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We imagine most of our returning visitors are made up of slot enthusiasts and experienced players. Maybe you’re here to read up on the best online slots to play, learn about what’s cooking in the iGaming industry, or hear about all the upcoming slot titles. Maybe you just want to find deposit bonuses.

Whatever the case, the common slot player doesn’t care much about the mathematical engines or the mechanical parts behind slots. In fact, most players hardly even know (or cares) about who’s who in the industry. They’re just people looking for a fun, relaxing time, or better yet – hoping to win money. And they’ll play anything that looks fun. RTP, who cares?

RTP, who cares

For those of us however who play a lot and that have started to learn stuff along they way know that there are certain games, and maybe even providers as a whole, to avoid. Most games you really don’t need any stats to know if they are good or bad. For example, a slot that only seems to pay peanuts, has no real potential, gives you a big win celebration at 15x and still is super hard to trigger bonus on, is something many of us will start to raise suspicion against in time.

Other slots like Bonanza (Big Time Gaming) was designed to take your money too, but knowing there is at least crazy potential, it might feel more worth while playing. But even a game like that, how well does it really perform or are we all getting screwed over? How do we know we can trust the different test centers, regulatory bodies and whatnot.

That’s where Bigwinboard comes in.

Before you keep reading here you might want to read our last check-up we did back in December when we compared different slot providers.

In case you’re too lazy, here’s what the chart looked like then:

Provider Number of Spins RTP Avg Bonus Win Avg Bonus Freq
NetEnt 4,676,981 96.49% 29.02X 1 / 120.11 (0.83%)
Microgaming 2,776,607 93.81% 42.20X 1 / 150.08 (0.67%)
Yggdrasil 943,111 91.24% 47.99X 1 / 138.82 (0.72%)
WMS 509,664 96.66% 40.45X 1 / 110.05 (0.91%
Play’N Go 2,302,671 95.73% 15.54X 1 / 38.28 (2.61%)
Novomatic 1,595,902 94.74% 92.11X 1 / 199.54 (0.50%)
Thunderkick 803,661 95.09%
32.08X 1 / 70.86 (1.41%)
Big time Gaming 1,987,466 98.47% 57.76X 1 / 223.66 (0.45%)
Merkur 697,279
94.08% 103.34X 1 / 274.09 (0.36%)
Quickspin 451,706 94.81% 43.43X 1 / 190.11 (0.53%)

NetEnt is by far the most played slot provider and thus their stats will also be most accurate since stats don’t really become all that relevant until you have a significant amount of spins collected. In comparison, stats from the other slot providers, especially those with far less spins, can have a tendency to fluctuate a bit more.

But there is one slot provider in particular that we’ve seen perform much worse than the other, which makes us both sad and disappointed since we love their productions – Yggdrasil. They have consistently been showing the lowest return to player stats since we started doing these comparisons.

If you don’t know what RTP (return to player) is, here’s a short explaination

If a slot has a 95% RTP it means it is expected to give back 95% of all the money wagered to the players, while keeping 5% as a profit for the casino. Your personal RTP however can be 20% or 120% during a session. RTP is calculated over million of spins and doesn’t mean all that much over the course of a few thousand or so spins.

The Chart For February 2018

So by now you are probably wondering what the chart looks like now. What are the best slots to play online. No need to wait anymore, here it is:

Provider Number of Spins RTP Avg Bonus Win Avg Bonus Freq
NetEnt 6,142,091 96.53% 28.28X 1 / 117.23 (0.85%)
Microgaming 3,425,048 93.78% 42.16X 1 / 153.20 (0.65%)
Yggdrasil 1,397,935 91.75%
46.61X 1 / 129.73 (0.77%)
WMS 601,035 96.46% 39.89X 1 / 108.31 (0.92%)
Play’n GO 3,573,151 96.79% 17.13X 1 / 36.00 (2.78%)
Novomatic 1,879,535 94.88% 88.88X 1 / 197.02 (0.51%)
Thunderkick 1,108,638 95.23%
29.98X 1 / 73.84 (1.35%)
Big time Gaming 3,147,142 97.75% 59.44X 1 / 216.61 (0.46%)
Merkur 849,135
94.09% 104.21X 1 / 274.98 (0.36%)
Quickspin 614,087 95.89% 43.87X 1 / 198.28 (0.50%)


Our first reaction was that we saw no change at all in Yggdrasil’s RTP. It’s still by far the worst performing provider and we just can’t understand why since most of their games are in the 96% RTP range. We won’t give up on Yggdrasil just yet because even though we are starting to see a significant number of spins, there needs to be more before we can draw any final conclusions. But at the same time we’re getting less and less hopeful.

jungle books yggdrasil
Jungle Books by Yggdrasil – well produced and innovative, but not many big wins shared on social media

Another interesting thing here is that Play’n GO have now surpassed Microgaming and taken position as the second most played slot provider! The fact that it’s been made public that PnG allow casinos to choose RTP setting haven’t detered players and nor should it since the numbers are looking very healthy indeed. Sure, they have the lowest average bonus wins, but on the other hand their bonuses are in general the easiest to trigger out of these providers (unless you’re playing Book of Dead).

Microgaming was showing a bit disappointing RTP last time we checked, and it pretty much remains the same now. They have a very strong game catalogue though with some of the best games in the industry so we wouldn’t advise from playing them, on the contrary. Some of the best wins we’ve ever seen have been on Microgaming slots. But looking at these stats at least there are better options in general and we feel Microgaming need to step up their game a bit to give us more acceptable numbers. Anything below 94% is not really ok. At least not according to us.

Playboy by Microgaming can pay well over 4000 times the bet.

The real star here is Big Time Gaming. These guys have revolutionized the way we play slots. With an RTP of 97.75% they are absolutely owning everyone else! We can also see that Big Time Gaming is starting to accumulate a serious number of spins now when their games have been made available on Rizk, Guts, Highroller, Kaboo, Thrills, Royal Panda and more casinos that before. One must keep in mind however, that these are super high volatile games no other providers can even compete with, which also means that a high RTP can be the result of some serious wins by a handful of players. But our own experience having played Big Time Gaming a lot is that they are performing really well in general.


Finally, we’re going to list a few games we would recommend for our readers. This is based both the stats presented here as well as on our experience as slot enthusiasts playing almost daily.

  • Dead or Alive (NetEnt)
  • Jungle Spirit (NetEnt)
  • Jack And The Beanstalk (NetEnt)
  • Steam Tower (NetEnt)
  • Flowers (NetEnt)
  • Lost Island (NetEnt)
  • Dragonz (Microgaming)
  • Playboy (Microgaming)
  • Terminator 2 (Microgaming)
  • Game of Thrones 243 (Microgaming)
  • The Fine Reels of Life (Microgaming)
  • Immortal Romance (Microgaming)
  • Book of Dead (Play’n GO)
  • Reactoonz (Play’n GO)
  • Pimped (Play’n GO)
  • Moon Princess (Play’n GO)
  • Pink elephants (Thunderkick)
  • Flame Busters (Thunderkick)
  • Fruit Warp (Thunderkick)
  • Bonanza (Big Time Gaming)
  • Danger! High Voltage (Big Time Gaming)
  • White Rabbit (Big Time Gaming)
  • Queen of Riches (Big Time Gaming)
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