

Hi Miikapekka! Congrats on reaching 10k subscribers on Youtube. That’s absolutely insane! But lets rewind things a bit. Do you remember your first gambling experience?

I do. It was in elementary school. Me and my friends would take our bikes and go to the local store and sneak into the slot machines section. Of course, we weren’t old enough to play them so eventually we would get kicked out, but then we would just move on to the next store. There was also this local bar/coffee shop that had a slot machine, but it only paid out credits to use in that bar, so they didn’t really care who played it.

What was it that eventually led you to start streaming slots live?

I was a big fan of CasinoTwitcher’s streams and videos (one of the first casino streamers). He helped me to get started on YouTube which eventually lead to streaming. I didn’t speak English that well back then, so I wasn’t using a microphone at first. Eventually I gained enough courage to turn it on.

Casino streaming has obviously changed a lot since it took its first steps and has since become a massive industry. What’s your view on today’s casino streaming scene?

It has grown a lot which, as a result, has got more streamers and casinos involved. There has been a lot of drama, and will be in the future, but in the core it still feels the same to me. Viewers cheering streamers on and getting excited when they win big.

We’ve always known you as an honest streamer and a real gambler at heart. It must be frustrating to see fake money streamers make a career taking shortcuts whilst you yourself have been going through your struggles? You’ve even had to take breaks from streaming?

Where there is money to be made there is always those who try to use every dirty trick in the book to maximize their profits. I have tried calling out streamers who seemed shady, but that only resulted in their viewers turning on me. In the end, it’s up to the viewer to decide whether they think a streamer is real or not. I have made a lot of friends within the casino community. Even though I don’t stream much anymore, I do very much enjoy watching their streams every day.

Can you share some of the highlights of your streaming days – both the ups and the downs? We can name two epic streamers ourselves. One was the 24 hours Babushkas stream (which you failed since you almost went insane), and the second one was beating the impossible Videoslots VIP wagering, but then blowing all the money right after the stream. Man, you felt like crap after that one.

Most memorable streams for me were those when I had guests over Skype and we would play slots, have some drinks and have fun. Then my internet (we call it the Finnish Internet for its unreliability) would go out at some point which is the “down” that has ruined many of my streams.

Do you think that the new games being produced today are better than those of the past?

For sure. The technology has advanced a lot and the providers are taking full advantage of that. It amazes me how creative some games are. I do revisit some of my favorites of course, but mostly I stick with newer releases.

Name your top 3 providers – what is about them that you like?

Nolimit City, Push Gaming, and Big Time Gaming. Their games are unique, fun to play and got great potential. Whenever any of these providers release a new game it feels like Christmas to me! Until I lose all my moneys, that is 🙂

What’s your biggest ever win? Did you do anything fun with the money?

My biggest win was on Fat Rabbit where I won 48,000€. I don’t usually play on 25€ bets, but I had been winning before that and decided to try a few spins. I used the winnings to buy some stocks and electronic devices and then donated the rest back to the casino.

What is your opinion on all the regulatory changes that have taken place. How has it affected you as a player and a streamer?

As a player/streamer, not much to be honest. As a review website owner, a lot. I think it’s good that they are making these regulations, but I have to admit, some of them don’t make much sense to me.

Finally, you told us you regularly visit Bigwinboard.com which makes us super happy to hear. What is it about our site that brings you back?

I enjoy trying new games and making videos of them which is why I often check Bigwinboard to see what games are coming out.

Cheers and here’s for 20k subs Miikapekka!


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