Reptizillions Power Reels

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Reptizillions Power Reels: Slot Overview

Dinosaurs is one of those fads that constantly flit in and out of the consciousness of the general public. Of course, they're always popular with kids, but cultural phenomenons like Jurassic Park help keep them relevant amongst adults as well. At the time of writing, there had been a run of several dino-themed slots, with Reptizillions being Red Tiger's contribution to the beastly genre. It seems there are two ways of approaching these prehistoric animals. One is in a cartoon manner like Push Gaming did with Dinopolis, or the lifelike route iSoftBet did in Tyrant King Megaways. Red Tiger has plumped for the latter option, opting to realistically recreate the reptiles in Reptizillions.

We say realistic, but the image used in the background is a highly stylised one full of long-necked dinos, misty mountain tops, rainbows, and twinkling fireflies. These romantic elements give Reptizillions a mystical feel, while the dino symbols themselves have an authentic look as they bob away on the reels. Pouring on a dramatic, percussive soundtrack and a dash of imagination works to whisk players back several hundred million years to when lizards ruled the earth.

reptizillions power reels

Walking with the dinos is possible on any device where stakes from 10 p/c to £/€20 may be selected. Statistically speaking, Reptizillions isn't Red Tiger's most lethal animal, nor is it completely domesticated. A medium/high volatile math model and mid-range potential put it somewhere in the middle of the scale. The same can be said about the 95.69% RTP, which is neither great nor dire.

The game's setup might prove to be the polarising factor. This game utilising the Power Reels mechanic, there are a shed load of rows, reels, and symbols blasting across the scene. Reptizillions bangs on about 'the horde', and when you see stacks of dino symbols stampeding right to left, you can see why. There are no less than 8 reels and 6 rows in play, though only 30 paylines to land wins on. This is a fairly common setup for a Power Reels slot which might sound a bit lopsided if you haven't come across them before.

To win, you'll need at least 3 matching symbols to land in succession from the leftmost reel. Most are dinos, apart from the low pay card suits, which feel out of place next to the 5 high-pay dinos, such as raptors, triceratops, and T-rex's as the 3 top paying symbols. If you manage to land a line of 8 dinosaurs, you are looking at a win worth 7 to 15 times your stake. It is technically possible to score full screen wins; a feat helped in part by the way features function. So that you know, wild symbols are not used in Reptizillions at any stage of the game.

Reptizillions Power Reels: Slot Features

Reptizillions Power Reels
Reptizillions Power Reels - free spins

Harnessing the power of the horde is the name of the game in Reptizillions. This is possible in the base game when super symbols appear, and its effect amplified during batches of free spins.

Super symbols appear in various sizes, but all are larger than regular 1x1 tiles, so you'll know when they are active. When super symbols land on the reels, they lock to the board and move one position to the left on each spin until they fall off the left side of the grid. At the same time, any similar dinosaur symbol types that land connecting vertically or horizontally to super symbols lock and move with them. If new matching symbols land adjacent to the attached ones, they also lock to the moving horde. Up to 3 super symbols may appear at the same time, though they will always be the same type.

Landing 3 scatter symbols at once grant players 10 free spins. Before the round starts, one of the dino symbols is randomly selected, and up to 3 super symbols of this type are added to the reels. Super symbols act as described above with one quite neat rule change. Whenever locked dinosaur symbols exit the slot on the left-hand side, they reappear again on the rightmost side. In another generous twist, locked tiles remain locked after the bonus has completed. One more detail, any scatter symbols landing in the bonus round awards +3 extra free spins.

Reptizillions Power Reels: Slot Verdict

Power Reels' big grid can feel at odds with the archaic payline system, but Reptizillions' features make better use of the space than many others in the range do. Super symbols can be pretty effective in the base game, provided they drag a good number of associated symbols into the horde, and the way they move back onto the grid after falling off in free spins was an unexpectedly interesting twist. One that can be exasperating when the recycled symbols don't manage to link up with others in play, yet fun when they turn into a conveyor belt of hits.

It wasn't unusual to end free spins with reel number two not holding any of the active super symbol type. This meant missing out on a bunch of 8 symbol combinations, and full-screen wins went begging. Not that full screens are hugely profitable, maxing out at 450 times the bet for the T-rex. However, enjoyable bouts of repeat wins are possible if reappearing symbols keep the horde going. It's quite a smart feature, snowballing its way to 4,473 times the stake in the best case scenario when Reptizillions is running at its optimum level.

If you're partial to Power Reels, then it's worth taking a look at Reptizillions. Red Tiger has presented the theme in a dramatic if somewhat unimaginative way, injecting an interesting herd mentally into its features. On the other hand, if Power Reels' awkward reels/payline setup doesn't resonate, then the rotating super symbols feature is unlikely to compensate.


Reptizillions looks good and has a couple of nifty features, so its playability hinges on how you feel about the Power Reels setup.

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