The Legend of Musashi

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The Legend of Musashi slot
The Legend of Musashi slot - base game

The Legend of Musashi: Slot Overview

You know, before the internet, if you wanted to know something, your options were limited to say, going to the library to find out or asking a wise person. After that, if you couldn't find the information you required, well, you'd just have to live the rest of your life in ignorance. Without the net, we might never have known the meaning behind The Legend of Musashi, an online slot from software provider Peter & Sons. Thanks to a trip through one of the greatest rabbit holes on earth, the web, Musashi may well reference Miyamoto Musashi, a Japanese ronin, writer, philosopher, swordsman, and strategist in the 16th/17th centuries. Musashi was undefeated in a mind-boggling 61 duels, earning a reputation as a Kensei, a Japanese sword saint. In short, yeah, the guy was something of a legend.

Hopefully, we spent all that research time looking up and honouring the right person. Apologies if not. Anyway, it's to Japan we go for The Legend of Musashi, which takes place in a very calming-looking building, all sloped tiled roof, lanterns, and smooth wooden floors. The sort of place one could meditate on the meaning of life, practise some Kendo, or spar with Morpheus, Matrix-style. Sorry if this is getting repetitive, but once again, The Legend of Musashi does not look like the typical Peter & Sons slot. Seriously, if you loaded it up out of the blue and tried to guess who made it, Peter & Sons might not be the first studio that sprang to mind. Nothing wrong with the look or with doing something different at all; just saying, really.

To the behind-the-scenes stuff, where we find a highly volatile math model pushing out a theoretical return to player value of 96.1%. Getting the ball rolling or swords waving, or whatever means picking a bet of 10 p/c to $/€20 per spin on either a tablet, desktop, or mobile device. Smashing the spin button sets the 6 reels into motion, each one holding 4 symbols, supplying 4,096 ways to win.

Winning combinations start from the leftmost side of the game grid and land over consecutive reels. The cascade machine pops the winning symbols off the board, allowing the symbols remaining on the reel strips to fall down into the gaps. Cascades continue like this until no new win appears. For symbols, The Legend of Musashi has a selection of card suits, items such as fans, nunchucks, blades, clubs, and two character symbols. Scrolls with the letter 'W' on them are wild and substitute for any regular pay symbols

The Legend of Musashi: Slot Features

The Legend of Musashi slot
The Legend of Musashi slot - free spins

As well as cascades, The Legend of Musashi's remaining features include Power Mode, Monster Multipliers, Monster Free Spins, Super Free Spins, and a bonus buy.

Power Mode

When less than 3 scatters land, they are collected. Every 65 collected scatters activate Power Mode. Now, players are awarded 3 to 10 ninja star lives. When a wild hits, it becomes an expanding wild and takes up 1 of the lives. When all lives have been used, Power Mode ends. If it so happens that there are more wilds on screen than there are lives, wilds are transformed from left to right until the lives are gone.

Monster Multiplier

This is a win multiplier that increases by +1 on each new cascade. When no more cascades occur, the multiplier resets. However, there is an exception. During Super Free Spins, the multiplier does not reset.

Monster Free Spins

Having 3 scatters in view awards 10 free spins, plus 2 extra free spins for every additional scatter. During free spins, wilds are transformed into expanding wilds, and the multiplier resets after each free spin. Each time a scatter hits, an extra free spin is awarded, and the starting value of the multiplier increases by +1.

Super Free Spins

When 650 scatters have been collected, Super Free Spins are awarded. These are the same as Monster Free Spins, except the multiplier does not reset until the feature ends.

Buy Free Spins Buy Scatters

Where available, players have the option of buying free spins (10-16 are randomly awarded) or buy into Power Mode.

The Legend of Musashi slot
The Legend of Musashi slot - feature buy options

The Legend of Musashi: Slot Verdict

Gotta admit, reading up on Miyamoto Musashi while doing background research for The Legend of Musashi did invoke a positive mood going in. The guy does indeed sound like an absolute legend, and not just because he walked away the victor from scores of duels. As well as being an accomplished swordsman, he was also an accomplished penman, writing such texts as The Book of Five Rings and The Way of Walking Alone. Here are some of the precepts found within the latter - 'Accept everything just the way it is', and 'Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.'

The Legend of Musashi then had a lot to live up to in some ways, and the first look, well, it wasn't amazing and lacked the Peter & Sons spark we've come to expect. Not that there's anything wrong, the game looks alright, but at the same time, it's nothing super special. On paper, the features showed promise, and there are positives in that regard. In practice, The Legend of Musashi felt a little lacklustre, and it's hard to say exactly why. There's no doubt with the sort of weaponry The Legend of Musashi is armed with, thrilling events can certainly take place. The game claims to produce wins of up to 20,000x, after all.

Patient players, maybe those looking to mix zen and gambling, perhaps, have the chance to be rewarded with Power Mode or Super Free Spins - should the requisite number of scatters be collected. Six hundred and fifty scatter symbols are most likely going to take a while to be collated, and in the meantime, question marks arose as to whether The Legend of Musashi style of play is gripping enough to hook potential players in for the long haul. Admittedly, full reel wilds and multipliers on a 4,096 win ways matrix can work rather well, so The Legend of Musashi is worth a demo if it all looks dandy.


Though it might come across as a bit plain, The Legend of Musashi is a decent game, provided you don’t burn yourself playing it.

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