Streamer Nickslots Lands Exact Identical Wins 4 Years Apart!

Nickslots 2017 record win

Casino streamer Nickslots lands identical wins 4 years apart

You’ve probably heard the idiom “Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction”. Well, it certainly comes to use in the peculiar case of Nickslots. For those who have been following the passionate UK gambler from the start, you’re probably familiar with his 2017 record win on Big Time Gaming‘s Queen of Riches Megaways which you can watch in full here. That was four years ago, a time when the casino streaming scene was not yet flooded with fake money crypto streamers, and the bet sizes were significantly more reasonable. Nick’s legendary win got the whole community talking and other streamers green with envy. It was one to remember.

Now, some would say wins like that only happen once in a lifetime. Not for papa Nick, no. Call it a glitch in spacetime, an alternate quantum reality, or just sorcery, but on October 14, 2021, history would repeat itself. Playing on Unibet casino, Nick decided to give Queen of Riches another go, wearing the exact same pants and underwear… Ok, no. It was not quite like that (we think). But he did yet again play £5 spins when the unbelievable happened – the exact identical win dropped, the same symbol arrangement and everything! As the familiar amount of £20,485.50 counted up on the screen, Nick watched in shock while neurons were firing in his brain. Following the win, Nickslots looked up his old 2017 hit, watching it together with his viewers while trying to sink it all in.

Nickslots 2021 win

Naturally, the question now arises. Does Big Time Gaming use the same approach as Push Gaming did in Jammin’ Jars? Back in 2018, an observant community member started noticing that streamers were landing identical win sequences on Jammin’ Jars, leading the provider to come forward to explain the machinery behind it all. Whatever the case, it’s one hell of a win and one that Nickslots is likely never to forget.

Update: Big Time Gaming replied in a tweet saying – “Queen of Riches duplicates one single reel across up to six reels so it’s quite a straightforward chance to get the same reel stop duplicated twice. To have Nickslots luck of landing that combo twice is quite extraordinary! He does play it a lot though.”

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