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€2000 / $3000 / 20 000kr
200 free spins

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150% up to $3000
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Sparky and Shortz Hidden Joules: Overview

In Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules, players once again embark on a galactic journey to the precarious planet of Alpha Labori. The fate of this alien world hangs in the balance, facing the looming threat of extinction. It is up to two unlikely heroes to fulfill their duties and save the planet from its impending demise. As players delve into the world of Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules, they are introduced to Sparky, a small repair robot with the crucial task of fixing Shortz, a multi-purpose life-saving robot. The concept of extinction, the complete disappearance of a species or taxonomic group, serves as a weighty backdrop to the game's narrative. The intriguing question arises: Could an army of life-saving robots hold the key to averting such a fate? However, the complexities of artificial intelligence and the philosophical dilemmas it raises are momentarily set aside, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay experience offered by Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules.

The story unfolds on a 5-reel, 3-row game grid, providing players with 10 paylines to form winning combinations. Winning combinations are achieved when a cluster of at least five symbols connect. The grid is intricately integrated into the robotic structure, adding to the experience as each spin reveals a fusion of technology and nature. The attention to detail, often a characteristic of Play'n GO's craftsmanship, is evident throughout the game, with a touch of Pixar's WALL-E vibe. The parallels with WALL-E, a robot on a mission to restore a desolate planet ravaged by human excesses, add an intriguing layer to the overall theme.

Sparky and Shortz Hidden Joules slot
Sparky and Shortz Hidden Joules slot - main game

Playable with a betting range starting from 10 p/c and going up to $/€100 per spin, Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules offers a medium volatile gaming experience. With a volatility rating of 7 out of 10, it doesn't fall within the range of Play'n GO's more intense volatility levels, but there's still potential for big swings.  The Return to Player of Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules may vary depending on different configurations and markets. However, the highest default rating to look out for offers an RTP value of 96.20%.

Unlike its predecessor, Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules takes a different approach to gameplay mechanics. While the original game featured a traditional 10-payline grid, the sequel embraces cluster pays as its primary gameplay mechanic. The regular pay symbols in Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules consist of eight symbols. The low-pay tiles, represented by various colored gems, offer rewards ranging from 15x to 25x the bet when a cluster of 25 or more symbols connects. The three high-value alien symbols yield considerably higher payouts. When 25 or more symbols of these alien symbols connect in a cluster, players can expect rewards ranging from 100x to 250x the bet.

Sparky and Shortz Hidden Joules: Features

Sparky and Shortz Hidden Joules slot
Sparky and Shortz Hidden Joules slot - wilds description

Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules offers several features that enhance the gameplay experience. Here is an overview of the key features in the game.

Transforming Mega Symbols

Landing clusters of Alien or Crystal symbols in 2x2, 4x1, or 1x4 configurations triggers the transformation of these symbols into Mega symbols. These Mega Symbols remain as 4 symbols for the purpose of creating winning combinations. Each transformation increases the Win Multiplier by +1, providing the potential for higher payouts. The Win Multiplier is capped at x25.

Boost Meter

The Boost Meter is activated by forming winning combinations. It progresses through four stages: +2, +3, +4, and +5. Each stage requires a specific number of symbols involved in winning combinations. The Boost Meter modifies how much transformations increase the Win Multiplier. However, once the Win Multiplier reaches its cap, the Boost Meter deactivates.

Wild Symbols

There are 6 wild symbols in total, including a basic wild, four Special wilds, and the Mega Sparky wild. The Special Wilds trigger various features when involved in winning combinations, such as adding Mega symbols, removing Crystal symbols, adding basic wilds, or destroying patterns of symbols. Collecting 4 Special wilds unlocks the Mega Sparky wild, which significantly increases the hit rate and chance to land big wins.

Free Spins

Landing 3 Power Cell scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 activates the free spins feature. Initially, players receive 10 free spins. During the free spins round, the Boost Meter remains active, offering continuous opportunities to increase the Win Multiplier. Additionally, landing 3 Power Cell scatters within the feature awards an additional +5 free spins, with a maximum of 100 free spins available.

Sparky and Shortz Hidden Joules slot
Sparky and Shortz Hidden Joules slot - feature in play

Sparky and Shortz Hidden Joules: Verdict

While there are some key differences compared to its predecessor, Hidden Joules holds its ground as a classic Play'n GO grid slot, reminiscent of classic titles like Reactoonz. One notable difference is the shift from traditional paylines to the cluster pays mechanic. This new approach adds a fresh layer to the Sparky and Shortz experience, though ultimately, it comes down to whether you're into grid slots or not. These changes in gameplay mechanics contribute to the game's unique identity and set it apart from the original.

In terms of potential payouts, it is worth noting that Hidden Joules offers a slightly lower maximum win of 6,000x compared to the original's 10,000x. While this may be a slight disappointment for hardcore players seeking big jackpot opportunities, it's important to consider the overall gameplay experience and the chances of achieving significant wins. In this aspect, the sequel shines with a higher max win probability of 1 in 15 million, providing players with improved odds compared to the original's 1 in 100 million. As well as being slightly less volatile while offering a higher hit rate, this increased likelihood of hitting the maximum win might add to the game's appeal for some players.

Hidden Joules also stands out as a classic Play'n GO grid slot, offering a familiar playing experience akin to popular titles within the genre. Fans of Reactoonz and similar games will find themselves right at home, embracing the engaging mechanics and potential for sizable wins that are synonymous with this type of slot.

In summary, Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules delivers a solid and satisfying slot experience. While it may not be a groundbreaking or unique game in the cluster pays genre, it provides an enjoyable journey for players who appreciate classic Play'n GO grid slots.


The fundamental gameplay isn’t revolutionary for the genre, but those into classic grid slot gaming should appreciate what Sparky and Shortz Hidden Joules has to offer.

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