Ticket To Wild

(NetEnt) Slot Review

Ticket To Wild slot
Ticket To Wild slot – base game

Ticket To Wild: Slot Overview

If you went into Ticket To Wild, from developer NetEnt, wearing a blindfold, with just the load screen as a clue, you might be thinking the scene was set for some good ol’ down on the farm online slot action. In this instance, first impressions would not have served you well, for this is not a game about collecting eggs, wool, or produce from the earth. Instead, Ticket To Wild is about travelling the globe, racking up passport stamps, and seeing what the world has to offer. Some people have the travel bug; others are content sampling other cultures through their television screens. If you are one of the former types, hop aboard as we sample Ticket To Wild.

For a slot about global travel, Ticket To Wild’s base game portrays a fairly day-to-day scene, displaying a suitcase full of clothes and what have you. The free spins section isn’t much more glamorous, depicting a fold-down table on an aeroplane, as well as accompanying items you might find in such a place – sweets, headphones, and a journaling pen, for example. Despite a certain prosaicness to the two scenes, they’re not without an amusing charm, which kind of works, in a way.

Ticket To Wild’s 5-reel game grid is growable, though it initially begins with 3-rows and 20 active paylines. When progressing through the game by collecting ink blobs, one positive effect is unlocking an extra row, opening up an additional 5 paylines. Bets on this round-the-world adventure range from a low of 10 c per spin up to a high of $/€20, while a medium-high volatile math model powers the journey, producing a maximum RTP of 96.13%.

Serrated tokens with 10-A playing card ranks on them are Ticket To Wild’s low pays, awarding 0.6 to 2 times the bet when a 5 OAK winning line hits. Following them are stickers with Japan, India, France, and Australia on them worth 3 to 10 times the stake for a 5-of-a-kind result. Wilds substitute for all paying symbols and are themselves worth 10 times the bet for a 5-wild winning line.

Ticket To Wild: Slot Features

Ticket To Wild slot
Ticket To Wild slot – free spins

If you don’t have enough money in the bank to fund a trip, no worries because around here, it appears Ticket To Wild chucks the good times on a credit card. At least, the game has a Credit Card feature, tied to reel counters, tied to a progress bar containing 4 milestones. Also, be sure to have your camera ready for Ticket Wilds and free spins.

Base Game Features

  • Credit Card Feature – This feature appears in the base game only. Landing a Credit Card symbol on a reel adds 1 pin to the reel counter above that reel.
  • Reel Counter – Reel counters are active on all reels in the base game. The game starts with a maximum of 3 pins for each reel counter. When the maximum pins on a reel counter have been reached, a Ticket Wild is awarded on that reel.
  • Ticket Wild – A Ticket Wild substitutes for all pay symbols and stays on the reels for 3 more spins after it has been revealed.

Progress Bar

The progress bar is active in the base game. When an ink blob appears on a symbol, it increases the progress bar by +1. The progress bar has 4 milestones to achieve, each one awarding a certain enhancement. After all milestones have been achieved, no more ink blobs appear on the reels:

  • First Milestone – requires 50 ink blobs to complete. Increases the number of spins the Ticket Wild stays after it lands by +1.
  • Second Milestone – requires 100 ink blobs to complete. Removes the tape from the bottom row, making it active, increasing the number of paylines to 25.
  • Third Milestone – requires 150 ink blobs to complete. Reduces the reel counter maximum to 2. In other words, Ticket Wilds are awarded with 1 less pin.
  • Fourth milestone – requires 200 ink blobs to complete. Adds an x2 multiplier to all Ticket Wilds.

Free Spins

Hitting 3 free spins scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 awards 10 free spins. At the start of the free spins feature, 2 Ticket Wilds are awarded on the first spin. Ticket Wilds stay for the duration of the free spins round, changing their position on each spin. If all milestones have been achieved, when entering free spins, 3 Ticket Wilds are awarded instead of 2.

Ticket To Wild slot
Ticket To Wild slot – free spins

Ticket To Wild: Slot Verdict

Reviewing Ticket To Wild produced thought patterns that trundled down two opposing paths. One path, the cynical path, was a wrinkled nose response to animals going on a wacky holiday romp, set in overwhelmingly unromantic locations for both phases of play, while a tedious unlock mechanism was required to access the game’s more effective weapons. If that chimes with your reaction, then safe to say Ticket To Wild probably isn’t the ideal holiday, or gambling, destination for you. After all, not all travel agents can magically find the perfect point on the globe to send all of their customers. Even savvy internet self-bookers might end up flinging themselves to dodgy spots.

To leave the haters at the station for a moment, in several ways, Ticket To Wild is quite a well-thought-through journey. NetEnt’s releases have dipped, dived, and slumped, some may say, of late in terms of quality, but Ticket To Wild gave off the impression (as well as Casino Night, which was reviewed around the same time) that a fair amount of thought had been funnelled into it. Sure, not everyone will be down with Ticket To Wild, in particular not the hardcore crowd, but gamblers warm to the sort of progressive slots fellow studio Red Tiger occasionally puts out, 10,001 Nights Megaways being one example that cropped up, with a humorous travelling animals angle on top, might be interested in Ticket To Wild progressive itinerary as well.

One final possible sway factor, either way, is the game’s calculated max multiplier of 3,110.6. Possibly not. All in all, Ticket To Wild might not be one of the world’s premier holiday experiences, the slot equivalent of The Orient Express or a Rocky Mountains big window train ride, but for the right gambling appetite, its mission-based features and surreal premise might be a rib-ticker.


It’s not exactly a bucket list trip of a lifetime, but certain gamblers may find the journey Ticket To Wild sends them on an eventful one.

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