San Quentin xWays Fires on its First Day With a 28,626x Win

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Update Jan 14, 2021: since this article was published, a significantly bigger 67,863x win has been recorded. You can watch the Youtube clip here.

After the hype and controversy, all eyes were turned on San Quentin xWays on the day of its release yesterday to see if it would deliver. To Nolimit City, and the game’s credit, it didn’t take long for San Quentin xWays to produce the sort of win players were hoping for.

One lucky player, and we are talking very lucky when you consider the 61c left in their account bravely plumped for the most expensive Nolimit bonus buy – the 5 scatter option. Unless you’ve been living under or rock or, heaven forbid, locked up in a maximum-security penitentiary, you’ll know this is one of the most provocative bonus buys on the market. With a 2,000x price tag, it’s no wonder either. Even playing it cautiously as this player has done by going in at the lowest stake level, you’re still looking at a significant 400 credit chunk of change. Clearly not for the faint of heart this one.

So, 5 scatters land on the next spin kicking off the feature’s preliminary actions. This includes selecting which one of the inmate symbols has a multiplier attached – in this case, it’s Heinrich 3rd. Then the number of Lockdown Spins is calculated, and Enhancer Cells flung open. Most importantly, at this bonus level, all 3 jumping wilds are let loose on the reels. Once everything’s set, the riot can take place.

One of San Quentin’s unsung highpoints is the way it builds anticipation on each free spin. First, jumping wilds leap onto random positions, then Enhancer Cells display their symbols, then finally reels land the rest. Working out where the sweet potential wins could line up and what is required to do so is highly enjoyable – more so when they go your way, of course.

This is exactly what happens on spin number 8, the highlight of the round. It starts with jumping wilds on reels 1, 2 and 5, plus a bunch of multiplier Heinrich 3rds in the Enhancer Cells. Heinrich 3rd is then kind enough to land in abundance on the reels due to xWays, resulting in a tidy 21,628x payout. A few spins later the round ends with a total multiplier of 28,626x, or $5,725 in the bank.

First off, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the win, which as it turns out puts it straight into Nolimit City’s top 3 winners of all time – on San Quentin’s first day of release no less. However, if players know anything about San Quentin they’ll know this figure is a drop in the bucket compared to its staggering full potential of 150,000x the bet. When you see what is possible with low multipliers on jumping wilds, imagining what they can do when juiced up is quite a thought.

One thing about humans, we aren’t a species who is easily content. Builders want to erect the tallest skyscraper, billionaires want the biggest boat and developers want bragging rights to the largest potential. For now, San Quentin xWays is top dog, and after a start like this, the countdown is well and truly on for the first 150k clip.

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